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  • Cameron K
    Cameron K

    Dan's khaki pants have seen more ground action than Monica did under bills desk.

    • Erik Benitez
      Erik Benitez

      @Do It With Dan hey Dan no quema cuhh!

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      OH. MY. GOD

  • Dale Hall
    Dale Hall

    Stangkilr productions....

  • Heath Boehne
    Heath Boehne

    What size wheels and tires?

  • Guadalupe Tamayo
    Guadalupe Tamayo

    Beautiful truck 🔥

  • Joe Walton
    Joe Walton

    What size and brand wheels are you running? I love those.

  • James Harden
    James Harden

    What I try to do is spray some lubricant on the visible bolts or screws on a older car and continue to do it as you see more bolts while working on the car. It’ll help prevent stuff like that but clean the bolt or screw off if you sprayed it with wd-40 or any acidic lubricant

  • Sepi Garcia
    Sepi Garcia

    Would you ever sell it

  • Brady Morrison
    Brady Morrison

    I’m so glad this is “not” a build looking sweet man I got a 1990 5 speed love it

  • Itz Vic
    Itz Vic


  • Arty's Motorsports
    Arty's Motorsports

    Such a beautiful truck

  • vLAd454

    Really nice truck bro👍🏽 I got one my self that am building on my channel... but not near as clean as yours. 👌

  • Reyes Hernandez
    Reyes Hernandez

    wheels ?

  • Danny Alford
    Danny Alford

    you make me want to finish my c10 build....

  • Jorge cuevas
    Jorge cuevas

    Beautiful truck dude !!!!!

  • Angel Gausin
    Angel Gausin

    no kema cuhh

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas

    AAAAAAAAAAAAND papa roach owns all monetization to this video.

  • Erik Benitez
    Erik Benitez

    Nice obs truck you got there love the color ✌️

  • Fredrik Ek
    Fredrik Ek

    BAZINGA!! 👌🏽👍🏼✌🏽

  • Derrick Doing stuff
    Derrick Doing stuff

    So I have a 98 c1500 ! When I bought it the tail lights didn’t work at all. My buddy ordered me new tail lights from Amazon with bulbs and that fixed my issue...

  • Curtis Jackson
    Curtis Jackson

    That truck is so lovely to my eyes😍

  • Curtis Jackson
    Curtis Jackson

    I really like this dudes attitude 👌🏽💯

  • Noxcoma

    why does the upper control arm have a condom on it?

  • Jakob Allen
    Jakob Allen

    How am I just getting this notification??

  • Jamison Carlen
    Jamison Carlen

    Camaros were reintroduced for the 2010 model year. 🤓

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    There’s a ground strap from the chassis harness to the frame on the drivers side. I ran into the same issue when I lowered my truck. It’s literally at the back of the truck near the bumper. Hope that helps.

  • David DeFord
    David DeFord

    Take a BFH to the knuckle where the tapered end of the ball joint fits in and it will shock it loose with a couple good hits. No need for a pickle fork and you won't tear the boot if you plan on reusing the ball joint. This also works for tie rod ends.

  • Spencer Grilli
    Spencer Grilli

    Best looking OBS on IRbin, dont @ me

  • memedaddy34

    this helps because im about to do ball joints on my close to identical truck

  • Crazierbrake363

    Mexican mobile

  • Phillip Chavez
    Phillip Chavez

    What’s the song at the beginning

  • LegoGaming

    Anyone else notice that dan was listening to Zorbii's intro song? 🤣

  • babybumchum 69
    babybumchum 69

    dan man the wire harness is connected to the bed you probably ripped it when you took the bed off

  • carlos ramirez
    carlos ramirez

    Been here since dem moto days

  • BanditoMeags

    Your not supposed use gloves with a grinder Bc you could catch it in the grinder and snatch your hand in it

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker

    Lighting under the car please.

  • Phat Kat Kreations
    Phat Kat Kreations

    Dude that shit looks great! Awesome job!

  • Jerimiah Phipps
    Jerimiah Phipps

    I took my obs chevy to a shop one time for ball joints and those assholes wanted 500 dollars for only 1 ball joint and it wasnt even what I wanted them to put on there. So I did what any smart 20 something year old would do and learned how to do it all myself so now I don't have to pay outrageous prices. Your videos are great Dan keep it up man!

  • Spencer Grilli
    Spencer Grilli

    You should upgrade the brakes

  • Raynedog00

    Step ONE: Jack up yuh cah

  • Only_1Prodigy_

    Zip tie your calibers next time so they won’t fall and hit your hand

  • Bee Wheelin
    Bee Wheelin

    Please do more of the ambulance build

  • jake mac
    jake mac

    Man you gotta make a motovlog one day I miss that shit

  • Timmothy McCandless
    Timmothy McCandless

    It's your truck so I'm not going to tell you what to do with it, but I absolutely cannot stand it when people do this to trucks.

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Everyone has different styles and I totally see why this wouldn't be someone's thing. But sometimes we have specific visions in mind that we have to express!

  • Gerardo Arreguin
    Gerardo Arreguin

    Takuaches have entered the chat

  • Morgan Norville
    Morgan Norville

    Dan driving too fast one day: My brakes aren't working!! Dan's brakes: I heard you that day, Bitch!

  • KleissBunny

    Daymn danny

  • JakeRips44

    Dan I think it’s time to invest in a 3lb sledge

  • Jesse Stroud
    Jesse Stroud

    By the looks of it I think ham may have had to run from the cops a time or two in his lifetime

  • Rockbiter Hd
    Rockbiter Hd

    Did you slam it so you can get into it



  • Everyday Trev
    Everyday Trev

    Absolutely *

  • MachineFreaks

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it was your tail light circuit boards causing your problems, pretty common to have issues with those

  • Boggin Deep Fuggum
    Boggin Deep Fuggum

    How to ruin a truck 101

  • 3uttery

    “Honey i swear it’s not another build it just needs these parts”

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Bro I NEEDED it

  • damian rodriguez
    damian rodriguez

    Idk if you’ll read this but if you purchase an air hammer is comes in handy for many different things you can hit the knuckle with the air hammer by the ball joint and they come right out most the time!!👍

  • Emilio Garcia
    Emilio Garcia

    Sonic tools suuuck. I went to school to be an aircraft mechanic and graduated at the start of the pandemic. Anyways.. my school was partnered with sonic tools and they gave the school a bunch of tool boxes to work on the training equipment. But. A lot of the tools were gimmicky and kinda cheep. But they get the job done lol

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson

    Am I the only one that noticed what looked like smoke at 12:00?

  • Kingsize Customs
    Kingsize Customs

    That was big brain. It was brother, my 84 year old grand father and I to lift the bed off our ranger to fix a fuel pump.

  • Brian Stephens
    Brian Stephens

    On the obs chevys they had a huge problem with the tailight assemblys going bad. I've replaced both of mine on my obs 2 times now. They have them at every parts store on shelf bc it's so common. It's probably that and not a wiring issue they are about $20 each

  • person person
    person person


  • Zaide Richards
    Zaide Richards

    Truck looks fucking awesome

  • Frank G
    Frank G

    As far as your lights go and the short! Check your headlight/turn signal switch. I had the same problem

  • Jack Boė
    Jack Boė

    My step side is a 75 and its four and a half inches from the ground

  • Will Kerr
    Will Kerr

    Using the lift was definitely big brain if you had nothing else

  • R A B
    R A B

    She BE Rollin... She Be Riding Dirty.............

  • Austin Doyle
    Austin Doyle

    Try to replace the panel board that the bulbs are put into. Had to do that on mine

  • MustangSquad 302
    MustangSquad 302

    I like how you say you’re not using a spring compressor because you like to live dangerously like using a spring compressor is safe

  • Trevor Butler
    Trevor Butler

    Anyone else hear Zorbii’s intro in the background 15:04😂

  • Sam Delihasani
    Sam Delihasani

    Always torque suspension at ride height

  • Bradon Zweng
    Bradon Zweng

    Dan: Its not a build Gavin: Imma keep it stock Both of them: mods the crap out of their car/truck

  • Moto Steve
    Moto Steve

    Y E coyote genius ......per genius .......


    lol dan I think you definitely SENT IT with that truck bed. while having a car on the lift!!

  • Scott F
    Scott F

    Dan your tail lights probably need a resistor if they are LED. this is common in LED upgrades, check vette lights out to see if he can help with the set up.

  • MadLad_Don23

    i saw that same kit being installed on motor trend

  • Brian chase
    Brian chase

    Man I thought we were actually going to see a project finished but I was wrong maybe next time🤞

  • Casey Bratten
    Casey Bratten

    Bro buy a 3 lb drilling hammer

  • DirtxRider 333
    DirtxRider 333

    Hey Dan, didnt really look like you packed those bearings.... more like slapped them in grease lol. You really need to press the grease through.

  • William Isaac
    William Isaac

    Galaxy brain.

  • Payton Harmon
    Payton Harmon

    Well if I’ve heard the sermon before I might pull out my pipe and I’ll base

  • eric moya
    eric moya

    Wholy crap is that do it with Dan 😩😩😱😂 good video brotha

  • Austin Olson
    Austin Olson

    Dan: “put greasy parts in a bucket”. Puts them in a box

  • DailyGrind

    Zip Tie the brakes out of the way FTW

  • Mk7guy -
    Mk7guy -

    Dan: I’m going to show you how to take off control arms now Also Dan: beats control arms into submission


    You should get a nice black Louis Vuitton tonneau cover 😎

  • Falcon Gaming
    Falcon Gaming

    This was really similar when I lowered my 85 Monte Carlo SS. Bel tech is super nice and I love their product

  • Aaron lopez
    Aaron lopez

    Hey Dan, Coupon for the drop kits, help out a brother man.

  • Mr Windle
    Mr Windle

    I remember when you first got this and I committed to slam it looks bad ass dude get some fat tires on there and she is set!

  • chermanson91

    That truck looks great man

  • Multileege Adendum
    Multileege Adendum

    not a build

  • Silvers outdoors
    Silvers outdoors

    OSHA walks into dans shop............................................ NOPE walks out

  • James Seymour
    James Seymour

    If I'm not mistaken there's a white ground wire for the lights running under the spare tire that always causes crazy blinker problems. Might of torn taking the bed off or something

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Ty, I'll check it

  • erichjlueer

    Hope your roads in georgia are better than michigan lol. My silverado ss is slammed and i can feel my spine compress on every bump

  • Zachary Wiley
    Zachary Wiley

    Just a tip I would hit the housing of the tie rod on the spindle when trying to knock it out

    • Zachary Wiley
      Zachary Wiley

      I’m sure you have way more experience than me but I’m only 16 and that’s what I’ve always been taught

  • elf 9939
    elf 9939

    my obs taillights don't work sometimes and the way to fix it is smack the dash!! I didn't believe the previous owner but it works every time.

  • Larry Long
    Larry Long

    2010 was when the new camaros started, I had a 50th in 2014

  • Chaz B
    Chaz B

    Goes and buys pickle fork. Continues to use tiny wood hammer haha Dan you kill me brother

  • CeleztialSmiles

    dan at the beggining (gloves... gloves.. gloves...) dan half way though f them gloves. why is this me... back to gloves i go (and you did)

    • CeleztialSmiles

      just now getting at the end.. and faukkk that thing is LOW

  • GSXR Pat
    GSXR Pat

    This build is coming along

  • Sinopa Gaming
    Sinopa Gaming

    I thought the back of the truck was going to be hanging from the lift for the next few months

  • 3513chris

    Dan removing that truck bed is surprisingly not the sketchiest thing I've seen in my own personal and work life.