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NEW MERCH: www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/do-it-with-dan
NEW MERCH: www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/do-it-with-dan
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  • Do It With Dan
    Do It With Dan

    Song: Infinite - Sxmpra

    • PrivateRyanXD

      So gassed to hear Sxmpra come out of nowhere 🤙

    • Andy Colin
      Andy Colin

      @Calvin Rogelio definitely, have been using flixzone for since december myself :D

    • Calvin Rogelio
      Calvin Rogelio

      Pro trick : watch series on Flixzone. Been using it for watching all kinds of movies recently.

    • Christy Rozier
      Christy Rozier

      Didnt Dan live in Brunswick GA

    • Backyard Projects
      Backyard Projects

      What you think about line x bed liner?

  • Jamaal Cherry
    Jamaal Cherry

    What size are the rim and tires?

  • CamaroFamily

    Those wheels look so much better! Awesome 😎

  • David Haller
    David Haller

    My brothers car randomly shut off too. Turned out to be a remote 2G Cell phone style activated interrupt. My family put it between the power wire to his ignition.

  • kodijo hyatt
    kodijo hyatt

    Costco is your place for Michelin’s!

  • Variant Wheels
    Variant Wheels

    Hi Dan! Glad you liked the outcome. We'd love if you could send us some photos so we can get you up on our Instagram. You can email us at luis@variantwheels.com and also attach your IG name. Thank You!

  • Gabe Hintzsche
    Gabe Hintzsche

    Dan: Has a nice two post lift Also Dan: uses a floor jack to do tires one by one

    • 96impalaboi


  • Blueecobeast

    That montage at the end was gangsta haha 👍💯

  • Mark Parker II
    Mark Parker II

    How perfect was the size of that truck bed taking the wheels and tires and picking them up!

  • Prometheus

    New tattoo vidja soon??

  • 656THOR

    The car looks good. That fuckin edit tho! That was fuckin cool

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Those tires couldve been more aggresive , too many tread wells for water...down where you live you should go with some hankook rs4s

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    looks like a freakin ferrari

  • On a Kali Basis
    On a Kali Basis

    Would you ever sell your IRbin name?? My boyfriend is trying to start up his car IRbin and his name is Dan as well. He just loves the name do it with Dan and just can’t get away from wanting that name! Please let us know!


    That looks amazing 🔥🔥

  • Clutch Kick
    Clutch Kick


  • Shawn Beller
    Shawn Beller

    As long as you've been working on vehicles and fixing them, and you still don't have a diagnostics system to help you figure out problems. I admire the work ethic of "ill just look for the problem"

  • Lalofelix73

    Really nice rims mr Dan

  • Sammy Branch
    Sammy Branch

    Can’t wait to see how dope the 3 piece wheels come out 🤭😎

  • TheAlexdylan97

    hottest c8

  • nathan Workman
    nathan Workman

    Cmon dan Hood stack the dually

  • Test

    Hey Dan! What camera setup to vlog with? Really looking to start uploading 😎 thanks!

  • Hellhawk

    I need that Spotify playlist you be rockin 😂

  • Why just Why
    Why just Why

    Wheels look dope Dan! Also atta be with setting expectations for yourself. Hope you are getting into a morning routine to help you out mentally!

  • Moto Load
    Moto Load

    he did not crash the drone into the whip lmfaoo

  • Daniel

    dan, if you can provide me with the vin# for that truck i can provide you with the entire wiring harness for it that i can get access to

    • Daniel

      i have wiring diagrams for the obs saved on my pc already also because im ls swapping my 97

  • Matthew Craft
    Matthew Craft

    It might be your fuel pump

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    That song for the car montage at the end is 🔥.

  • 96impalaboi

    If those are the temporary wheels, mann the real set is going to be awesome-er

  • Robert Rutherford
    Robert Rutherford

    Those wheels are perfect for that car. Fantastic choice

  • Brandon Rodgers
    Brandon Rodgers

    Hey dan remember when you got that awesome car lift so you can swap out wheels easily....

  • G-Farms

    i work at a dealer i can get you the grounding points off the service info

  • Grahm Freeworth
    Grahm Freeworth


  • Michael

    Love the wheels. Just feel like the front tires look too thin. Either way man looks great.

  • James Phelps
    James Phelps

    Those end pictures 👌👌👌 wasn’t sure about the bronze but it looks good

  • luke haar
    luke haar

    i’d fire those employees in a second

  • Alex Weeks
    Alex Weeks

    Aaahhh reeaaalllll goooodddd 👌

  • Sylvester Borowik
    Sylvester Borowik

    Sheeeeesh the C8 s coming along, it's so nice seeing all the cars getting the love

  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett

    Looking good Dan boi

  • Jeters 96
    Jeters 96

    Dannnn what taillights you got on the stepside bc I have a 96 stepside and your taillight are the best I've seen by far

  • Tuba Player
    Tuba Player

    Me: see’s that the C8 is getting new wheels Also me: knowing he had a red and black wrapped C7 Me to me: this thing needs some weird looking yellow (Gold) rims 😂 Edit: okay so no joke have not watched the channel in a while because of work, didn’t know the wheels where actually going to be the golden brown color, genuinely lost my shit.

  • laws2ewun1t

    Apparently, Dan is doing his best Justin impression. (no seatbelt)

  • Some Random
    Some Random

    Does anyone remember he got a fiero?

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Those rear wheels are THICCC

  • MotorHeadGreg

    Maybe it's worth noting, I have a GMC that had same issue stalling and shutting off. Thought it was a loose ground but turned out to be a bad distribution box

  • i am your mom
    i am your mom

    are you going to do any power mods


    Yo! Is that Pouya during the montage after the wheels are put on? Pouya and Suicideboys fuckin rule!

  • blaž mavec
    blaž mavec

    Has Ham lost weight?


    Did you do it off camera, or did you just clean 1 caliper because you're Dan?

  • luis cambero
    luis cambero


  • Marcel Bornman
    Marcel Bornman

    Those wheels look so good! Now you need a wrap that red is not doing the car justice

  • Nicholas F
    Nicholas F

    Those doors are dumb.

  • Matt with a 5.0L
    Matt with a 5.0L

    Yo Dan I got the new heat wave classes and there the Galaxy blue and there sick as fuck love the videos

  • Wesley

    Please wrap it satin OD green.

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M

    Have you checked your fuel system, my friend had a newer duramax that had a similar issues, it kept shutting off and eventually come to find out the fuel filter had been clogged by fuel line material that was breaking down due to bad diesel fuel

  • Kevin Vance
    Kevin Vance

    Most IRbinrs, when I hear them say I got new wheels, I immediately cringe. But Dan, you picked some NICE wheels bub. Huge improvement. I'd never wrap that car, that red is epic with that bronze.

  • Random Azz Brandon
    Random Azz Brandon

    Love that bronze look 👌🏻

  • Hops And Lead
    Hops And Lead

    That little rubber band in the front, don't smack a sight hole or POP!

  • Matt Barros
    Matt Barros

    Dont crash this one dan

  • Kiddgummi

    Dan, this is the part they replaced on my truck which had the same problem. I no longer have the problem. BLOCK ASM-BAT DISTRIBUTION ENG COMPT FUSE - GM (84354721)

  • Artie Dijkstra
    Artie Dijkstra

    I like rhe raillights of the c7 more and the frontend the c7

  • Artie Dijkstra
    Artie Dijkstra

    These are so cool!!!

  • Evan VanEps
    Evan VanEps

    That edit was unnecessarily hard

  • sls4009

    Fiero GT a new project?

  • Tyler Engram
    Tyler Engram

    That edit is amazing

  • Andy WH
    Andy WH

    At this point theres just a shortage lol its not even just tires anymore. We just have to find out what's causing it....

  • The Reel Slim Shad tree
    The Reel Slim Shad tree

    I’m just here for the obs😎

  • Ricky Robinson
    Ricky Robinson

    need bigger brakes now

  • Steve

    That looks sick!

  • EricLovley

    That beard is filling in nicely...finally! 🤣

  • GreezyAF

    "but if dildos are preventing me from doing launches? i don't like that shit" mood as fuck. couldn't find tires and so now I'm on some shitty walmart brand tires.

  • EricLovley

    Looks sick af

  • lee Elliott
    lee Elliott

    Yyyyyyyeah bwoy,always thought that the stock wheels looked to tucked on, look how amazing and aggressive she looks with right wheels, dirt bag, love it

  • james williams
    james williams

    Time for bigger brakes!

  • Phoenix

    Would you ever get a jdm car? Doesn’t even have to be a project

  • PNW Living
    PNW Living

    The edit at the end...not down. Otherwise, solid vid.

  • Tim Irvine
    Tim Irvine

    Damn Daniel!... Those are sexual!

  • Jstall7543

    Looks really good!

  • Mil Moto
    Mil Moto

    @5:34 Dan fall down go 💥

  • sUaVeZ.productions

    Hello sir could u send the link for those wheeIs I might want to get them for my car (manual fiesta st) I think they look great

  • slunts77

    Those wheels look sick. I like em. Alot

  • NDAutomotive

    I have been around since your early moto vlog days, and I have to say I like the current more chill and relaxed version of Dan.

  • Jamie O' Connor
    Jamie O' Connor

    Dan wouldn't an OBD be useful to you or do you prefer to problem solve without that sort of help?

  • Keenan Smith
    Keenan Smith

    2:25-2:37 the song is happier-scarfo da plug if anyone was wondering

  • Chris Wilkes
    Chris Wilkes

    Who els been here since he had the bmw

  • krovek

    show us the update on the tattoo!

  • Ryan Farrugia
    Ryan Farrugia

    Rocket Bunny kit next?

  • Justin Cooper
    Justin Cooper

    It really bugs me that you don't do star pattern while you were putting your new tires on & taking them off. Also, not too be too much of a negative nancy, but new tires/rims didn't seem like It should have been a top priority. When are you going to satisfy your root following and start work on the motorcycle again? Especially the Magna. She deserves spotlight in between all this and you promised us you would. Long time fan brother and I'm here too stay, I just feel like I'm being fed crumbs instead of why I originally subscribed for back in the day. All I'm saying is, hold on to your roots. It's what got you here in the first place. Much Love Sir. Sorry for the criticism. Just speaking my mind.

    • Justin Cooper
      Justin Cooper

      Sorry I've had a bit to drink tonight. You are good inspiration to me, just miss the old days brother...

  • deadchadron0

    Looks fuckin killer

  • Corey Hauduk
    Corey Hauduk

    Hey Dan have u ever thought of a c8 wide body kit from tj hunt ?

  • Airship Studios
    Airship Studios

    I love my P-Zero's

  • sledbc

    They had to air freight my Michelin Pilot S4S from Florida to here in BC Canada for my C8 because they weren't available in the country. Craziness.

  • Barcano

    Try checking the voltage regulator in the alternator. Might be overcharging the system.

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams

    I bought a 2004 cummins with a aftermarket fass fuel system older style old enough that it had some surface rust had the same shit off issues ended up replacing the whole system and deleting the stock fuel filter hadn't had any issues with it yet may have been old wiring or a bad pump idk bit hope this helps

  • Small Bore & Two Wheels
    Small Bore & Two Wheels

    Fuck. Looks like a videogame car. 🤩

  • Richard Raymond
    Richard Raymond

    You’d be working at Taco Bell if you didn’t do IRbin 🤣😂🤣

  • Tim Jacobs
    Tim Jacobs

    Thank you Dan for not putting white wheels on your car lol. The new wheels look sick!!!

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    I remember I wasn’t sure how I’d like the bronze when I saw the ig post revealing them, but they look super good on the car

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    Hey Dan, instead of searching for forums maybe your buddy’s at Chevy/Cadillac/gmc dealers could help you out with getting info. Ik with my Ford/Lincoln shit I can access mostly any info needed for any vehicles by Ford pre 90 something

  • Skdizzle

    Am I the only one who found it kinda funny dan had to hop his short ass in to the dually. While Hams over here in the chevy just boolin.