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  • Cowboy Car Crushing
    Cowboy Car Crushing

    Super Appreciate ya Dan. Glad i got that shout-out worked in. we been busy. So freaking cool. Your word is good in my book. Hopefully we can find another situation to kick it. Thanks again. Merry Christmas Dan 🎅 🎄

    • Cowboy Car Crushing
      Cowboy Car Crushing

      Your shout-out was the Mini Cooper video. Thanks again

  • MrReklaw28

    Hey Dan are you ever gonna do anything with hooligans playground again ? I always loved watching the gaming vids

  • Precision

    Bro I forgot you existed haven’t seen this channel in so long but I remember one time when me and my friends met you in R6

  • rob snead
    rob snead

    So much for veduc

  • gsxr07guy 11
    gsxr07guy 11

    yeah and how many dont have heat it shows how much we just turn on the heat like its nothing then when its gone we realize how much we need it crazy bro the game is cool cant wait for the camaro and i got loan for a new c8 cant wait

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    Dan plays cyberpunk exactly how he plays call of duty. Running around and shooting 😂 Also you said you are just trying to explain something in 10minutes but the video I am watching has 5 minutes 31 seconds. I am missing 4.48333333minutes.

  • Dancing Wulf
    Dancing Wulf

    time to buy a claw foot tub and make a hot tub outside :D - p.s. fire wood sold separately, but you can save 10% off heat wave visual using the coupon code DIWD 🐺🚬

  • D15TR1CT 67
    D15TR1CT 67

    You are starting to miss more and more days. Get you $h1t together. For yourself and us.

  • Devin Ehle
    Devin Ehle

    Hey Dan to hack in the game it changes from columns to rows and back and forth it shows the next column or row greyed out. It took me so long to figure that out.

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez

    You should get the one shot arm cannon with tranquilizers it one shots any enemy and has infinite ammo

  • 8eewee

    There's a side quest involving a gentleman that has a male enhancement augment malfunction. I think you'll like it. (It's Jesse Cox if you're interested)

  • c lovell
    c lovell

    Feel like I’m watching a live vid lol thanks for update, maybe nexts years veduc will be on point 🤞🏻 I make time and enjoy every upload man keep us in the loop and keep ‘em coming 👍🏻✌🏻

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales

    What ever happened to the hooligan Playground channel?

  • Gavin Aarons
    Gavin Aarons

    Yes. It is MY Bugatti

  • austin devries
    austin devries

    Bruh he has a gaming channel

  • Jonathron

    Dude that thumbnail had me almost splurting coffee all over my desk :D

  • CasperDaPyro

    Cyberpunk! I was working at Sony DADC earlier this year up until the PS5 Launch helping get PS5 and PS4 games packaged and sent out. Pretty cool experience! I also saw the Peak Auto video with you in it. IRbin randomly recommended it to me.

  • Reece Kutzli
    Reece Kutzli

    These are pretty dope

  • Mitchell Erickson
    Mitchell Erickson


  • Wolfman7311

    We all know why Dan said “Finally” when Panam called! 😏

  • tcb gaming
    tcb gaming

    Can you do a let’s play

  • The Italian Dandy
    The Italian Dandy

    Are you just forgetting about hooligan playground Your gaming channel

  • DeathDawg97

    I don’t understand how you get a personal vehicle. When I press V to call for my car nothing happens. Am I missing something????

    • DeathDawg97

      Talking about in CyberPunk btw.

  • Trent Ironside
    Trent Ironside

    I know you just said something about not having that urge to ride. Would there ever be a dual motovlog with Gavin?

  • Jonny Moto
    Jonny Moto

    This game is meh

  • Pierric Pruzan
    Pierric Pruzan

    Ok Dan, back in the day I used to go live in a house with no electricity or running water. We showered by using a garden sprayer ( like for weeds) in which we mixed boilong water with cold water. It's not perfect but it works. Good luck!

  • darkherosolidox

    Lmfao I was like this game reminds me of boardlands. Dan 10 seconds later, dan says this game is kinda like boarderlands.

  • Korey Mackey
    Korey Mackey

    future el Camino?! i like


    love it

  • Marcel Bornman
    Marcel Bornman

    Love watching you play you should have made a longer video!

  • Clayton Cash
    Clayton Cash

    Also, wish I could hang out with ya Dan, you are a solid dude and seem fun from your videos

  • Clayton Cash
    Clayton Cash

    Rip Cyberpunk, ps took it off the store lol

  • Covid gameing
    Covid gameing

    Welp I had to say this but the camaro is able to go as fast as itsjusta6’s SATAN

  • 🐋🐋🐋

    Ew the thumbnail looks too real lmao

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob

    I love that ending

  • rednecknation270

    sorry my dude but i cant watch this spoilers im tryin to get the game

  • Will Patterson
    Will Patterson

    Sup dan when are you going to be doing more motocycle video on IRbin thank you for all your hard work dan

  • jackoghost

    tbh not every visit to justin needs a camera, or anywhere you go

  • chico suave
    chico suave

    Sony just pulled the game from their website!

  • Barber D
    Barber D

    Best ending 😂

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk Yoo

    Turn off DLSS. That A.I. algorithm digital learning super sampling is a crock of shit. Plays smooth without. It's basically the BS where s20 ultra claims 108mp when it's a 64mp cam?

  • MrLembnau

    ah dude, no hot water sucks. My heater was broken in feburary. showers were the WORST

  • Hyperlink

    Just beat the game as street kid on xbox one which brought its own challenges lol but quite possibly the best all around game I have ever played!

  • MotoTaco

    honestly would sub to your twitch also at 69 comments.....nice

  • Michael

    Any Pilot/Flying J or Love's truck stop have showers to rent. They're crazy clean and you get an individual room... great in a pinch.

  • James

    Damn daniel your pc is crazy. I cant imagine getting 800 fps even in a cut scene

  • Elizabeth Webb
    Elizabeth Webb

    Ooooooo wa thisssss I like

  • John The_Piloteer
    John The_Piloteer

    The return of hooligan playground?

  • captnIdiot

    Best ending ever!

  • fist_of_fury

    DoitwithPunk 2020

  • Caleb j
    Caleb j

    i miss hooligans playground

  • MuddyfeetTV

    Cowboy car crushing is an awesome channel! He will love the shout out.

    • Cowboy Car Crushing
      Cowboy Car Crushing

      Thanks Jeff. I'm all smiles here for sure

  • texasrider 4D5
    texasrider 4D5

    Get some R&R hopefully soon dude. Maybe need it idk. Take a CPL days from YT and we would understand bro. Peace homie g. 🤜🤛

  • Gee R
    Gee R

    Sooo vduc failed ??

  • MichaelWarner91

    Bathe hood style fill the tub and then dump boiled water in to warm it to preferred temperature

  • Made by Knight
    Made by Knight


  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    I just realized you look like a baby faced Amos from The Expanse

  • parker bethke
    parker bethke

    day 24 of asking dan to organize for compound turbos on the ham-bulance

    • parker bethke
      parker bethke

      @Cannondxile i explain this every video, Im asking dan because hes got the big youtube and itll get noticed here.

    • Cannondxile

      It’s really not his call you should go to hams insta

  • Ston3dR3dneck

    Great ending!

  • zhb 38
    zhb 38

    Idk how but we have the same exact playstyle. I feel like im playing while watching 😂

  • stepheneridania

    I like but .. Hmmm where is Jackson when we need him

  • Knox

    Dan, there is a gun you can get called skippy that talks

  • Sylas Woltan
    Sylas Woltan

    what headphones are those are they sennheiser hd600

  • Justin Dueck
    Justin Dueck

    Hi dan

  • Miguel Colon
    Miguel Colon

    Your overwhelmed with what, you said not to long ago that you like the challenges of having lots of projects. Love you tho.

  • Avenitie

    Hey Dan! I think your videos are freakin awesome!! Keep it up bro!!

  • greg ebbert
    greg ebbert

    Well. Your playing it so yeah I guess you're enjoying it. Aaand that's an ambiguous recommendation. hahaha Enjoy the Holidays (as much as you can this year)

  • matrixownz

    I been a subscriber for many many years and today it made me subscribe again so watch out for that people

  • scivics

    haha ur getting copyright claimed

  • Sky Sellers
    Sky Sellers

    Cyber dan, cyber dan, does whatever a cyber dan does. Can he take steroids, yes he can, ohhhhh myyyyy its a cyber dan.

  • Robert Wehner
    Robert Wehner

    It'd be dope if Keanu Reeves got wind of you (once you can shower again) and had you out to ride one of the ARCH bikes...

  • Danof

    gorilla arms and steroids = Dan!?!?!?!?

  • TheUsmc913

    Great now I want to play cyberpunk again lol

  • nick Gutierrez
    nick Gutierrez

    Is this the return of hooligan playground?

  • Ben Griffiths
    Ben Griffiths

    OMFG i want to see a video of Dan and Keanu Reeves talking about motorbikes SOOOOO BAD

  • thomas leiper
    thomas leiper

    2:12 so glad its not just me😭😭😭

  • Matthew Pate
    Matthew Pate

    Is it worth picking up? *CRASHES*

  • JD

    Yes Dan YES

  • BigMan7o0

    I would LOVE just straight up videos of you playing CyberPunk, even if you dont talk much, or if you use it as background for rambling about stuff you want to talk about/think about. idk how other people feel about it though

  • Dalejrfan 5150
    Dalejrfan 5150

    "should you pick it up funny" is that a yes or no lol

  • Matthew Pate
    Matthew Pate

    Fuck yeah Dan

  • officer401

    I want to make this thumbnail my new phone background.

    • Nicholas Pecunia
      Nicholas Pecunia

      Thumbnail is amazing

    • S Schaeffer
      S Schaeffer

      I love your videos

    • Robert Barton
      Robert Barton


    • HaHa Too Slow
      HaHa Too Slow

      You won’t. But if you do.. I better see it in your next upload

    • Stephen Connell
      Stephen Connell


  • Official Sam
    Official Sam

    Dan, we want to see the same shit, doesn't matter if its the same shit, some of us are just here for you.👻

    • Official Sam
      Official Sam

      @tr0n I'm gay for Dan only

    • tr0n

      Well, that's kinda gay. True, but gay.

  • 017 garage
    017 garage

    Me watches video waiting for the 3d printer to start part and cnc to update program love dan's videos got a new phone so going to see more videos

  • Mil Moto
    Mil Moto

    Yo im cool with some gameplay vids

  • Hey :)
    Hey :)

    Dan, you are honestly the best youtuber in my opinion!

  • Josh Barlow
    Josh Barlow

    You’re the man dan 🤘🏼

  • Nicklas Temple
    Nicklas Temple

    Dan I know how you feel with the hot water

  • McLovin1569

    Definitely should start doing more twitch streams again, or else hooligans playground. Love peace and chicken grease

  • Axl Hoepner
    Axl Hoepner

    Hey Dan love all the content, originally started watching when you were into motorcycles but have loved watching you move onto other things you enjoy! Definitely excited for you to get back into motorcycles eventually but take your time!


    What’s next for the c8

  • Russell03_gaming

    Do some motorcycle videos and clear your mind

  • too tall
    too tall

    I got that game it’s so amazing but looks to be that your farther then me 😂

  • Mark Crow
    Mark Crow

    Love the channel dan. Been watching since 2015. This is definitely ny favorite youtube channel

  • insert stupid name here
    insert stupid name here

    Uh oh I know where this is gonna go

  • Jax Edwards
    Jax Edwards

    Wassup dan how you doing

  • YoBoiMigz

    Wassup Dan

  • tarzan_and_odin

    Hey Dan! Can't wait to see this train wreck lol...enjoy brother

  • vertex

    U won’t like this comment

  • Matthew Kline
    Matthew Kline