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  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray

    well shifter broke, time to drop a holley EFI 454 in it

  • Dustin Wilson
    Dustin Wilson

    Imagine something breaking on your vehicle while hauling a fully capable tool box to fix the problem. And it turns out all the tools in the world can't fix a missing screw 🤦

  • StrayaDaddy

    Anyone else just watching the reflection in the windows when Dan walked outside and when he was driving with the toolbox on?

  • jason bousman
    jason bousman

    Just a warning, apparently sonic tools is sketchy and tried to screw over Chris fix in some way, just be cautious with them

  • hi my name is
    hi my name is

    Ahh yes rehab bartender song

  • Ryan Casey
    Ryan Casey

    i loved the bit with Sarah at the place. hilarious

  • John R
    John R

    15:18 was very trippy to watch your back glass hahaha.

  • TheCobruhAlienat0r

    10:04 Covid is killing millions, lets get within kissing distance with no mask.

    • TheCobruhAlienat0r

      @Nobody Noone Grandma can be as careful as she can but if someone in her family gets it and then goes to visit her then its all over.

    • Nobody Noone
      Nobody Noone

      @TheCobruhAlienat0r and that’s why grandma should be careful. And everyone else can continue on as normal.

    • TheCobruhAlienat0r

      @Nobody Noone Some people aren't selfish and care about other people. You and I would probably survive it if we got it but grandma won't.

    • Nobody Noone
      Nobody Noone

      Some people are not afraid of life.

  • David Lindsey
    David Lindsey

    If you could never climb under a vehicle to shift it into park again that would be great, lol. You uploaded the video so I knew it worked out but I still held my breathe when you did it 🤣

  • RisingSunKustoms

    You know you're nuts after crashing your Camaro and you still go 100 miles an hour with a 30 year old truck!😂😂😂

  • Craig Jeter
    Craig Jeter

    Now if only Dan had some toes to fix the truck while driving

  • SmokedOutSigma

    Being forklift certified is alpha as fuck

  • Cooper Bevel
    Cooper Bevel


  • Cooper Bevel
    Cooper Bevel

    I live like an hour away from you

  • Ben Brazwell
    Ben Brazwell

    you can get some glue stuff for the subs

  • Milsolen

    Lol i see amsterdam on the box. Why is that tho

  • Logan Allison
    Logan Allison

    He said his gun hit the subwoofer and I thought he was going to say "It went off and shot the subwoofer."

  • Travis Smith
    Travis Smith

    War damn eagle

  • Matt Runyon
    Matt Runyon

    Dan:I’m gonna take it easy on the ol 350 *few minutes later*. Dan:* cruising at 100*

  • silven412

    that's awesome a dutch company sponsoring Dan! so happy to see a piece of my home country in the videos

  • KingRed Xbox God
    KingRed Xbox God

    can you drop the spotify playlist? please dude your music selection is 🔥

  • Casey Todd
    Casey Todd

    0:11 - Scotty Kilmer vibes

  • laws2ewun1t

    Can you make a spotify playlist?

  • Butterslap 55
    Butterslap 55

    Listen to night Lovell it’s good music too

  • Griffin Van Vuuren
    Griffin Van Vuuren

    Dan rocking out to some rehab, heck ya!

  • Turtle 5213
    Turtle 5213

    Omfg. PLEASE make the fox DONKy a thing


    Dan- looks back to make sure tool chest hasn't moved- Also dan- oh. Righty then

  • mrfordfairmont

    that gooseneck behind the pickup he is carting 2 empties which would be 6t total

  • cbeck20

    Just got forklift certified as a part of my vocational school, picking up quarters is my expertise.

  • John deAlminana
    John deAlminana

    Hope I get here before someone's roasts you but a donk is a 71-76 Chevrolet caprice/impala.. All others are just big wheel cars. Love the videos and might have to get some sonic tools..

  • Griffin Wall
    Griffin Wall

    Ayyyyeee, dan came to Auburn, wassup

  • Tim Dufraine
    Tim Dufraine

    Just had the shift linkage break on my 2010 Sierra last week 😂 I know your pain

  • Levi Scott
    Levi Scott

    Those trucks are governed at 98

  • Bigfoot Garage
    Bigfoot Garage

    Just going through some of dans old videos and I found the one where he got the VROD and he yells I NEED A RED CORVETTE BECAUSE IM FLACCID!..... A year later he buys a red corvette 😂😂😂

  • GeekGarage

    love the content but whats up with the music over you guys talking? So freaking loud xD

  • Ty,s Adventures
    Ty,s Adventures

    Hello Dan I watch your videos almost ever sence the ambulance was bought love the show ... I have almost the same Chevy only 4 door Long box 350 and it's the same way it's off by 5 or 10 klms 233830 klms on my dash also mines a 1992

  • b Rice
    b Rice

    Damnit Dan, put your damn seat belt on Dan

  • Jo.T

    Imagine watching a random youtube channel for the first time and finding out you live less than 10 miles from the youtuber. Crazy.

  • Nazz Moto
    Nazz Moto

    Dan buddy you need to lay off the Adderall

  • Sean Hass
    Sean Hass

    i love how with the toolbox in the bed, the rear window turns into a mirror with the tint

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson

    ayeeee shoutout auburn i live there!

  • Matt

    i love how i can see the road in front of you from your rear window tint while you're talking

  • Frosted Phoenix 53
    Frosted Phoenix 53

    Uh oh Dan missed a day

  • Kristopher Rogers
    Kristopher Rogers

    That’s a common problem with the 90 chevys

  • Jacob Austin
    Jacob Austin

    damn only made it 13 days

  • Aj Whittaker
    Aj Whittaker

    Wen we get the new vlog Dan lol it o most the next day 12.15

  • Richard Mondragon
    Richard Mondragon

    110% buying my tool from them!!!!

  • CasperDaPyro

    Hell a DONK! Love lowriders and DONKs! Those tools and the box are dope! If you dont mind me asking, how much did you pay for the OBS? Im looking for cheap vehicles and those trucks look pretty cool.

  • Adam Iannetti
    Adam Iannetti

    3:00 undercover dodge? Lol

  • Jorden Thomason
    Jorden Thomason

    383 stroker build

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    11:08 real life shenmue

  • Pinky Games
    Pinky Games

    Your floor mat is hella crooked

  • BeMad4M3

    i just realized the truck needs a nascar boom tube exhaust

  • r j auto
    r j auto

    WTF is wrong with you man lol

  • Colin Heppell
    Colin Heppell

    looks like a full kitchen

  • Blake Whippy
    Blake Whippy

    You lucky son of a bitch, that is such a nice Christmas gift! I now have a new tool set I wanna buy 🤗

  • stepheneridania

    Clear or even better black silicone applied to preferably both sides of the damage or rip should fix it for surprisingly long time

  • jadden grippen
    jadden grippen

    Dan: "It'S nOt A bUiLd" Also Dan: LS swap!!

  • Big sexy
    Big sexy

    What's the cost of your tool box and where's the link to buy it ?


    yo wont turn the fox into a donk, everyone like this please. lets make him do it lol. lets add to the list of projects fellers!!!!

  • bdubb6684

    12:17 screwed with me for a minute.Then I was like that's awesome shot.You can see the reflection of the road in the back glass.

  • Donovan Case
    Donovan Case

    256 where ya at 😂😂

  • robby wood
    robby wood

    Had jumper cables in my trunk and someone stopped short in front of me and they smashed up to cones on my subs. Gorilla tape fixed her good till I bought new ones

  • Alex Treadwell
    Alex Treadwell

    damn sounds better than the snap-on guy constantly fucks me on prices lol

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas

    “Do It With Donk”

  • Brappinalong

    @ 5:10 When Dan grabs that plastic and slowly drags his hand. #Sexual #WhyDidiLikeThat Hahahahaha

  • Tp4 Bunnhole
    Tp4 Bunnhole

    3:17 Dan those are iso containers they hold all types of liquids

  • Hayden Honda
    Hayden Honda

    I expected dan to say woooo, welcome to Alabama.. wheres my cousin?

  • Colton Wancho
    Colton Wancho

    Not donk yo that's a box.

  • Christopher Pritchett
    Christopher Pritchett

    I work in aviation and Sonic toolboxes are all over the hanger floors. They work day in, day out.

  • The Gaming Redneck
    The Gaming Redneck

    Theres no reason why it's smart to come to Alabama 🤣🤣🤣 i should know I live in the damn state

  • Justin Ray
    Justin Ray

    No Hamila today?

  • Jabe Burgess
    Jabe Burgess

    Shift linkage popping off happened to me many of times. These trucks have rubber grommets to hold it in. Cheap and quick fix. The rubber just wears down

  • Sebastian Theodore
    Sebastian Theodore

    I never thought that song could be ruined...Thanks Dan...3:40 lmao

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    “And the subwoofer was fuckin hittin cus... ofc it was” we love you Dan

  • Evan Hall
    Evan Hall

    damn thatd be cool, wish i could afford that

  • Minor Inconvenience
    Minor Inconvenience

    Dan with every song you play, I realize we listen to the exact same shit. Every song you play in a video in my library 🤣

  • Aron Douglas
    Aron Douglas

    0:08 Dan watches AvE *happy manly noises*

  • Chaz Ferrell
    Chaz Ferrell

    Being from Texas I'm honestly jealous of how easy it is for other states to travel, like I wanted to get out of texas to let's say Louisiana I'm looking at a 2.5 hour drive, wanna go to New Mexico 6 hour drive.

  • Braxton Macks
    Braxton Macks

    Dude really didn’t even mention the g like what.?!

  • Poanoofd

    i love sonic, didn't know the brand, then i came into a new shop who used sonic, now i'm saving up for a big ass box

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens

    Donk? No my friend those are called hoop ds

  • Hops And Lead
    Hops And Lead

    Ad for Groz tools on the side bar of this video lol

  • co719 co719
    co719 co719

    Nice box dan

  • Reginald Jones
    Reginald Jones

    That was NOT a donk. A donk is a 1971-76 Chevrolet Caprice or Impala. That was a Monte Carlo😒

  • Dj Bottoms
    Dj Bottoms

    Dan the most wholesome on IRbin

  • MaxFluff

    11:10 AMSTERDAM?

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    It’s a junk sub. Buy some stuff and head up to Gainesville and I’ll have your truck hitting as hard as my jeep.

  • Motocrazy

    You should do a video like this one time a week after Christmas!!

  • Kanjo Jesse
    Kanjo Jesse

    Just tape the box up

  • Potato head
    Potato head

    How did you get the tool box out of your Truck you don’t have a fork lift 🤣

  • jasonjavelin

    Lol it’s weird to see you in Auburn which is only a couple of hours from me. I go there occasionally for work. Those tools looks fuckin sick Also I had a 94 1500 and that same shit with the shifter linkage happened to me

  • BEAR

    anybody else zoom in on his display to see what he's listening to?

  • Mr Kanook
    Mr Kanook

    Bushingfix.com has the linkage repair kit that I used for my 95 GMC Sierra. It's an easy fix. The next brake is going to be the actuator that allows you to take it out of park when you apply the brake. A long screwdriver is all that is needed for that fix, but it disables the need to press the bake pedal to put it in gear. One more thing, fill it up once and a while with a tank full of non ethanal fuel. It will get better mpg

  • Nathan Caster
    Nathan Caster

    Wheres your kid at Dan. I know damn well only dads go “yeah that ain’t going no where” after strapping something down 😂

  • AaronAL59

    5:57 he said frictionless 😂

  • LJ Rogers
    LJ Rogers

    its a mechanics kitchen

  • austin christensen
    austin christensen

    I fixed a hole in my sub by layering little pieces of paper soaked in epoxy over the hole. Worked amazing and is going on 3 years strong, I think I got the idea from a YT video if you look it up. Try it out!

  • Haven't Tried It Yet
    Haven't Tried It Yet

    Worst thing about these trucks are when you have a cold drink in the cup holder and heat is own. Or you have a yeti there and it super heats the outside.

  • BANGERZ 00
    BANGERZ 00

    That wasn’t a donk a donk is a 72-76 caprice