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  • Bikarista

    Just swap the v4 from the v65 Magnas XD It'd be like another 350ccs!

  • Cutter Christensen
    Cutter Christensen

    I have a 1982 yamaha maxim 650 which Is the yamaha version of the magna, looks just like it and everything that I just fixed up and am customizing now.

  • Daniel J
    Daniel J

    Please keep the original engine in it, if you were to change it the bike wouldn't sound the same

  • Bigboi

    you could look for a 1100 magna motor

  • Damon Stovall
    Damon Stovall

    I used to watch all the time and then I stopped because I got bored of watching bike stuff and switched to my next thing nothing against you I just started watching other things but I'm back for it 😎

  • kirk overton
    kirk overton

    I wouldnt swap it. But i dont make that decision

  • Jason Bass
    Jason Bass

    Keep engine the sound from that bike is iconic. Maybe fuel injection setup on the bike and powder coat some parts?!?

  • Noah Hutchison
    Noah Hutchison

    You're 100 percent the reason I got into wanting to customize my magna

  • Coleton Eckroth
    Coleton Eckroth

    Turbo the motor you have

  • Coleton Eckroth
    Coleton Eckroth

    You need to do a budget cruiser project

  • Thomas Pagels
    Thomas Pagels

    i feel like I just had sit down with Dan to talk about everything in life. This was a pretty awesome video. I never comment on IRbin videos, ever, but I'm also doing it for the algorithm.

  • Evil Omen
    Evil Omen

    Do you still have the h2?

  • Houtzyboy

    God I missed real Dan

  • nirvaneurysm66

    Good shit og, excited for the new Magna build.

  • Mike Parks
    Mike Parks

    I for one loved this video and you do what your little heart desires Dan you put yourself in the successful situation your in (and your fans ofc) congratulations for that I can’t wait for future projects

  • Tig3rJaX JMcAdams
    Tig3rJaX JMcAdams

    I miss motorcycle vids. You going up and testing new bikes out

  • chrusciel769

    Leave that engine alone!

  • Pizzabot 4523
    Pizzabot 4523

    Hey Dan. I really enjoy your content and believe you are just a really down to earth person and a great guy. I love your content, motorcycles, building cars, building vans, guns, whatever it may be. I am currently finishing up my first year of college and will be moving off campus next year. So I'm looking at motorcycles for transportation. I either want to get a honda rebel 500, a newer one, or get a magna and build it in similar style to yours. I really have no idea where to start or how to achieve either option on a budget. But anyways, love your content bro. I'd love to meet you someday.

  • Andrew quigley
    Andrew quigley

    If you’re gonna swap the engine you should totally go with the 80s magna 1100 motor it’s the same v4 but with more diSplAcemNt, if I remember correctly I think they made like over 130 hp

  • Taylor Carter
    Taylor Carter

    A Ducati V4 or Aprilia V4 would be bad ass!!

  • Ben Belcourt
    Ben Belcourt

    Swap the engine

  • Austin

    Welcome to Dan's channel where this guys nuts are so huge he does mechanic shit in a gaming chair.

  • Gen. Snowy
    Gen. Snowy

    I'll be real with you dude. It's been a while since I've watched your videos. There was so much to keep up with and I couldn't do it. I come back every now and again but now the Magna is around again, I'll be watching more. It's not a dig, just not a car fan really. I love the honesty and I really hope shit is going well. Much love from the UK.

  • Shearer Performance
    Shearer Performance

    Hey Dan Dan here and you are 💯 on what you say about the bullshit seeing through it and I think the same way and us Dan's must think alike but I like listening to you about life

  • Dijimon Norman
    Dijimon Norman

    Maybe on your other channel just talk like you did in this video, I would watch that. Said some real sh!t

  • Brandon Irick
    Brandon Irick

    Ducati V4 would be sick as fuck

  • phat matt the Ford freak
    phat matt the Ford freak

    I'm a hands on person I gotta take the motor apart and see how it works on my own then I learn how it goes together im with u bro

  • phat matt the Ford freak
    phat matt the Ford freak

    I always roll a fattie and chill with you bro watching what u and Justin put out

  • 196slayer

    I’m putting timing chains, tensioners, can phasers, and rocker arms on my 5.4 f-150 in my garage alone. These videos feel like they keep me company. Especially when that one bolt won’t cooperate

  • Braden Lehman
    Braden Lehman

    keep her stock! i love that magna sound lmao

  • Ricardo Cornejo de Maria Campos
    Ricardo Cornejo de Maria Campos

    Keep that v4! It's channel's heritage!

  • Steve S1000RR
    Steve S1000RR

    A high torque v twin (ktm lc8) or a ducati v4 would be deadly sick!

  • Steve S1000RR
    Steve S1000RR

    Matt gecko LEDs has some sick retro looking headlights

  • DIWM Gaming
    DIWM Gaming

    Dan I heard cbr1000 engine. Please do this. It reminds me of the sharpy bike u had after your first crash

  • SixGap

    Swap the VFR800 engine in to it. It’s FI but you can install the computer on it too.

  • A Handsome Chap
    A Handsome Chap

    Vehicles come and go, but my Magna is forever.

  • Ldz Wolf
    Ldz Wolf

    Or at least keep it a v engine

  • Ldz Wolf
    Ldz Wolf

    Fucken VRod it

  • TurboLyfe504

    I love this video the most bro 💪💪💪

  • Sam Beatty
    Sam Beatty

    Keep it with the stock motor, the magna is perfect as is

  • Hatchell Dylan
    Hatchell Dylan

    Bro i have been a follower since the beginning of this chanel i used to watch every video as it dropped. I love your content and you are such a humbke down to earth man. Im not consistent anymore but i watch when i have time. I love the chanel bro keep pluggin on.

  • MartyMart

    Keep the engine. OG vibes cause she sounds perfect

  • Alex . . .
    Alex . . .

    Dan!! Please don’t engine swap it!!! I think the sound alone is what caused me to start my own fund to buy a magna, and the drag pipes you have on there are Cobra/Jardine drag pipes that you CAN NOT find anywhere, trust me, I’ve tried. I’m in college now and I remember telling myself as a freshman in high school I’d own a Magna like yours some day that sounds just as cool.

  • bldeagle10

    If you motor swap it i think it would be dope to do a v4 from a VFR800F 6th or 7th gen

  • Clay Hammonds
    Clay Hammonds

    Hey dan remember that time you dropped that bike 🥴😂

  • Lucky Lucy's Speed Shop
    Lucky Lucy's Speed Shop

    VFR 800 engine would be pretty cool. Wouldn't be that hard, and still true to it's roots. Buddy's got one for sale, complete running bike, local to you. Cheap enough bike, worth the swap. That's what I would do with a Magna, if I had the time and money. Nothing like that V4 garble, and it's injected!

  • Just(A)Theory

    Id like seeing you do more wood work stuff on side project. But hey, qhatever you do, im sure youl dan it up

  • Erki Liepkalns
    Erki Liepkalns

    DAN! Look into the Honda VFR series. V4 engines, man! :D ..Also, been taking a break from your channel - first thing i see, wrenching on the bike. Nice coincidence. Best of luck with all other projects :)

  • icy melt
    icy melt

    hey can u plz see this bc my dad has a magnu and he selling it

  • Dan Delzotto
    Dan Delzotto

    You had a vrod & h2 obviously its not on that level but they rip hard af, your not a dickhead anymore, don't you dare change it!

  • Dan Delzotto
    Dan Delzotto

    Don't do it!!!!!

  • Wright William?
    Wright William?

    Leave the original v4

  • Ottomatic

    im on the fence of keeping the stock motor just fresh rebuild , and just put a Vrod motor in it and turbo it XD

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto

    I started following you because of the Magna. When you moved on I lost interest, but now I'm back because of the Magna! I even bought my own Magna cause of your build.

    • Jose Soto
      Jose Soto

      Oh yeah... and don't touch the engine

  • Matthijs ten Brinke
    Matthijs ten Brinke

    Put like a vfr800 v4 in it with maaaaaybe a vtec motor?

  • Sweezy 1008
    Sweezy 1008

    I wonder when the Camaro is gonna be brought back down to earth

  • wifelikecow

    Fuck around, find out, and throw a Goldwing motor on it.

  • Amerikai

    I'm as torn as you about the engine. A swap to a CBR engine or something more modern would make it fast as fuck boi and be unique but also feel the v4 in it has so much character and is so fitting for this bike that I can't imagine it having any other engine tbh lol

  • Josh Gillespie
    Josh Gillespie

    I'm a subscriber that hasn't seen a video in a long time. I just wanted to say, I'm not necessarily excited that you're "back to motorcycles", I'm more happy to see how much of a wizened sage you've become. I'm also really excited to see your future content, as well as watch the content I missed, I wish you the best and I'll make sure I follow more closely, rather than let the IRbin algorithm hide your videos from me. (I've literally never hit the bell icon for another channel, call me lazy if you want)

    • Josh Gillespie
      Josh Gillespie

      P.S. I believe the sideways LS is the LS4

  • Fergus Nix
    Fergus Nix

    Some people miss the motovlogs but just miss the tribal tattoo 😔😔

  • AJ Genslay
    AJ Genslay

    Engine swap

  • Peyton Howard
    Peyton Howard

    Tbh that magna v4 sounds soooo good. Would it be unreasonable to put fuel injection on it and try to kinda "modernize" it so it's extra snappy and wont respond as badly to sitting?

  • Paul Meijer
    Paul Meijer

    Miss the magna. I just got my motorcycle license, and got a 01 hoda magna 250

  • Richard Bell
    Richard Bell

    Keep the magna my guy

  • metalninja96

    Fuck Carbs get the inline 4 with fuel injection

  • Alex Bubela
    Alex Bubela

    So if you do a engine swap, what are you going to do with the original engine?

  • DisturbedParadise

    This bike was the exact reason I got a manga myself. Mine is very similar but still a little different. The main thing I wanted to be similar was the exhaust. I got lucky and found an exhaust on ebay that has removable baffles. Needless to say those bitches aren't in there anymore. I also took the carbs off the bike to clean and rejet them for the new pipes and air filter. I had no previous experience doing anything like that but I did it and learned a lot. I will never sell my manga. The noise it makes at redline is insane. Also, cruising at 4k rpm and just pinning the throttle is orgasm worthy.

  • Craig McQueen
    Craig McQueen

    Love your videos bro, I reckon engine swap 👌🏼

  • Rene Rodriguez
    Rene Rodriguez

    I couldn’t give 2 💩 about what your building I don’t know anything about bikes but this was one of my favorite videos

  • Kyle Dechene
    Kyle Dechene

    Dan why not just drop a fuel injected v formation motor in the magna? Fuck throw a dyna in it. Bring oil

  • Mike Anfernee
    Mike Anfernee

    I’m just lazy and I don’t like to comment..😂😂

  • aiden mullett
    aiden mullett

    Ok ik itll b expensive as theyre brand new butttttt the rebel 1100 engine with its 87bhp?

  • MotoSquid

    Hey guys doitwithdickbeater here

  • joel

    Turbo methanol injection cbr1000rr swap

  • backroadbozo

    turbo'd cbr1000rr bro. do it. you won't.

  • Dustin Drnek
    Dustin Drnek

    I'd say if you do end up swapping the engine stick with a v4 of some sorts to kinda stay with the bike's roots and also it would still sound gnarly

  • Joel A
    Joel A

    That engine is what makes the magna a special bike. Bring it into the 21st century, fuel injection, maybe a turbo.

  • Ugly Beardo
    Ugly Beardo

    I used to come here for the Magna , feels good to see it again . Its been more than 2 years .

  • Misicsanko

    I'd keep the stock motor in it, but if you really want to swap it, dont make it unrideably(thats a new word) powerful. I think the fun factor of a lower power engine is much more important than the numbers.

  • Tanner Wright
    Tanner Wright

    cbr1000 swap

  • OskarasNausėda

    been here since the day you broke your both legs on a r6

  • MrSnowBoarder

    Keep it at the stock motor. I absolutely love the stock motor and has driven me to want one of my own. I constantly go back into your videos just to watch manga and hear the sounds

  • Sploofy OG
    Sploofy OG

    Swap it with cbr 1000 and turbo make it a beast

  • Jeremy Talcott
    Jeremy Talcott

    What do you think of turbo magna?

  • Brendon O'Laughlin
    Brendon O'Laughlin

    What about a VFR motor? Still Honda, still kinda retro and unique, on the V4 platform, and fuel injected... just food for thought!

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson

    Put some type of Harley motor in it

  • Just A Guy On A Bike
    Just A Guy On A Bike

    I'll be honest since you seem to be tired of the bullshit. I stopped watching regularly when you moved a couple few years ago. You used to have fun with your content, hanging out with Jake and being stupid. Then you got all existential and I have enough doom and gloom in my world to watch someone else's. The only reason I clicked on this video was to see what's been happening with the Magna. I'm not suggesting that you change anything, I wouldn't change anything I do because some nobody told me to, but I'm just replying to the comment you made about having 1M+ subscribers with so little regular views.

  • Sidney Beach
    Sidney Beach

    Listening to you talk and explain how you are makes me feel like i was split at birth and your the other, not so good looking half of me. Thamks for not being a fake person

  • Christo Coetzee
    Christo Coetzee

    what about something like an inline 3-cylinder....🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark

    What you said at 14:00 - abso-fuckin-loutely. You can't teach someone who doesn't want to learn, but you can't stop someone from learning if they want to. Didn't honda do an 1200 V4? Slap that bitch in there.

  • crusty coyote
    crusty coyote

    Stick with a v4. V65 or maybe a vfr1200 engine. Probably take some engineering to make it work but you can do it.

  • Monty Durand
    Monty Durand

    Get another cruiser if you want to put a sport engine into one, she's not the Magna without the V4

  • spencer E
    spencer E

    I’ve been watching for like 5 years roughly and loved all of the content you have uploaded over the years I’m honestly here cus you are funny as Shit and speak your mind

  • superchopper 1996
    superchopper 1996

    Dan I'm going to be honest, I've watched you since 2014. Whatever you post, I'll always watch. I don't care about the content, I just like your whole persona you give off. I feel like I personally know you without knowing you, witch is crazy considering I've watched you for 7 years now, but seeing you tinkering with the magna makes the "oh BILLY" vibe come out in me lmfao. Keep on keeping on brother.

  • Fully loaded Teenager
    Fully loaded Teenager

    Wait this bike was on The Walking Dead

  • Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck

    That Ducati v4 idea sounds better than sex

  • Backyard Mechanic Restorations
    Backyard Mechanic Restorations

    If you lower the seat please don’t be fucking stupid about it and put a little fender over the back tire i got really bad burns idk if it was third or first or what ever i can only remember hearing degree burns of the back of my leg right underneath my knee from a dirtbike and i picked out 9 lugs of the tire

  • LRose Victoria
    LRose Victoria

    I feel so called out lol; so I'm kinda one of those people that subbed a long time ago but haven't really been a regular of the channel for a while. Thing is, in the interim I bought my first bike and have owned several since then; I'm on an '01 Vulcan 1500 right now. So I guess now rather than watch motovlogers I'm either in my garage or riding myself lol. I'm really digging the vibes though; it feels like a real refinement of what originally brought me to your channel.

  • Usman Qamar
    Usman Qamar

    Hey dan watching you after a long time i missed you man and yea you lost alot of waight

  • DirtyDog Outlaw
    DirtyDog Outlaw

    Run some nitrous through the fucker when it blows put a CBR 1000