I Took My Dog to the VET, and Now He's Mad At Me...
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  • Leo Hall
    Leo Hall

    where you get your hoodie man

  • Apex Moto Ryder
    Apex Moto Ryder

    My favorite since the start of diwd. Love jax. Need more dog stuff. Its good for the soul. Jax was the next step after dannytocoma4x4. Love it dude keep the great content coming!

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Needed that end message. Thanks Dan.

  • Tim Barito
    Tim Barito

    gosh this vid just made my day

  • Kurtt

    Goodnight Dan

  • Austin

    Thank you for making this video Dan, I really enjoyed it :)

  • Kyle Robertson
    Kyle Robertson

    I needed 8:41 this morning

  • Db_auto_photography

    I couldn't stop laughing every time you mentioned the word bubble wand 💀💀

  • TannerBananr

    Hey man I was having a rough day and the unexpected message at the end really did help get me through it. Thank you Dan

  • Hershel Bedsole
    Hershel Bedsole

    but whyd i almost cry at the end

  • Kevin Troyer
    Kevin Troyer

    I hope you know how much you helped me it's 3:30 am and i still haven't slept a wink it's been tough that ending had me sobing i know what it's like having a dog like that you can talk to them and say any thing and they don't judge they don't tell you your stupid and when you have a bond with a dog they know when your hurting mine was a 2 lb min pin and she would curl up next to ya and if she noticed that you were having a hard time she would crawl right up on your pillow and curll up tight my head or if i was crying she would sit on my hand to get my attention i miss my little buttercup wish she was still alive

  • Bigfoot Garage
    Bigfoot Garage

    C8 getting some headers and the corsa cat back thing gonna be loud

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Lol the look on Jaxon’s face after the vet checkup, “I feel violated man”

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Hopefully you trade the C8 for the C8 Z06

  • Chris

    April Birthdays ❤️ reppin !

  • Nick Brooks
    Nick Brooks

    Dan I respect you I’ve been watching for a long while now and I just wanna say please get some help. It’s not to late but get help before it is. I’ve been there myself and heard this from other. I needed that. Your an amazing creator when your straight and being yourself. Funniest guy I’ve ever seen but watching you slip farther and farther away sucks. I hope this message gets through and doesn’t put your back against the wall that’s not what it’s about. You can do it Dan. You got this.

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Not sure what you mean brother. My happyness and well-being has never been better.

  • Dakota Griffith
    Dakota Griffith

    Not gonna lie, I am going through a pretty rough time right now and the end of this video was an unexpected nice thing to see thanks Dan and thanks jax.

  • AresLegend 90
    AresLegend 90

    Thanks Dan, and Jax of course

  • Random Shit
    Random Shit

    Thanks for the message at the end Dan. Felt like my shoulders lightened because I had no idea it was coming it was nice to read. Appreciate it a lot.

  • poursomebeeronit

    Dog dog needs sea legs.

  • Sean McCarthy
    Sean McCarthy

    You should take him in the vehicle and go to the park or something so he doesn't always think he's about to get a bubble wand up his butt. And thanks for that ending.

  • Brand Ludwig
    Brand Ludwig

    Watching this at work makes me miss my dog. I love you Nate see you’re wolf ass at home

  • Sam Flora
    Sam Flora

    Really needed that ending, thanks Dan 👍

  • Kody Shaw
    Kody Shaw

    More Jax videos!!!

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    Jax is such a nice dog! :) More dogs!! :D

  • lady heather
    lady heather

    Jax is a good dog! defiantly need to see him some more!

  • Garrett Stamper
    Garrett Stamper

    Woah that random ending helped me so much more than you know

  • darren corbit
    darren corbit

    8:00 dan definitely parents jax the same way his mom parented him


    Hay Dan I turned 17 yesterday and in the state of Georgia you can get your motorcycle license at 17 and I don't know what to get could you please help me that you

  • david maldonado
    david maldonado

    Loved the ending do more of that pls

  • Logan McCutcheon
    Logan McCutcheon

    This is the type of positivity I needed today thanks Dan.

  • Dillon Kuchinski
    Dillon Kuchinski

    Thanks for that at the end my Dad kicked me out recently and the end really helped

  • Sidney

    Thank you for that lil message at the end there

  • CazXDxD M.
    CazXDxD M.

    No seatbelt -------;( ---------- duddd

  • captnIdiot

    Those words at the end. Thank You.

  • Alex Kokoska
    Alex Kokoska

    Yo. I didn’t realize how much I needed a Jackson pep talk tonight. But thank you

  • Edward Caffery
    Edward Caffery

    Did dan sell the Ram rebel?

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming

    Yo just found out that I live right across from him😁

  • David Wehr
    David Wehr

    Dan is one of the only youtubers that I can relate to and I understand. Thank you for being an actual person instead of a robot

  • Ride with Janex
    Ride with Janex

    Walter got me here keep safe do it with dan

  • Talk Nerdy To Me
    Talk Nerdy To Me

    Thanks the the positive message at the end Dan, keep killing it as always

  • fxlrrider

    God dammit Dan.... you got me emotional with that ending message... it's almost like you knew.... im back in a dark place in my head right now and I'm struggling to get out of it... appreciate that message... you keep up the good work you beautiful human being... ❤

  • JD F
    JD F

    Dan,you an amazing human. Thank you sir.

  • Will Leonard
    Will Leonard

    Thanks, Jax. I needed that

  • Wesley Cottingim
    Wesley Cottingim

    @7:30 ....lmao!!

  • connor cleaver
    connor cleaver

    I don’t know why but I needed that message thank you Jaxon

  • Acen Wyatt
    Acen Wyatt

    You should wide body the C8

  • HaHa Too Slow
    HaHa Too Slow

    I brought my dog to the vet when she was a puppy. I told him she was scratching her ass on my carpet. So he told me to hold her. He stuck his finger in her ass. Her eyes damn near popped out her head. She had to be dragged into the vet till the day she passed

  • _.Booqueefius._

    Thx for that little message at the end. Made me smile (:

  • Tyler Jenkins
    Tyler Jenkins

    Not going to lie Im going through a break up i needed that last 30 second

  • Edward Wu
    Edward Wu

    Yammie noob is a better motorcyclist and IRbinr then Dan.

  • Creative Lemon
    Creative Lemon

    why not take jackson to the shop once and a while to vibe with u

  • Sekka

    Anybody else wanna see Dan RIP the ak again and give us a Ohhhhhh billllyyyy like old times real OGs remember what I mean

  • 1KR_B

    The kind words at the end were definitely needed, as I'm sure others would agree ❤

  • Cody Cser
    Cody Cser

    Dan, the end of the video hit me right in the feels. The past couple days have been very hard for me and I am in a real fucked up situation. I know what I should do but what I should do isn't what I want and I am trying my best to keep going. Thank you for you videos and your positive vibes, they help to keep me in check.


    HEARTWARMING ending Dan!! THANKS..... Now i have to go Cut onions really quick to explain this...

  • PlayStation2014

    Good boy Jax

  • Fresh Riding
    Fresh Riding

    That whole video left me with a massive smile on my face and a blanket wrapped heart. No homo. Solid video Dan.

  • Andrew English
    Andrew English

    Thanks Dan

  • d

    ever heard of emilia hartford and her 1000hp C8 corvette


    “We try to keep our dogs healthy “😂 dan has some subtle dark humor

  • Benjamin Thomas Max Gregory
    Benjamin Thomas Max Gregory

    8:41 made me happy chief. Love you Dan x

  • Patrick O'keefe
    Patrick O'keefe

    Never did I ever think I'd shed a tear again over a DIWD video.... and I was wrong. That ending was really special Dan, thank you.

  • TheKraken205

    That ending felt like the perfect message to hear at the right time. Thank you

  • Johnytsoug _
    Johnytsoug _

    The last 30” or so made my day. He looks like the goodest of the boys

  • Official_Mikey

    I'm sorry mr jackson I am for real

  • The Lord Runge
    The Lord Runge

    I'm currently buying a house and the message at the end is really what I needed to hear

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    Always look forward to seeing your videos pop up in my notifications. The ending on this one really surprised me, like you were really speaking to me. These past couple months haven’t been easy, but I’m still hanging in there, trying.

  • CeleztialSmiles

    Needed the message at the end.. thank you bro...

  • Jake Tyler
    Jake Tyler

  • Tyler Rider
    Tyler Rider

    Thanks for the words Dan

  • Jt Edge
    Jt Edge

    wholesome dan? wtf is goin on

  • Wolf Hunter
    Wolf Hunter

    Pureest person

  • HoosierMan34

    LOVE JAX oh and at 7:32 if u pause, it so looks like a meme LOL


    This took care of my bad day. Thanks bro!

  • Tyler Dixon
    Tyler Dixon

    Honestly, I needed the message at the ending. Thank you.

  • totalynotanoob1

    Hey Dan, I appreciate all you do. I know and see with each video you maybe loosing views, but please like you said to us.. don’t give up man! I have loved all your content, from the BMW, to the OG sharpie bike, going through college until now. I see a lot of the fans in the comments are OG’s and we won’t quit on you man. Your videos and your mood keeps a lot of us going through a lot and we all appreciate the ending to the video. You never have and never will change and we love that about you. Stay strong brother, can’t wait to see what the future has for DIWD🤘🏼2021 bout to be sick

  • Jake Render
    Jake Render

    I am currently wareing the same bandana as your dog

  • Sam Yager
    Sam Yager

    That ending hit man

  • Matt Kunz
    Matt Kunz

    Yo my birthday is 420 lol

  • C Hall
    C Hall

    The outro hit me in the feels. Thanks Dan, I for real needed that.

  • Harrison Bolgrin
    Harrison Bolgrin

    That was a good video. Love every minute of it

  • kenny didnt die
    kenny didnt die

    Thank you bro

  • Workin on it With weldon
    Workin on it With weldon

    Even though that ending was corny, it still hit me. Thanks jax💙

  • ElBigWeeWee

    idk why but i cryed like a baby back bitch at the end with jax talking lol

  • Carl Kennedy
    Carl Kennedy

    Not me copying the last part to send to my girlfriend....I think it’s something we all need to hear.

  • Desert Fresh
    Desert Fresh

    So the guy that has totaled TWO cars "randomly" doesn't wear a seat belt. Dan, you're an idiot.

  • Plebtile

    The butt wand is just that vet's kink.

  • Dr STaTTiK
    Dr STaTTiK

    next vid should be a motovlog yes

  • Jacob Snowden
    Jacob Snowden

    I get home from a shitty day at work, get excited cause I see that Dan posted, and then get a nice heartfelt message that I REALLY needed today. Love you dickhead❤️❤️

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis

    Who the fuck could dislike this video

  • That.Chill.Speedsofter

    This video made me happy, good video

  • Trent Ironside
    Trent Ironside

    Dan thank you for the message at the end. I’ve been going through a rough time with my grandfather passing a month before my birthday and I really needed that since I’ve been alone with out friends around me. I really appreciate it

  • Itadakiless

    I’m gonna need to see more of jaxon

  • Liam Meyers
    Liam Meyers

    Honestly thank you for the message at the end. I really needed that today

  • Brianna Jones
    Brianna Jones

    Vet technician here..just bring poop in a bag. Your dog leaves happier if we can just have poop in a bag.

  • Morgan Daws
    Morgan Daws

    Ooof, the positivity and doggo scene at the end 10/10 was a need in my life 🥺🖤

  • Gray

    Damn dan out here making a brother wanna cry with that ending

  • Freddie the Fly
    Freddie the Fly

    The end was great.

  • Jose David Villanueva
    Jose David Villanueva