Do It With Dan

Do It With Dan
Do It With Dan

Some dude who likes building things and going fast

  • Jay Randolph
    Jay Randolph

    Dan: “I’m spending $1,700 on my radio setup” Me to myself: “Warm up those credit cards cause I am sure jealous!”

  • Nate C
    Nate C

    Do It With Dan is BACK!!!!!🤘🤣🤣🤣

  • CSP Design
    CSP Design

    Bruh. Rear captain chairs are backwards bro. Love ya lmao

  • Sarva Priya
    Sarva Priya


  • John Richardson
    John Richardson

    That’s not a bike! That’s a big v8 muscle car that’s missing 2 wheels 😆 faaaark. How has he lived as long as he has?!

    • Eb Hundreds
      Eb Hundreds

  • Oliver Lykke Olesen
    Oliver Lykke Olesen

    Yo, for anyone wantin one, they can be found on wish and aliexpress for about 7-13 usd 👍🏻

  • xan_carman

    Wow…. I haven’t seen u in years

  • im_bastian

    11:05 starts

  • tristan hopkins
    tristan hopkins

    Freshly Cut, Blue lake Made With Non GmO Sea salt

  • Igor Sidelkovsky
    Igor Sidelkovsky

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  • Iz Up Mike
    Iz Up Mike

    im automatically gonna subscribe cuz you listen to youngboy 😂💯

  • Ancent Kituva
    Ancent Kituva

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  • Deeku

    A bit overkill i would say

    • Eb Hundreds
      Eb Hundreds

  • Andrew Sprague
    Andrew Sprague

    Ahh shucks, I liked it before it started.

  • Stephen Sinagra
    Stephen Sinagra

    Would you fab custom motorcycle parts with it if given all the dimensions

  • Garrett W
    Garrett W

    I literally click on ambulance videos just to like the video bc I’ve been watching so long and wanna help support. but I hate the ambulance videos. That like 50 second video of the magna was my favorite video in a long time😂😂

  • Louis Skates
    Louis Skates

    I fucking LOVE motovlogs

  • iVanilla

    About time all these IRbinrs become car boys and it’s getting kinda old

  • Felipe Tavera
    Felipe Tavera

    Dam dude 2021 still watching

  • Andrew Sprague
    Andrew Sprague

    I'm behind on my DIWD! Can't wait to see the plasma cutting table.

  • Vinnie Mitchell
    Vinnie Mitchell

    Hey dan can i get a update on justin ..because its been a while since he uploaded a video i just wanted to know if he is ok and if you can tell him his fans miss him an we need him

  • Dislexiiq

    Dan, I used to watch all of your motovlogs way back in 2015/16 when it was damn near the only thing you uploaded and each and every video made me smile especially the intro with fuck tha police in the background. I haven’t watched any of your videos since you started doing car work, the Duramax brought me back for 2-3 months but I lost interest. I can’t explain it but hearing you shout “oh billy” made me feel a certain way that I haven’t in years. Thank you dan, I look forward to more motovlogs.

  • Ryan Kinyon
    Ryan Kinyon

    I like the go pro 9 quality. Might have to mess with a setting for lower light settings.

  • Ryan Kinyon
    Ryan Kinyon

    Can I have the old radio?

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee

    1:02 you see the guy on the motorcycle is equally to blame "and I guess he didn't like that and tried to hit me with his car, so I got mad and smacked his mirror" should read: "and I guess he didn't like that, so I got mad raced up next to him, swerved at him and smacked his mirror"

  • Lindsey Downin
    Lindsey Downin

    Where are you located and wanna help me with my conversion lol?

  • josue ortiz
    josue ortiz

    Where can i get these instrumentals

  • Glo

    I’m definitely hitting 200 when I get a bike

  • brian

    Last time I was here Dan had a sharpie bike, a green 335i, about 25 subscribers and said ‘murica’ chronically... glad to see more people know about you now! #DIWD

  • RandomReevuze

    the poor mans harley...

  • Texas Law Dawg
    Texas Law Dawg

    Down to earth cat, with a bad as car.

  • nibba man
    nibba man

    5.56 ak conv?

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Akina speed star by xavier wolf was a nice touch

  • Mark Rogers
    Mark Rogers

    i’ve never been worse thanks for asking

  • Realdriveflow Boiz
    Realdriveflow Boiz

    Got a manga and a suskzi gs1100

  • Wareagle _
    Wareagle _

    Where’s ham?

  • ford mustang
    ford mustang

    Yes it's not only worth it but its 100% necessary to make sure your rear cross member and frame rails are completely square, they are literally the foundation for the chassis. Anything from just a back half to complete tube chassis builds usually start with laying down the rear cross member first. If it's not square you will fight it the whole build and the car will come out crooked.

  • Elim Chang
    Elim Chang

    what exhaust is on that ducati

  • Moondance

    I’m crying so hard…so COOL!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️ I’m so sorry for the loss of his wife…Peace And Love and May She R.I.P. ✨💫❤️

  • Jay Tubin
    Jay Tubin


  • Christopher Aguilera
    Christopher Aguilera

    Looks like Just a couple more douche bags.!👍

  • Jake Adams
    Jake Adams

    A lot of your videos you could capitalize a lot off editing some of the funnies out and posting it as a how too. I’m sure a lot of people would like this info about installing the radio but will never find it because the video is titled My darn trucks broke

  • Ariel Niimak
    Ariel Niimak

    " de blutut duvai is conected sucesful????" jajaja!!!!!

  • We Miss X
    We Miss X

    What happened to hooligans playground man..

  • Wyatt Walden
    Wyatt Walden


  • Michael Culbertson
    Michael Culbertson

    Its the Breather hose. I have the same bike and have replaced them.

  • Trenton Rudd
    Trenton Rudd

    Def gold when you almost died, your reaction was priceless along with the shimmy you did.

  • swyper's garage
    swyper's garage

    Yaaaaaayyyyy we missed you soooo much lol still love the other vids but nothing like your motovlogs

  • jared happel
    jared happel

    Wait a min does he know he’s putting the rear seats on the wrong sides the arm rest goes to the middle

  • Steven V
    Steven V

    Damn it, I liked the video immediately

  • blaksword613

    This was awesome had fun listening while playing TABS, thanks Dan


    The begging, know damn well he’s too cool with those workers 😂

  • Code Zero
    Code Zero

    First vlog back it wouldn't be right without rape trail

  • Ayden Long
    Ayden Long

    Love the c8

  • Blue Ninja
    Blue Ninja

    Rest in paradise fr3sh, from wheels to wings

  • Defeat'em

    Do you ever question your own existence like why u are here -Dan Grilling and being relaxed at 3 am u gotta be high my dude and saying so many powerful majestic words love Dan so much he can do what he wants whenever he wants!

  • Ace

    got this classic recommended to me today… i miss the days when dan made these vids

  • Jonathan Joey
    Jonathan Joey

    The torque would have did WHAT?

    • Eb Hundreds
      Eb Hundreds

  • Fenreon Arlius
    Fenreon Arlius

    Dan, why buy/be given a welding table when you can make one? You like custom fabrication, so have a custom welding table.

  • Bryton Harlan
    Bryton Harlan

    Yes thank you🤣🤣🤘🤘🤘

  • Nathaniel Miller
    Nathaniel Miller

    Finally... dumbass finally caught the hint. You think it would have been when his views first tanked.

  • William Prentice
    William Prentice

    Hey man. I’m not 💯 on that radio and the integration harness, but it’s very possible that you need to hook up the amp turn on wire to turn on you’re factory amplifier. Even with regular aftermarket radios and Bose, you need to hook that up. Hope this helps

  • Jesse Wamberg
    Jesse Wamberg

    The last 15 minutes was hard to watch. It was way too dark

  • piscesbaby1986

    Ohhhh soooooo missed the motovlogs and the Billy's 😁😁😁

  • Sharon Bishop
    Sharon Bishop

    Don't get tattoo people. I had my 10th laser treatment today and it's very painful and expensive. Its £75 for one laser treatment 😣

  • Chi Guy
    Chi Guy

    LOL way to take some responsibility on that LOL.. also that might be the breather tube -- Mine were bad on my vrod.. I switch out that seal too.. its off the air box. anyway love that you are doing some more fun and breaks are good.. this is why most people have at least 2 days off a week. to help with mental stuff.. Honestly as for me how I have been not too bad, tired but not too bad. thanks for askin and glad it seems you are doing well.

  • Foreternity

    Dan.... Make a metal table. I mean shit bro you know how to wield... Bolt some locking casters to it. Badda bing badda boom

  • John C
    John C

    Fucking stoked!!!! Your the reason why I started riding back when you had sharpie cbr!!! Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh billyyyyyy

  • Balaclava Builder’s
    Balaclava Builder’s

    I miss the super bike vlogs

  • Beau Alexander JR
    Beau Alexander JR

    Dan is a god. He knows how to build bikes, car, trucks, wood work and wiring and cooking and a science expert. Dan amazing lmaoo and a

  • Ty Holm
    Ty Holm

    I cant even begin to explain how much i missed this

  • Mitchell Derepentigny
    Mitchell Derepentigny

    You better be chasing some fucking geese and follow someone home and shit in their driveway... who know about that👀

  • Ryan Ainlay
    Ryan Ainlay

    This reminds me of a Bob Ross episode

  • Justin Pate
    Justin Pate


  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis

    Papas back

  • TheNielsAlmelo

    Oh Billy

  • Thicok45

    While you may be right about the water cooling it also lubricate the carbon ring which is currently running dry but I would really recommend doing a prop makes a big difference

  • RedRocket

    The nostalgia <3

  • Lars

    You get that from Chapo.? A gold plated AK? No thanks. I would rather eat a dirt sandwich than have a gold plated AK.

  • Pratik Karki
    Pratik Karki

    I'd vomit on a streched bike just because of the way it looks