Do It With Dan

Do It With Dan
Do It With Dan

Some dude who likes building things and going fast

  • Devonjoseph1998

    Can you please fill the gap between the front bumper and headlights. Drives me crazy haha

  • Duby Tizzle
    Duby Tizzle

    They both trash lol. And the camera man irritating asf

  • Execute_electrocute

    I’m curious if there’s any way to put something under the headlights to kinda fill that gap 🤔

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Are you going to put a sound system on the Denali? And take it on a road trip with Justin to go see Gavin, I grabbed the last few words from a comment

  • Tellerboy

    Dan... My Boy if you dont beat the fuck outta that dually through some rough mud root and rut mountain roads ill never forgive you

  • Camdyn Rucker
    Camdyn Rucker

    is this not a give away truck anymore or?

  • C. Pouliot
    C. Pouliot

    Let's take a second to appreciate this guy.... Opens the convo with "well I got drafted and just couldn't figure out how to get out of the Army" (joking around; super humble)... Then he says "I decided I wanted to be a pilot so I came back home and went to flight school"... Then he spends the next several years serving his country... Then he becomes a test pilot... Decides to take up law school at night... Becomes a lawyer... Then a judge... All the while, he maintained a marriage and raised a son that reveres him so much that he is willing to search for YEARS to find a specific Harley.... This guy absolutely WINS at life. What an awesome American!

  • Logan Scofield
    Logan Scofield


  • Albert Merchant
    Albert Merchant

    Here comes the Judge, here comes the Judge ... excellent video

  • markomal123

    my favorite goblin is back!

  • ian steed
    ian steed

    Cross country road trip with Justin

  • Minion Moto
    Minion Moto

    LED curved light bar on the roof for sure on the dually.

  • Phoenix

    Send it off-road

  • Logan Mark
    Logan Mark

    Super excited on them fancy $80 head phones!

  • MrRobert

    First thing to do with the truck, car meetup so fans can see?

  • Mr Smurf
    Mr Smurf

    When the truck is done you could take it on a road trip and go visit Gavin

  • Jared H
    Jared H

    what he said about the going beyond money you have been lent before. Purchased a taycan turbo s 198k drove for around 6 months sold and traded for a new huracan. I didnt think it would be a big deal going from 198k to upper two hundreds lol.... ya had to put 72k down BUT now after having it i have a history of being able to handle that payment along with other debt so in the future it wont be a big deal. Moral of the story, you can have perfect credit but its whats the largest loan you had before and banks lending over that gets sticky...

  • William Feller
    William Feller

    Thanks to Dan I now have a crippling addiction to watermelon Red Bull.

  • collin arnett
    collin arnett

    They are morimoto headlights and taillights for anyone wondering

  • Connor Langston
    Connor Langston

    Take we threw some mud!!

  • William Ricard
    William Ricard

    Dan you should 100% take the truck on a roadtrip. Take your and Laura's bikes, and go hit up Jake, Chase (although that's like a 40 minute roadtrip), motonosity, idk who all, and do like a little sight seeing, return to roots two week trip, shoot some dual vlogs, and yeah. It's selfish to ask that, but I think it would be a cool throwback thing!

  • Super Trini Gamer
    Super Trini Gamer

    It looks so FUCKING heavy

  • Ron

    The Ohhhh Billyyyy was a nice throwback for the old fans. Getting free stuff is a good reason to rep any company but these are genuinely nice head lights and tail lights, like they look so cool.

  • James Ward
    James Ward

    What? No fifth wheel? HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • JoZ

    Once ur done with the truck pls put a 1000hp engine in it.

  • Nick Thaxton
    Nick Thaxton

    terror Reid bumping

  • Jelte Woestenenk
    Jelte Woestenenk

    Perfect beginner bike I see.

  • laws2ewun1t

    Take it to play with Diesel Bros in UTAH.


    Alguien sabe que bomba de agua se puede adaptar a shadow 500 vt 1985

  • Chris bartolucci
    Chris bartolucci

    That Ohhh billy came straight from the soul 🔥

  • ColdSteppa Jay
    ColdSteppa Jay

    bring bacc the croch roccet

  • Michael

    All in favor of bringing back ohhhhh billy like this.

  • Ethan Slape
    Ethan Slape

    I need you to redo that front bumper. it big ugly

  • Nikk Paraskevopoulos
    Nikk Paraskevopoulos

    OH MY GOD HE SAID OH BILLY IN 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • riding with Rooster
    riding with Rooster

    Do some real boy (hood shit) in the truck

  • riding with Rooster
    riding with Rooster

    Watching diwd at work taking a 💩. Dan says oh billy. I yell out ooooohhhhh biiiilllllllyyy. Get weird looks when I come out of stall. (I work at Lowe's)

  • Mr23325


  • Understeerking

    Lol I wish I knew when you were filming, I look faded as hell lookin at your tool box🤣.

  • MidWestSteven

    That plastic bag edit has me dyin bro 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sir Fitz
    Sir Fitz

    Dan seems like his ego has gotten out of control

  • bassel .m
    bassel .m

    Harley's that struggle against a cbr650cc.... What you guys doing with this dude 😂

  • Bacon

    man those tail lights look so sexy

  • W.C.K. is dreamcruiser1
    W.C.K. is dreamcruiser1

    outside range for canons fool 🤦‍♂️

  • LJ Wheelin
    LJ Wheelin

    Road trip it!

  • Brad Silcox
    Brad Silcox


  • John Zardo
    John Zardo

    Dang guy that truck is just. I have no words. Looks fantastic Damn Bentley does not hold back. Power and luxury. Goll dang

  • Dylan Hoel
    Dylan Hoel

    Dan just a heads up. You bought a silverado bed. Not a gmc bed.

  • Joey Boyd
    Joey Boyd

    Do a big road trip, take the bikes somewhere cool youve never been and get lost

  • Outdoor videos With Brad
    Outdoor videos With Brad

    I’ve been shooting the whole time too

  • Jake Lucas
    Jake Lucas

    You just make the front passenger seat able to turn around to face the back seats

    • Jake Lucas
      Jake Lucas

      Not should but just a thought

  • Nawaf Ramadan
    Nawaf Ramadan

    Let’s get some power mods on big Bertha when she done ✅

  • Jess3THPS

    mount a gun to the truck 1st.

  • Ogz Cena
    Ogz Cena

    You should color match the new lights to make it look sexy

  • Ian 556
    Ian 556


  • N

    This truck is so sick 🤤

  • TheDoobieKiller

    Camping trip with the homies is what I’d do.

  • Sean O'Reilly
    Sean O'Reilly

    A trip to the Badlands NP would get epic footage.

  • Happsern

    Dan vs Owen mx race when?

  • dovahkiingod 50
    dovahkiingod 50


  • Nathan Moore
    Nathan Moore

    Let Whistlin Diesel drive it

  • Mason Mott
    Mason Mott

    Take the truck over landing!

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez

    Get rid of that dumbass bumper for a pre runner style bumper.

  • Ben VanLue
    Ben VanLue

    also once its finished you should take it to the woods and blow something up lol

  • Cormac McGuigan
    Cormac McGuigan

    JUMP IT😎

  • Ben VanLue
    Ben VanLue

    holy shit i havent heard an ohhh billy in FOREVER lol. by the way i bought a shirt and it gets here saturday i'm super stoked

  • James Phelps
    James Phelps

    Road trip to see Gavin since you have that big ass fuel tank. And since he’s been over there so much.

  • O.G. Wolf
    O.G. Wolf

    Dan I love you and your videos I'm excited to see more videos of the Denali



  • O.G. Wolf
    O.G. Wolf

    Wait didn't he buy a Silverado bed for the GMC and isn't that what the lights were made to fit?

  • Jarod Spurlock
    Jarod Spurlock

    Dan: “wut we doin to the truck once it’s done?” Me: “idfk? Make an off-roading add for heatwave visual sunglasses?”

  • noah doreste
    noah doreste

    ooohhhh billyyy

  • DrFlavorFlave

    Thanks again for the upload Dan. I've been watching you for 5-6 years and i just turned 21 today. That Ohhhh Billy really made me smile and made me think back to how much you have grown.

    • 2Fast2quick

      Yea brother, Dan has literally had teens grow up watching him😆😆😆

  • THCtraveler

    From one welder to another props on the bumper, but personally I think a truck of this caliber deserves flush fitment I feel like with your drive and effort you'll find a way to flush the bumper to headlight gap. Thanks as always for the great content King! keep killin it!

  • ryan newsome
    ryan newsome

    First thing when done donuts lots of donuts

  • Bryan Price
    Bryan Price

    I cannot describe the ethereal feeling that washed over me after hearing the Ohh Billy resonate from Dan. 15/10

  • Kyle Ptasnik
    Kyle Ptasnik


  • McIntyre Motorsports
    McIntyre Motorsports

    Love your channel, but for some reason I can't bring myself to like ugly aftermarket taillights or headlight. They just scream "look at me I'm a newer truck". They are kinda like caliper covers, they look cheap and ostentatious, but to each their own. Maybe they will die like the stick on fender vents died,we can only hope.

  • George Berkley
    George Berkley

    Should definitely ceramic coat them lights

  • Toking 204
    Toking 204

    Got a set of morimoto ones for my work truck