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  • sumthing sure
    sumthing sure

    I have a 03 duramax, they are known for bad grounds. I had to add a ground from the main battery to the core support to the frame. Ac wouldn’t work, cts edge 3 would t work, all gauge would go crazy. Considering the amount of work you’ve done to the truck. Maybe it’s a loose or corroded ground. Maybe the engine to frame ground is bad, and for what ever reason even a a ground being corroded can cause intermittent issues. Maybe it’s worth a shot. Good luck brother love the content.

  • ItsTylerJohn

    I thought the Duramax was the chevy version of the truck, isn't that a Denali? Or do they both run duramax engines? I'm confused lol. Also I'm not 100%, but I'm fairly certain that the way your 73 is up on the lift with no engine and no front end, that thing could fall ass backwards so easily since the front is so light right now. I've seen cars tip off those things with a full assembled front end and engine, to test you basically just drop the lift till just above the ground and you basically try and rock the car and see how tippy it is and if it seems really planted then it should be fine, but I just dont wanna see that ass get smashed if it falls, or worse you get hit by a falling car and get sqaushed.. Just lookin out brother! Hyped the Dually is back also! Also to get that dirt out of the crevices, go get yourself a detail brush it looks almost like a makeup brush chicks use or the ones dudes use to mix up foam for a straight razor shave, you use whatever your preferred cleaner is and use the brush to get into the crevices and then wipe normally. It also works good for cup holders, vents, etc. Also if you ever need to get fine sand and dirt out of carpets, get a rounded bristle brush with a metal rod handle, and put it inside the chuck of a drill and you take your shop vac and use the brush against the carpet and suck it up simultaneously by putting the hose right next to the brush. Just some detailing tips I learned along the way!

  • Joey Brooks
    Joey Brooks

    Aye man idk if you’ll read this comment but I’ve been following this build since you’ve picked the truck up but I absolutely love the build and what you’re doing! Keep up the amazing work!

  • I’m Gold
    I’m Gold

    Dude I just randomly got recommended your channel first time I watched was when ur moto logs were the only things u had up and I stopped watching about a month after u bought this thing

  • Chaz Klitzke
    Chaz Klitzke

    Dan we used to be king of the castle the magna build bike meetups motorcycle reviews the camaro you gotta get into the freedom 500 man !

  • Andrew Booth
    Andrew Booth

    U should make it where when we buy Merch we can pick which build we're supporting🤷🏻‍♂️

  • RCman

    Another project that wont get done like that poor camero 😑 get it done already it belongs on the road not a lift

  • Alex Ebner
    Alex Ebner

    Gonna guess you’ve got a cheetah turbo

  • TheSKar05

    Dan: I’m just going to do a little bit of work on the dually Also Dan: actually while I’m at it, I’m going to do tear apart the whole interior and clean it

  • daniel lowe
    daniel lowe

    When you gonna talk about the rpm act

  • Aaron Mills
    Aaron Mills

    You need to start working on the 73 and stop putting it off


    "them ell go" lmfaoooo

  • Spencer Maeschen
    Spencer Maeschen

    Dan... no. Screw the dye, pull all your panels and dash off, sell them on eBay, buy black used ones for the same price you sold the old ones for. Win win, no dye peeling, no hiccups.

  • Bomboy

    Flok the dash?

  • Mike Davidson
    Mike Davidson

    Sorry for being late to the video! I'm beyond hype for the dually! What happened to the star light headliner? Is it coming back?

  • Conspiracy_00

    Yeah that texas sugar sand is a real bitch and since I live in texas there's no point in cleaning it because it will be back in 2 seconds so unfortunately I don't have any tips on how to get it out

  • pathetic films
    pathetic films

    I’ve been watching you since I was 16 I’m 22 now I’ve never been able to afford your merch in the past but now that I’m older and I’ve got some extra cash I’m proud to say I bought 4 shirts thanks for continuing to make awesome content and for always being yourself that’s why i I stayed when you transitioned your channel from motovlogs to where you are now you will always be my favorite IRbinr because of that

  • Sandie Elliott
    Sandie Elliott

    you still have the wood center box in there

  • cromedome

    Is that DIWD shirt based off of Wolfenstein?

  • K3mikGuy367

    The cut @ 2:29 killed me. Thank you Dan, you're the only content creator on this site that can still get me like that.

  • Levi McKeen
    Levi McKeen

    Is the bodywork done now dan?!

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark

    I love you dude. I wait for your videos. Your videos reminded me of how creative my stepfather is. Me and him kinda done link but I love him with all my heart and idk how to express it. But you’ll always have my support.

  • haze_ scooby
    haze_ scooby

    Yo me and Dan rocking the same phone! That's cool

  • JiiVee

    Shipping to EU?

  • Kurtt

  • Porkycheun

    Dan: I didn’t drive the dually for two years, I’m so happy it’s back! Also Dan: Let’s make it undriveable again for the next two years immediately! 😂😂😂

  • Moonman

    The Helmet Melt shirt is way too dope

  • Mussle Man9988
    Mussle Man9988

    Would love some but would like them on a hoodie

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith

    Don’t pull the dash it’s a serious pain in the ass.

  • Toby the Menace
    Toby the Menace

    How’d I get unsubscribed to you?

  • Jboy98jr

    Hey man I’ve been watching since the sharpie bike and I’ve always wanted some merch and this is the first time buying any merch from anyone. Hands down favorite IRbinr out there and I can’t wait to see what you crank out this year

  • Dalton Jenkins
    Dalton Jenkins

    How long has this build been going on

  • Ph0tom0to

    I love this build. It makes me feel better about my truck. I love it but it has problems. This just shows that if you care about something enough it's worth saving.

  • Kyle Riethman
    Kyle Riethman

    Dan your a lucky man, I would love a truck like that

  • F T
    F T

    Dude shut up and focus on the video. It’s about truck not you and shirts.

  • Michael Sarosy
    Michael Sarosy

    god damn the low views were worrying man i was worried u were gonna fall off and we were gonna stop seein videos

  • g0dbilla_91

    do what thatdudeinblue did and flock your panels and dash, would give it a nice suede look and feel and still give you that black you're looking for. Seems a lot better than a dye.

  • david bennett
    david bennett

    Hey Dan, Flock the dash! Just flock it

  • BoysNTheirToys

    The title should had been "I'm not wasting any more time on the durmax" haha jk love the vids

  • Marshall

    I honestly do think it would be easier to just pull the dash and get the right color panel instead of dyeing it

  • josh osborn
    josh osborn

    What kind of phone do you have?

  • James

    Fuck it your DIWD full send and dye it inside the truck

  • TheNate371

    I wouldn’t dye it with it in the truck, too many things can go wrong, plus it would add for a cool time-lapse of you pulling the dash apart. Think of the videos too, what may be simple and easy to do may not be as entertaining, because its simple and short rather than complicated and long. For some people like me who have been watching for years, I like to see every little detail as it makes it easier to visualize in my head. I hope this was a good explanation.

  • Gear Head426
    Gear Head426

    Why is it white lithium grease is there a purple lithium grease I need answers

  • Gear Head426
    Gear Head426

    Diesel doesn't start to go bad for 6-12 months

  • SpaceOps

    What happened to the foxbody

  • GoDi

    I work at a car audio shop in NORCAL and we do custom builds... anyways one guy paid us to redo his whole interior to black which included dying the dash. It was a pain and in my opinion was the cheap way over just getting it done right by redoing it or swapping dashes. We pulled out all the stops and made sure the dash was fully prepped and dried before we assembled anything and it came out looking good but some spots would get messed up and had to be redone especially where the panels meet the dash.

  • Jay's Knives
    Jay's Knives

    Dye it black. Do it. Dan.

  • Armyguy2015

    I've never had luck with white lithium grease, it tends to attract dirt and garbage.. I've had decent luck with dry lubes, like dry silicon sprays, etc

  • Shadow Alma
    Shadow Alma

    More on foxbody and Camaro plzze

  • RoBerTHung

    Why don't you just wrap the door panels and dash, I did the vette in carbon fiber wrap

  • Cody

    RIP foxbody

  • Getschlamd90

    Went from do it with Dan to detailing with dan

  • mx_stevegrimeszz

    i work at gm, pull the dash. do it right. at the same time tho, its the biggest pain in the ass to pull.

  • 406 Outdoors
    406 Outdoors

    If that rig is as upgraded as it sounds, you should definitely get some custom tunes done for it man! Talk to a diesel performance shop, that thing will impress the shit outa you with good tuning!

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    I would love to own a Denali diesel or a Dually Denali!

  • Aeroworks540

    hows your purple mattress doing?

  • Jesus Montemayor
    Jesus Montemayor

    need me a duramaxxx sheesh

  • Crash Overide
    Crash Overide

    So with the dash. the hardest part to remove is the lower section so i would remove everything up top and than leave the bottom in and dye it inside the truck.

  • Kings Customs
    Kings Customs

    Dan who are you using to do your seats?

  • Nicolas Scheffers-Roy
    Nicolas Scheffers-Roy

    Man those shirts are awesome I’m gonna get some of those!

  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett

    Just purchased the safety 3rd. Glad to see merch and another video up

  • Carson Richards
    Carson Richards

    Try replacing the module that’s responsible for all your driver settings and electric seat controls, did that with mine and now the heated seats work

  • MaxZM189

    Just Work Camo Snap Back Hat and its ordered bro HMU when its ready

  • Tom7e

    bought merch as fast as i heard "new design" waited way to long :D

  • Jeremy Shuler
    Jeremy Shuler

    Don’t die it it’s a hassle for nothing really

  • LB Young
    LB Young

    Really fucking appreciate your approach on getting into projects you’ve never done before and how that doesn’t stop you.

  • jasonjavelin

    I’m not really into the gaint truck scene but this shit looks really awesome and I’ve been following since the start. Longtime fan and glad to see you continuing this beast

  • ZelgiustheBrave

    Dually Dually Dually Dually Rockin' everywhere!

  • Djukedu88

    Wrap the door arm rest with carbon fiber or A gunmetal gray??

  • Djukedu88


  • Will Leonard
    Will Leonard

    dying your panels and dash isnt gonna hold up over time if you do it youd have to keep your shit clean as hell and apply some sort of UV protectant on the regular. Also prep work is everything those things got to be very clean, every nook and cranny. Use a little adhesion promoter Spray light coats let each coat set up. Or you could wet sand with a grey scotch brite scuff pad use "Scuff stuff" or something like it, if its a hard plastic, but this would require you to remove everything from the truck

  • tamurphy11

    Can't wait to see what you tow with er!

  • Zman

    also just letting you know, if you don’t blow up again soon, just wait till your cars and builds are done. your literally gonna be one of the biggest“ car, bike, vloger’s” ever. The stuff you do is amazing and i can’t wait for the blowup

  • Zman

    yoooo, i can’t wait for thattt 7333333

  • Sawyer Hoyle
    Sawyer Hoyle

    That was probably a pipeline truck

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles

    Get a l5p hood 2018

  • Gavin Wasilius
    Gavin Wasilius

    Gotta throw some specialty forged or forces on this bitch to make the haters big mad

  • Collin Todd
    Collin Todd

    Love your videos man. I’m stationed in japan and recently returned home from a deployment but these videos keep me going. Haven’t been home in almost 2 years ! Keep up the good work

  • Damon Mohr
    Damon Mohr

    Imma be buyin merch. That stuff looks dope!

  • Fco Red
    Fco Red

    Dan look up SEM color coat best interior dye you can get ive used it and mine hasn't faded and has held up really well so far. I used their simi gloss black and their closs clear coat.

  • Jiggin' With Jordan
    Jiggin' With Jordan

    Copping some Merch 👊🏼

    • Jeremiah Long
      Jeremiah Long

      It would be cool but different to see you guys in a video together

  • Nick J
    Nick J

    Would be sweet if you found the old owner and he told the story on the truck

  • TheAdunny0815

    Dan release some more hats I’ve beat my reckless hat all to shit and would kill for some new designs.

  • Nick J
    Nick J

    1/4 is less then 1/2 lmao

  • Evan Lee123
    Evan Lee123

    Just leave the interior brown my guy

  • Ohio outdoors
    Ohio outdoors

    That foam is supposed to go on over a butal sound deadening material. But I'm sure it'll help some

  • Thomas Burkhart
    Thomas Burkhart

    i love that you and matt talk to each other

  • Alec Rinko
    Alec Rinko

    Dually content 🤧 love it

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Man I’ve been following the dually build for a hot minute; have you thought about mounting some stealth subwoofers in the new center console you’ll be building? Fabricating one that goes between both sets of captains chairs should yield plenty of extra room; even with all the other goodies you talked about. But two 12’s maybe even a 15 - and with a truck cab having a small volume of air - that thing would thump. Love the videos bud, keep’m coming

  • Nicholas Beach
    Nicholas Beach

    That's not a pick up truck until ypu put 46s on it lol I currently doing it to mine and my 6.0 stage 3 ls with stage 3 cam faster then that thing

  • William Heathcock
    William Heathcock

    I gotta grab me a “Wake Bake Work” shirt

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    I've tried using the dye before, I used an expensive one too and it just didn't come out good at all. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the dye but I wouldn't use it again.

  • Robert Stanton
    Robert Stanton

    Glad to see the old girl back bro

  • 3513chris

    I was about to defend Texas from that sand comment Dan made, but then I realized that it's true T_T.

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    duallyduallyduallyduallyduallydually. I am also excited. I love trucks. I'm going to buy a t shirt. Watch me.

  • Jack Austin
    Jack Austin

    This truck is going to be mad when it's finished

  • James Radcliffe
    James Radcliffe

    You getting this truck back is the reason I subscribed again. 👌🤙

  • jameswyattt1


  • Dylan Andrew
    Dylan Andrew

    Those shirts are sick