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  • Marc the Saskatchewan farmer vlogs
    Marc the Saskatchewan farmer vlogs

    That looks like my grandpa old planer

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    "Save me, Tom Cruise!" 😂😂 I just spit Frosted Flakes all over the damn place.

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    That's a...uhh...different framing technique. Lol Seems solid and looks square though. Good shit, man!!

  • Kurtt

    Hey Dan you're awesome

  • rhox1567

    Nice Pubes :)

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Hope you got fiber and rubber tape for that 4/0

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Lookit Dan, doing work. Prouda you

  • TempN

    Dan why you taking so long to build hams house? Is he just living in the shop until you finally get this thing finished?

  • ShroudedPhoenix

    1:28 Instantly recognized that Bring me the horizon - Can you feel my heart

  • Just a Welder
    Just a Welder

    I got the special Busch reference 😂

  • BehindTheBars

    Is this guy still not finishing projects .....aint watch in yrs but i bet it still the same

  • Itadakiless

    The hambulance

  • Sam Flora
    Sam Flora

    We need a Do it with Dan Movie list!

  • Trevor Massie
    Trevor Massie

    Hey dan, you're awesome

  • Dalton Knotts
    Dalton Knotts

    Bruh hearing him reference sonic adventure two city escape made my fuckin day

  • satans_nips666

    For those that have only been here for a few months dan actually used to be a moto vlogger 🤣

  • Auusstin

    Damn I started watching about 6 years ago. Sad to see no more bike content on the channel. I was watching when dan Was still with Laura. Crazy.

  • 愛と栄誉StreetFighterNissan

    Yo dan it was a honor to meet you today. It was awesome definitely made my day. Idk if you'll see this but I hope to see you around and you can see my 200

    • 愛と栄誉StreetFighterNissan

      @Do It With Dan you're all good. I was just excited to see you I've been watching you for the better part of 7 years lol

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Pleasure was mine dude! Sorry I was so out of it, haha.

  • William Prentice
    William Prentice

    I love y’all’s videos. You and Ham’s chemistry together on these videos are so fun. So funny to watch, but I learn something every time I watch one. Appreciate it.

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    You should put all piping together toilet and sink that drains into toilet threw the wall Dan so it fills toilet water consumption

  • Launch Control
    Launch Control

    Please get a bigger drill!!! Lol


    Hey Dan you’re awesome

  • DriftProYTSF

    why do you hate the teble saw? i scard to use the mited saw bc ive had a few hickups with it so i dont like to use it now

  • HexaComb

    Man in was using this table saw to cut some cork flooring up in roswell a few years back.... it pinched the blade and shot back rt into my shin. (I was lazy and didn't have it on the stand) pretty wicked impact lol. My thigh felt like it had sun burn from the hits feet lower lol.

  • Jason B
    Jason B

    What you buildin now?

  • Logan willey
    Logan willey

    Then theirs whistlindiesel that domes himself in the head with a .50 bmg in Idaho

  • Nicholas Zarra
    Nicholas Zarra

    Please bring back the 998cc shirts, loved the 08 you had with the red and white custom plastics so I got the same one a couple years ago

  • Christopher Holloway
    Christopher Holloway

    At 23:00 wha song is tha

  • WillEikenbary

    If you want good lumber go to menards. Lowes and home depot lumber is always warped as hell no matter what. Menards is the way trust


    "hey dan you're awesome" lol

  • phillbilly91

    F**k you dan only potatoes come out of idaho lol and yes im from idaho but that made me laugh lol

  • Dalton Johnson
    Dalton Johnson

    Hey Dan your awesome!!!!

  • Eric3737

    You could never finish a project and I'll still watch you for the entertainment value. Parkour! PS, I know you'll finish them all

  • Giuseppe Aiello
    Giuseppe Aiello

    my dads first song to my dads song to my mom was loser by beck

  • Jason Southwick
    Jason Southwick

    Ska will rule again!!!

  • Hunter Jernigan
    Hunter Jernigan

    Should change the name on it to "The Hambulance

  • Kyle Dechene
    Kyle Dechene

    Dan you should have just cut the entire ambulance to pieces and left it in the corner for a year

  • cody mendoza
    cody mendoza

    when are u going to start doing bike stuff again ... havent seen anything bike related in a while

  • e pon
    e pon

    This is not how you operate a table saw. He should stop using it until he gets trained.

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      "yOu ShOuLd gEt TrAiNeD" Shut up nerd

  • DesiredGaming

    *Hears BMTH in the background* Head banging along

  • 4 spd life
    4 spd life

    Dan they have connectors that are shrinking and have solder inside so no crimp tool required

  • Corey Swan
    Corey Swan

    If yall end up using a dehumidifier in there it will effect the stove and won't work as well

  • William Gonzalez
    William Gonzalez

    Okay I hear you with the bring me the horizon in the background playing🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼😈

  • Tobias M
    Tobias M

    I hope the Hambulance get ACW wrapped...

  • Brian Datesman
    Brian Datesman

    I heard that BMTH in the background...

  • Thomas MacGruber
    Thomas MacGruber

    Dan! You have to watch Trial and Error. Duane Reed. Spitting image!

    • Thomas MacGruber
      Thomas MacGruber


    What’s your Spotify play list !!!!

  • Tyler Desautels
    Tyler Desautels

    Dan -kicks board a million times- Dan “don’t pay attention to that “bow””

  • Skid Corp
    Skid Corp

    DIWD listening to Bring Me The Horizon???? 1:29 dan, bout to start a new emo phase, im calling it.

  • Scott Millering
    Scott Millering

    How many projects has he actually finished?

  • Jason Huff
    Jason Huff

    We’re is the Big ass truck at Dan

  • Potetkjeller

    Must admit, bobber magna is possible the best looking bike ever! If I'm ever going to do a build, it's a bobber magna

  • 03 blue Z71silverado
    03 blue Z71silverado

    Buy the m12 1/4 impact driver so you don’t have to keep switching back and forth

  • Potetkjeller

    Dan Mechanic, engineer, carpenter, comedian, electrician and the list ads on!

  • raed al-amoudi
    raed al-amoudi

    Song at 1:28?

  • Marty Bladh
    Marty Bladh

    is there any Volvo swedes in here

  • Kustom Arts Kenneth Ashley
    Kustom Arts Kenneth Ashley

    You won't have to close your eyes every time you use a saw if You Wear Safety Glasses

  • Dark storm
    Dark storm

    "nothing straigt comes outta Idaho"

  • Lucas Seichter
    Lucas Seichter

    Hey Dan you're awesome

  • RYANo

    Framing is always the best part because it goes up quick and you feel like you got a ton accomplished that day. I’ve helped build many houses and it’s always been the same way. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! 👊🏼

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    Hey Dan your awesome! 🤣

  • Chad Varnell
    Chad Varnell

    "Special Bush" Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle!

  • 26b

    If you didn’t notice, Dan swung on every board to ensure the structural rigidity.

  • Chase Siwula
    Chase Siwula

    Drugs are bad MMMKAY....

  • Chad Varnell
    Chad Varnell

    Dan, get (make) a push stick for that table saw. You kinda need all of your fingers. Don't be like my shop teacher in school. He could only count to 8 1/2 with his shoes on.

  • Taylor Johnson
    Taylor Johnson

    24:48 must have gone to depot for that one...

  • Hunter Waller
    Hunter Waller

    You know watching your videos and seeing you with itsjusta6 and seeing you with Justin. Making all your jokes make my day and seeing how hard you work is pretty damn cool thanks man for always workin hard keep it up

  • Jaakko Suomalainen
    Jaakko Suomalainen

    the hambulance

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    Blow my knees out and almost 30 also hit home HARD man :'(

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    Hahahaah the what are doing step bro bit :D

  • Casey Shannon
    Casey Shannon

    God damnit, I start listening to rhcp again and now I hear them everywhere

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter

    idaho? udaho.

  • plageran

    how to install a shower in an ambulance: step 1: drop the floor pan by 10 inches, step 2: install a foot long showerhead. job done

  • Marks Fuller
    Marks Fuller

    From Idaho- Fuck you Dan.

  • zac m
    zac m


  • Spork Gaming
    Spork Gaming

    Im one of your 5 followers from idaho🤣lol, loved the joke


    "i guess ill just shake the whole fucking ambulance from your bed wall" bruh imagine doing (u know what) in the ambulance and from the outside the entire fucking thing is just swaying side to side

  • that_one_hoosier

    hey Dan your awesome. your welcome lol

  • Conner Autry
    Conner Autry

    Hey Dan you’re awesome

  • Ambient Psychx
    Ambient Psychx

    haha you guys are hilarious and a blast to watch I cant believe how the time has gone by. I feel like it was yesterday Dan was driving his green wrapped BMW and sharpieing his cbr good times good times

  • Hachiro

    Uhh.. Hey, Dan, you're awesome?

  • Carson Lorenz
    Carson Lorenz

    Me, Dan’s 3rd follow from Idaho. Dan: “talks shit about Idaho” Me thinking: Fuck you Dickhead 😂 Dan: “repeats exactly what I was thinking”

  • Emerson Reed
    Emerson Reed

    Hey ham, I don’t know if you’re going to see this, but I really appreciate all the work and interacting and stuff you do for Dan and the channel. I know you’re filming and editing for him right now and I hope if you move out you won’t stop, because I really enjoy seeing your guys friendship on camera. Keep doing dope shit bud, this ambulance is gonna be sick 🔥🔥

  • Radu Ciprian
    Radu Ciprian

    14:15 that eye protection was spot on lmao :))

  • Legiit Gaming
    Legiit Gaming

    Me being from Idaho, “Fuck you Dan” 😂

  • Sir Krow
    Sir Krow

    Bold of you to assume you have 5 followers from Idaho

  • that guy 1
    that guy 1

    That was ironic as fuck comment about idaho 2 secs later a turbo tax ad about a idaho potato farmer like really!

  • Zak Gibson
    Zak Gibson

    Me sitting here watching in idaho...

  • Michael Hritz
    Michael Hritz

    Jonny Craig: Fantastic voice, terrible person. That said, I think he's getting clean and looking a bit healthier.

  • Matthew Oosthuizen
    Matthew Oosthuizen

    Dan plz drop you playlists

  • Kristopher Warnock
    Kristopher Warnock

    To study those joints up, you should pocket hole instead of driving into end grain. Hanging from them and shaking them isn’t a great indicator of overall sturdiness.

  • young scum
    young scum

    Your vids are the absolute best to watch stoned as shit

  • Jake Peterson
    Jake Peterson

    Bring back hooligan playground and minimal effort :)

  • J. Harker83
    J. Harker83

    Ayo someone needs to get dan tapeboss. Also funny story Dan my daily carry of 6years name Is b rad 😅😂😂

  • Kurtis Riley
    Kurtis Riley

    now i need to go watch white castle

  • 017 garage
    017 garage

    You need to try the heat shrink with solder in the middle

  • French Canadian Weeabo
    French Canadian Weeabo

    12:25 CLAMPS idk why that made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • Mobowhunter 1980
    Mobowhunter 1980

    If you put the sink next to the bath plumbing would be easier.


    The ambulance is gonna be shaking like a mafuka when Ham is blowing some dudes back out in a Denny`s parking lot

    • Sam Stewart
      Sam Stewart

      You have tainted my brain i dont want to think of that ever again

  • Aaron Butler
    Aaron Butler

    love the sonic ref.