Contemplating the Universes Greatest Mysteries While Working On My Truck
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  • Kevin terčon pulc
    Kevin terčon pulc

    hey dan don't wanna be a dick but the 35 sidewal doesn't mean 35mm. thats the percentage of the tire widith so 265*0.35=92.75mm for the front. 285*0,35=99.75mm for the rear. thats why the rear sidewall is higher.

    • Walter Vincent
      Walter Vincent

      @Elon Jaden Definitely, been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)

    • Elon Jaden
      Elon Jaden

      a tip: you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.

    • Will Austin
      Will Austin

      @Do It With Dan Love the bong in the background during the add let me hit that thing

    • Colin

      Also the tire size does not mean contact patch. It means the width from sidewall to sidewall

    • Drew Gillham
      Drew Gillham

      And XL means extra load, should be a 6 ply instead of 4 ply.

  • Logan Mark
    Logan Mark

    Super excited on them fancy $80 head phones!

  • Johnny Dixon
    Johnny Dixon

    I had the same thought about artificial intelligence fixing all our problems.

  • Johnny Dixon
    Johnny Dixon

    I felt all of this so much, he needs to smoke more and sleep less and have more videos like this.

  • Logan Allison
    Logan Allison

    "Almost 70% off" Dan knows the real number. Nice.

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon

    Your truck is fucking gorgeous, I'm so jealous I want it. Used to have a Shitbox 1500 Silverado for a couple of years then got rid of it, was a 1989 350 Small Block with an 8' fleet side bed.

  • Thors300s

    I fucking love just listening to you ramble on and on man shit is soothing somehow. Cant wait until space travel is affordable and we can sent all the flat earthers up so they stfu ;)

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton Daniels

    I dig the after hours with Dan and fuck the haters dip the rims or wait ummmm spray the rim yeah send it bud 🤝

  • Juan Yupac
    Juan Yupac

    My gf usually tells me how small I am :/

  • Phenyx Jolt
    Phenyx Jolt

    I was NOT prepared for how deep this video went, went from happy joking and licking McLaren parts that taste like tea, to full talk about deep space and how small we are.. oml

  • Phenyx Jolt
    Phenyx Jolt

    "I wanna poop in space, it's all I think about!" -Dan 2021

  • Jack Maney
    Jack Maney

    Not sure if you'll see this, but the the XL on the tire stands for extra load. You can run them at a higher cold psi.

  • J Hawk
    J Hawk

    Damn theres just something about a stepside Chevy truck !!!!! Im currently looking for a 89-05 chevy stepside

  • Carson Hill
    Carson Hill

    Dan? You, ever play Mass Effect?

  • Kyle Vlaming
    Kyle Vlaming

    Dan, you need to watch The Expanse. That is if you haven't already.

  • Brennen Cusenza
    Brennen Cusenza

    I really appreciate the longer videos


    Aliens with sick spaceships are finna ask Justin for a dope wrap!


    We benefit from your entertainment. There could be someone out there that's going to change the world the way you're talking about but they're having a bad day but you kept them on track.

  • Dillon Mazzocco
    Dillon Mazzocco

    Do It With Dan Ted Talk

  • Michael Laxton
    Michael Laxton

    Yeah there is defo aliens I've seen one when I shone a lazer at it and it flew off at supersonic speed 0 to 1000 mph it was mental and live in England

  • Nick Triana
    Nick Triana

    now all it needs is an LT1

  • Ryuu0u

    I know you've seen the Alien Planets series on netflix.

  • Blitz0065

    Just stumbled onto your channel. Nice OBS and OBS content! Keep that coming

  • Nic Brown
    Nic Brown

    Let’s match a blunt 😎😎

  • John Bernath
    John Bernath

    Might have to be my favorite episode of the year

  • John Bernath
    John Bernath

    Continue Dan After Hours, this is great, love the chill vibes and talks when you are doing small shit talking about bigger things!

  • Drift Miata
    Drift Miata

    That is 167miles

  • Joseph Vecchio
    Joseph Vecchio

    whats up with dan's hair?? lul BEANS

  • Knox

    Please write a book about your thoughts on space and theories and technological advancements ideas or maybe a video on it

  • Knox

    Dan I think the same way constantly

  • jdog942

    Time for an L29 Gen VI Big Block swap!

  • Garrett L
    Garrett L

    Wow everything turned out a lot better than I thought. Now you're a real boy👌

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob

    What drug and how much dan?

  • P0T4T0S KING
    P0T4T0S KING

    15:57 yeah that's obvious, just by looking at your pc wallpaper back when you were doing the add i figured you love space

  • Darthmoto224

    Dan Im sure im not the first, and Im assuming it isnt news to you because you like space so much, but If you wanna use that gaming rig some more, try out Kerbal space program. Its very rewarding to get into orbit, then the moon.... I have not figured out how to return from the moon yet though.

  • BigMan7o0

    I don't think that it will happen in my lifetime, but I really want to see a startrek like society. Space exploration seems so fucking cool to me, and not having poverty/people starving or struggling to survive would be fantastic.

  • Jorge Luis
    Jorge Luis

    Does Dan have a discord or a twitch????

  • Steven Horner
    Steven Horner

    Dan you need to see a doctor

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    watching this after listening to musk on JRE....

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    smoking lamp in your ad

  • SumoFlip511

    If you didnt teabag the McLaren ima be upset

  • bryson stacy
    bryson stacy

    Love the videos like this Danny where there no point to it and everything is everywhere

  • Santino Constantine
    Santino Constantine

    I want what Dan is smoking

  • kev smith
    kev smith

    Dan just turn the bottles the other way on the seat next time. It's a lot cheaper🤔

  • NJ_4LIFE23

    Makes the rims look smaller, but still looks good

  • Daven Buteau
    Daven Buteau

    I love the color of the truck

  • Gabe Bitner
    Gabe Bitner

    My favorite thing is to take a tool like plastidip or ebay parts and make them work. You have to go out of your way and invest time but it can be crazy with a little money and a lot of know how.

  • Matt Powell
    Matt Powell

    Am I crazy or is there a bong in the right corner on your desk during your sponsor ad lmfao 🤣 🤟🏻

  • brandonburchell8

    Get LED headlight bulbs, and tint the orange side marker.

  • Aaron Benarroch
    Aaron Benarroch

    with the lord to police us, we will be ok after all

  • AJ Myers
    AJ Myers

    You like it so much because OBS chevys are fucking awesome

  • OtterConnor

    ARE WE GETTING ANY MOTOVLOGS SINCE YOU'RE GOING BACK TO YOUR ROOTS? I would be happy with a couple per year. I just miss them so much

  • Gamers Paradise380
    Gamers Paradise380

    The other day I went to summit racing and was talking to the guy helping me and he said the do it with Dan just left apperently he was getting some type of part

  • Mikey Allen
    Mikey Allen

    Nothing like getting fried and watching 4 hours of space shit it really feeds the soul

  • Joseph DeLally
    Joseph DeLally

    I’m not gonna lye I really liked this video

  • shaq 2real
    shaq 2real

    Add a billet steering wheel

  • nicholes 23
    nicholes 23

    Dan u should get the 454 ss valance or just buy fog lights and cut out your stock on and the trim that gose behind the seats

  • Jethro T. Fruits
    Jethro T. Fruits

    It looks so much better dipped tbh

  • Matthew Domagalski
    Matthew Domagalski

    The Expanse on amazon prime is a dope show to watch if you haven't seen it already.

  • 4 spd life
    4 spd life

    I wish they drove fast on the back roads ill be behind some doing 60 in town in a 35 and then we hit a back road and its actually 60 but they only do 50 like wtf happened

  • zac m
    zac m


  • Nate H
    Nate H

    Dan cleans his weener with isopropyl alcohol heh

  • Jesse Kuntz
    Jesse Kuntz

    Damn that truck looks sweet Dan. Keep doing cool shit you like! I back it

  • Matthew Milligan
    Matthew Milligan


  • Logan B
    Logan B

    What’s next an exhaust

  • Allan Loiselle
    Allan Loiselle

    Baby steps Dan poop underwater first.

  • no one
    no one

    Next series "rebuilding this 60's Apollo rocket in my garage"

  • D Nukem
    D Nukem

    Dan you can talk to iss on ham radio if it’s clear out

  • Liam Obrien
    Liam Obrien

    Wait your telling me people arnt supposed to do 20 over the speed limit... I’m from mass and I genuinely thought that was normal

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    You’re obsessed with the truck because it’s clean as hell lol

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    You should put a 98 grille on the obs.

  • Kiddgummi

    There likely is life on other planets. we are likely not going to see Purple 3 headed aliens but we might find life on other planets with similar creatures in our evolution time line. dinosaurs or Primates maybe humanoids. The will likely not me extremely different from what we know or see.

  • Colten gottschalk
    Colten gottschalk

    The obs has its own thing about it just makes you like the damn things

  • Tom Engelbert
    Tom Engelbert

    what kind of truck is that ?

  • nothing_but_ gm
    nothing_but_ gm

    I've been waiting for you to paint the wheels!!!

  • nothing_but_ gm
    nothing_but_ gm

    Keep it "stock" and LT4 swap the shop truck lol

  • Lee Macfarlane
    Lee Macfarlane

    the Kove website is useless. you sold me on the headphones I clicked your link clicked shop to see prices and theres nothing listed just a blank page

  • L B
    L B

    Cause it's a clean truck, but like you're not financially super invested into it and it's cheap to maintain. Gives a greater appreciation cause you can do anything to it

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter

    a twin screw would be so cool on the truck

  • wnracing

    Dip looks good! I think the back of the truck is still a bit too low though.

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S

    "WhEn aRe YoU GoNNa StRaIgHt PiPe iT?!"

  • Tristan Goodbar
    Tristan Goodbar

    The smarter you get, the more you see the futility of our every day activities. In the grand scope of things, nothing matters so why stress haha.

  • rednecknation270

    funny thang about ufo the guy that built the tesla also built a ufo supposedly it worked

  • Rusty Blades
    Rusty Blades

    Finally a IRbinr with my thought process saying what I always say about the universe. Good shit brother.

  • B Luster
    B Luster

    My bottles.. don’t roll

  • nick alexander
    nick alexander

    Put a 454 in it go for racetruck

  • Rob

    Your truck is lookin’ badass! Aliens, they’re real and yes, unless one achieves Steve Jobs or Elon Musk-level of performance and effect; we are all virtually meaningless in the grand scheme of the universe and time* ¥€¥0°

  • Rick Hopkins
    Rick Hopkins

    Dude I love these videos it’s amazing

  • Mene Center
    Mene Center

    "Well maybe not people like you, ya know, I'm special God loves me" - Dan 2021

  • Alex Lerman
    Alex Lerman

    nice recycler on the desk lol

  • Shrappy

    SponsorWithDan DoItWithWholesomeDan

  • Jacob Buffington
    Jacob Buffington

    Hey dan been watching your vids for years and really enjoyed this one really like the keanu reeves reference and the aliens talk. Keep up the good work oo and you were the one who made me want a cbr btw

  • Explore With Sawyer
    Explore With Sawyer

    You really inspired the hell out of me with this, I needed that. Thanks man

  • Austin Olson
    Austin Olson

    Same page on aliens but I think there already here and governments just don’t say it to scare people. I think aliens will look a lot like us but space is infinite to what we know but how many solar systems there are and that’s why I think there is aliens

  • Holy Hand Jesus
    Holy Hand Jesus

    The Bong in the background during the Kove Ad LOL I love it!

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    When Dan asks why he loves the obs so much, I’m like well you’re becoming a cuh lol

  • 3 SWIFTY
    3 SWIFTY

    Yeah until it rains, and then everybody starts driving like old grandmas with dementia.

  • B0st0n _ftw
    B0st0n _ftw

    Dan honestly man i loved the space section! We share the same mindset with the expansion of space. Good on you man!

  • Andrew Sasse
    Andrew Sasse

    To make a bigger difference, as cliche and dumb as it sounds, maybe use your outreach to start a small charity? Foundation? Something like that for shit that matters to you. Or raise awareness of something that hits close to home for you that people need to know about or something like that. Doesn't have to be anything major or anything like that but you know. Something. What about a scholarship or something that you can raise funds for so you can send someone to a tech school or trade school or fly them in and work on a project with you or something like that. Shit that'd be something I'd look into. Or you could just start putting away some money and start doing random acts of kindness and to show a genuine interest of doing something good in order to do something good and not raise clout, you could share your stories in your videos while doing a good old fashioned motovlog or something like that so you're not putting a camera in the face of someone that could be down on their luck already. Doesn't have to be anything too big either. Just suggestions and thoughts beings you said something about doing something bigger with your life. Oh, also, we're a tiny speck of dust (when it comes to our own universe) in a sea of specks of dust that are as big or bigger than we are. There's GOT to be a whole other world out there with another species of life.

  • Sekka

    Whatever kinda weed your guy has I need some of that shit a