I put Pro Touring Suspension on my 1973 Camaro (Detroit Speed Stage 2)
Here is the kit I installed on my car today:
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  • Cali Valley
    Cali Valley

    Just found your channel. I’m starting on my 1971 Camaro RS that I have had setting in my garage for many years. Looking forward to seeing in what direction you take yours. Also, I owned a Fiero and loved it. I had a friend in high school that installed a small block Chevy in his using a kit that a guy called V8 Archie made, he specialized in Fiero mods. Building a juggernaut Fiero would EPIC and terribly frighting. My friends was built and he could barley drive it in the rain.

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk Yoo

    Will be catching up on your vids. Hope your doing good. Kiss that awesome gf an polish that vrod. Can't wait for the truck to be done (the diesel)

  • Dan cavazos
    Dan cavazos

    Hey Mr. Dan, I’ve seen some of the FabForums IRbin and I think u might like it. He does lots of fabrication and sheet metal stuff I’ve really enjoyed both your and his videos.

  • John-Matthew Lawson
    John-Matthew Lawson

    long travel suspension + needing a tube bender for the fiero🤔 a possible off-road monster, with a 4 link suspension (or something similar) and a full cage???

  • Red Pixel
    Red Pixel

    Where did you find you camaro

  • Dale Fawver
    Dale Fawver

    I know the long travel thing was a example but for the love of god please do it that would be the mist bad ass thing

  • Sebastian Hortiguela
    Sebastian Hortiguela

    Great Outro brother!

  • Alexx Martin
    Alexx Martin

    Hey Dan. Long time subscriber here. You may or may not see this. But I love your channel man. I've seen it grow these past few years exponentially! Dude your channel is the shit! Haha but I must admit. I did miss out on a lot of the 2020 vids.. mainly cuz you were just doin too much shit lmao.. but damn for some reason I was drawn to this one and I gave it a shot and watched it all the way through and I wasn't disappointed. I'm very looking forward to your 2021 content forsure! Happy New Year's bro

  • Catchy Straw Gaming
    Catchy Straw Gaming

    Had to rewatch this again high off my ass and couldn't understand what was going on 🤣

  • Kylen Collins
    Kylen Collins

    DUDE! still can't believe you have your own shop thats awesome!

  • Austin Oxbrough
    Austin Oxbrough

    New slogan “If I can do it, you can do it too.”

  • Tanner Taylor
    Tanner Taylor

    *dang talking about zink coated holds "and ya it even comes with gold colored chrome bolts" 😂😂😂 #learningalongsidedan 😂😂 im just fuckin around, #DanDanTheMotorCycleMan

  • Sanbasuto Kuruma
    Sanbasuto Kuruma

    Battery charger hissing is normal. It's actually a high pitch whine if you pay attention to it.

  • Nathan Jackson
    Nathan Jackson

    I got the alert that u posted 4 days after the video was actually posted.

  • Velislide

    Single seater Fiero coming soon? Always wanted to strip down a fiero chassis, chop out some of the center, narrow it down to a 1 seater, indy style suspension, LFX V6 engine swap (they make some decent power, light weight, and are pretty neat how they are designed). Could mount a turbo direct to the LFX, the way they are built. Save a lot of space.

  • Sdriggers1992

    Danny, damn glad to see you’re back at it for the new year. Was really worried when you got kinda burnt out there at the end of the year. Wish you were still in Brunswick brother, would have loved to work on some of these projects with you.

  • gmc sierrahd sierrahd
    gmc sierrahd sierrahd

    this dude still rocking the bangs from 2002 emo girls lol

  • Hachiro

    What was that song that started at around 19:17? Edit: Oh crap Shazam is great xD Found the song with like 2 or 3 seconds of audio. It's "Bring My Friends" by Tigerblood Jewel.

  • Ian Geiman
    Ian Geiman

    I’ve loved your vids for a while, thanks for the effort always.

  • Ben VanLue
    Ben VanLue

    Hell yeah Dan I’m super excited for this year brother. Always loved the channel and I’m happy you took personal time to reset and build your determination again

  • Hollywood redneck
    Hollywood redneck

    Hey can you get me tires for my ram power wagon, I'll bring you truck and you can put the tires on for a vid, call it like building a power wagon lol

  • Originyl

    10:12 smells great dad too bad i cant taste right now

  • Jamar Wiggins
    Jamar Wiggins

    Ironic how your OG Subscribers are calling you out on your "No-Moto Vlogging" I'm an OG Subscriber and this year I'm purchasing my very first Custom Honda Shadow Bobber. Looking forward to getting the old Dan back brother.

  • Pink Beard
    Pink Beard

    one thing ive wondered, with you doing a lot of car stuff, there ever gonna be a DoItWithDan car meet for fans? i think thatd be awesome to do, and i would want to drive my buddies 36 buick over there from washington to make it once its done (if it ever does get done.......)

  • Nox Viper
    Nox Viper

    Oh God my vid started in 144p 🤮🤮

  • Billy McDonald
    Billy McDonald

    2021 sees the rerun of the Magna in form of a build series? Would be dope!

  • Curtis Jackson
    Curtis Jackson

    I just found this channel and I am sooo happy I did, and that you decided to come back to youtube! I'm new to working on my vehicles but I definitely have a "can do" attitude. I was highly inspired and motivated when I heard you say "if I can do it, you can do it". I actually have some suspension work I have to do on my ford taurus. Keep the vids coming brother🙏🏽 I'll be watching, learning and doing!

  • Dat_Dwizard

    Idk what the Detroit speed kit said but typically when you do control arms you want to torque them at ride height otherwise you may damage the bushings

  • a Johnson
    a Johnson

    happy were back to the good car content. Nothing against the jet skis and ambulance build

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith

    this is your best vid ever

  • Zackary Brown
    Zackary Brown

    Great video. I'm really excited for you videos this year.

  • Wil Mill
    Wil Mill

    A buddy of mine made an off-road toy out of his fiero and threw a turbo in it. Cut everything up. Pretty badass

  • Caveman Stan
    Caveman Stan

    6:59 threw me off

  • Michael

    Knowing that DIWD isn’t quitting IRbin has made this the best 2021 ever already.

  • Hunter Roberts
    Hunter Roberts


  • jdm603jake

    Bro, i haven't seen your videos in a minute, been mad busy, glad to see you're still making bangers, last vids i watched was probably one of the h2 vids

  • Jace Collins
    Jace Collins

    I wish i could work in that shop dreams

  • Trent Weiler
    Trent Weiler

    Just curious when is another foxbody video coming

  • Blake Glass
    Blake Glass

    Never realized how spaced apart your eyes are....I like it. My little fishy ❤️

  • TMANGaming

    Long travel fiero that you can rip and jump with the ACW rally fighter

  • Phoenix

    Are you a lefty dan 😉

  • Gressi 99
    Gressi 99


  • Steve rebuilds
    Steve rebuilds

    I wanna help dan build stuff. $ talk is 2nd to being a helpful hand. DON'T LOSE SIGHT dan

  • Steve rebuilds
    Steve rebuilds

    I'm the type of guy I wanna help dan, talking about $ comes later, being a right hand man, priceless.

  • NoblePineapples

    Not sure why the table slap at start got me belly laughing

  • PatWinner54

    Dan clearly never watched the @chrisFix video on suspension. Never torque down bushings until it is on the ground under its own weight

  • Trevor Crane
    Trevor Crane

    Bikes bikes bikes

  • john Hutchcroft
    john Hutchcroft

    My dewalt batteries hisssss when fully charged. I just think of it as a reminder to take them out of the charger

  • Jesse DriftGod
    Jesse DriftGod

    imma guess you got adhd aswell?

  • Chi Guy
    Chi Guy

    there are a lot of things one can do, one can try to learn to do, and accomplish. in that same breath you have to ask is it worth saving the money doing it by yourself vs just writing the check and getting that time back. I am glad you are looking at things more to a "Completion" setting vs just having loads of projects with no end. keep it up, and the light at the end of this long tunnel of projects is coming closer.. good vid.. and those tools look sweet. cheers.

  • J.T. Field
    J.T. Field

    Hell yeah Dan! Looking forward to another year full of great content. Keep it up dude 🔥🔥

  • Matt Frye
    Matt Frye

    Moto for 2021 “must finish project before starting new project” 😂

  • Brandon J
    Brandon J

    I think you need your very own jack stand jimmy like ole clettus aka a helper that can help you with all your builds and projects.. and stuff


    Has IRbin messed with his view counts? 43k in a day? That seems super low.

  • Taylor M
    Taylor M

    He’s such a genuine guy. I love it

  • Alex Weeks
    Alex Weeks

    Bring back cooking with dan

  • lzlizard5

    More vids on your bike popin wheelies and talking shit

  • Noah Howard
    Noah Howard

    Bringing bike builds back!?!?!? OH GOD! LET ME GET THE POPCORN!

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    I’m not letting that long travel comment slide.

    • shaunst9

      Long travel fiero

  • Kameron Meade
    Kameron Meade

    Where the FUCK have you been dan?!

  • JefeVlogs

    You wouldn’t long travel that Pontiac now would you Dan

  • Richard Pruett
    Richard Pruett

    Love to "old school" style videos, looking forward to 2021 with DIWD...#bringbackWWDIWDD

  • Jaxson

    Perhaps a ktm 250 or 350 two stroke build?

  • holycrapnukekiller

    What does stage 2 even mean

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    Long travel suspension on the fiero???

  • Knox

    Love the video Dan I'm a little late watching it because I had to take my GTI to the shop yesterday but love the vid!!!

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    Dan needs to get a dodge sponsorship, get a grand caravan. And then put a hellcat crate engine in it

  • Brett Corriveau
    Brett Corriveau

    Hey guys it's ya boy Daniel Does It

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris

    What can I say other than I just genuinely enjoy your content? Keep inspiring people, stay happy and healthy man.

  • Cody Matthews
    Cody Matthews

    Yessss his backkkkk 👏

  • Yoskakune

    Dude a toolbox give away would be love i shole need one so i can pull my trucks motor and rebuild it

  • Hans Solo
    Hans Solo

    You seem much more like yourself after the time off. Makes me want to take some time off too haha

  • Conspiracy_00

    Fuck yeah ls swapped obs😎 can't wait to see it ill be doing the same this year when I graduate college

  • MR. Beck
    MR. Beck

    Love the outtro, the whole thing about not putting deadlines and just finishing a project when it finishes. On the same level with you Glad to see you enjoying the process

  • Anthony Espinoza
    Anthony Espinoza

    Ya fckn Motivate me Dan 🔥🔥

  • dave colquhoun
    dave colquhoun

    I think you also need to install anti seize to the shock adjustment for the coil over , the big nut that compresses the spring , don't forget that

  • Steve Bennett
    Steve Bennett

    Should have put the motor stands on before the lower a arms it's alot easier.

  • Kooterbuilt30

    Long travel on the fiero, he gonna make it some type of buggy thing. Kinda like that fast n furious car justins got

  • Eion

    Those welds dont look too hot

  • Bracey Fountain
    Bracey Fountain

    Gotta say, nothing better than when Dan pops up in my notifications. Pumped to see what you accomplish this year.

  • Josh Herron
    Josh Herron

    are we not gonna talk about that tool box almost being as tall as dan?

  • jjdoubleog -
    jjdoubleog -

    Who remembered Dan when he fooled around on motoblogs and was hilarious with his journeys 💀

  • Benjamin Reising
    Benjamin Reising

    Might want to get a rapid charger for those big Milwaukee battery’s

  • J_V_13F_76

    Finish the damn truck lol.

  • Julian Perez
    Julian Perez

    Finish that Camaro first

  • Brenden Jensen
    Brenden Jensen

    Who else had chills when he said he’s bringing motorcycles back

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    Dude your brutal honesty at the end of this video has made me respect you so much more than I already did and that’s saying a lot! You are truly inspiring and thanks for that! Time to get back to work!

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    Did you just use the sound of a B02 death machine when you were tightening down the bolt on the top of the shock!? 🤣🤣🤣 if so that shit was dope!

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    Hey down at the end of your build you should do a build overview in total cost of the build including what it would’ve costed you for the sponsored parts just to give your fans an idea of how much it would cost them to replicate all the work you did!

  • WeaseL Logic
    WeaseL Logic

    Dan needs a pair of hardtuned fuji2 shoes.

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams

    Glad to see you back! Hope all is well!

  • WeaseL Logic
    WeaseL Logic

    Dont like red cars. But i do like shiny new paint and that paint job is shpack 🤌👌

  • TheKirky100

    ‘I want to bring bike stuff back this year’ 😍😍😍

  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett

    Started to worry me there Dan. Glad to see you back and that you're gonna keep on keeping on

  • Barry Norton
    Barry Norton

    I started watching you because of the salesman that sold you the C8, were still friends on social media from when I worked at that dealership. Real shithole that place lol. Diggin the shit outta your content tho!

  • David Henk
    David Henk

    Tractor Supply has grade 8 hardware and it's all sold by weight 👍

  • zander wen
    zander wen

    offroad fiero???

  • Triston Folse
    Triston Folse

    I thought you said you couldn't turn those lock-nuts with an impact? You definitely hit that bitch with the big Ugga Dugga at about 17:12.

  • HankDaTank

    Can’t wait to see some of these projects get on the road! Always learn something every time I watch a video, keep it up!

  • garon butler
    garon butler

    Hit up McMaster carr next time for your hardware Danny boi