IT'S FINALLY DONE... (I've been waiting for 2 years)
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  • DEFCON1Gaming

    Dan stop cussing your mom watches the videos

    • Richard Aries
      Richard Aries

      @Lucca Enoch Yea, I've been watching on Flixzone for since december myself :D

    • Lucca Enoch
      Lucca Enoch

      A tip : watch series on flixzone. Been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.


      HEY!! if you swapped from bulbs to LED tail lights you need Load Resistors. They are mad cheap and they keep your turn signals at normal speed. Without doing this your LEDS will die fast, and if you have any bulbs they will burn out.

    • Wyatt S.
      Wyatt S.

      commenting here so Dan potentially sees it. Your comment about not wanting the rpm act to pass is very damaging to people who like to modify cars. The passing of the rpm act would protect our rights to modify our vehicles. Again, the rpm act is a good thing. Please please please do your research and understand the situation before making further statements, because with as large of a reach as you have, comments with misinformation such as this video contained could severely damage our ability to build race cars. Thanks.

    • jepthefish

      dan keep cussing, your mom watches the videos

  • sumthing sure
    sumthing sure

    I have a 03 duramax, they are known for bad grounds. I had to add a ground from the main battery to the core support to the frame. Ac wouldn’t work, cts edge 3 would t work, all gauge would go crazy. Considering the amount of work you’ve done to the truck. Maybe it’s a loose or corroded ground. Maybe the engine to frame ground is bad, and for what ever reason even a a ground being corroded can cause intermittent issues. Maybe it’s worth a shot. Good luck brother love the content.

  • Christopher Caruso
    Christopher Caruso

    Paint blending doesn’t match but, otherwise the truck looks good

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    You've come a long damn way, Dan. I remember when you wrecked your bike about 5 years ago and thought the channel was over because you couldnt afford another bike at the time. I'm glad for your success man.

  • Greyson Riegel
    Greyson Riegel

    Owen is sick dude he is faster then I am on his 65 then I am on my 85

  • Andrew quigley
    Andrew quigley

    I love the step side obs but they’re so goddamn expensive now

  • cole phillips
    cole phillips

    Careful with that lift pump not running. Don't wanna shit the injection pump

  • Nathan Schutz
    Nathan Schutz

    don't know if this will help or not but my old truck would do the same thing as yours is and i replace the computer and it still did it but it's was jus the ground wire for the battery 😂

  • Chase N
    Chase N

    Damn. I remember when it first went to magnum. I was watching the series since you picked the truck up. Happy to see it back on the channel again.

  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy

    Flasher can should help with the fast indicator/indicator warning light

  • Skeeter beater
    Skeeter beater

    Looks great Dan

  • boojoe1989

    Every time he starts this truck, I’m curious if he knows what glow plugs are...

  • Kyle Vlaming
    Kyle Vlaming

    Gotta rest up and get better so you can make that mediocre content that we love.

  • Clout Gang
    Clout Gang

    I have a 03 Silverado with the same problem I’m just throwing this out there try replacing the starter relay that’s what I did on mine to fix the key not giving the starter power sometimes it’s usually just the starter relays going out and it’s a cheap fix

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell

    Dang I remember when you first started on it

  • Xeshai

    I remember the old truck videos... you were fun, happy, positive and pumped. Now you're bitter, cuss alot more and angry. This truck has changed you.

  • Damon

    started freshman year now i'm a junior

  • Ben Eastman
    Ben Eastman

    Yes big boi do a thicccc burner with that beast

  • Jon Jesse
    Jon Jesse

    Wow I really been waiting 2 years for this moment oh boy oh boy

  • Harrison Remedios
    Harrison Remedios

    In Two years a lot changed on that thing. And that bumper should be the next thing to change. I know you put a lot of work into it but a factory bumper or a smaller more sleek steel bumper would be a lot better

  • Shearer Performance
    Shearer Performance

    Check your fca on the cp3 to see if that's starting to go bad on the shutting off problem

  • Dominic Hanna
    Dominic Hanna

    if the dually took two years I don't know if we'll ever see the fox body again... not hating cause we've all been there with a project

  • Isaiah Courtright
    Isaiah Courtright

    I still check 74 auto all the time for a build one day, but I know I can’t afford it.

  • Snek

    I now remember why I stopped watching you.

  • garrett welsh
    garrett welsh

    “If the Rmp act gets passed” bro the Rpm act is the thing that will save the race car/modification vehicle community.

  • -t t
    -t t

    It’s crazy how far Dan has come I used to watch his motovlogs with Jake

  • Victor Guerrera
    Victor Guerrera

    Do some pilar gauges and a noce little monitor with some tunes and shes minty

  • kasper vt
    kasper vt

    I remember the sharpie CBR am I the only one?

  • Lambo King
    Lambo King

    Damn it look broken last I saw it I mean the back glass was broken or sumthin I don’t remember but wowwwwwwe

  • Grant House
    Grant House

    I started watching this series in my Spanish 1 class in high school and now I’m in my second semester of college

  • wildwolf131

    i'm back for the truck so yeah i didnt forget, best project IMHO

  • Thors300s

    Dan I hear you on the back pain :( I'm 27 and every once and a while just demolish something and cant function for a few days :( keep on relaxing and enjoying some natural medicine always fixes me! EDIT: damn Owen!!!! Kids killing the game

  • Elite Splatter
    Elite Splatter

    wow i haven’t watched you in about 4-5 years man, the last thing i remember watching of yours was when you got that old harley its been awhile

  • The Real Northeastern
    The Real Northeastern

    The day you brought that truck home was the first video I watched of yours

  • Tyler

    *We've* waited two years? Well it was well worth it mr danO

  • Casey R
    Casey R

    the video where you bought the truck is what got me to watch your channel

  • [C913]Demon

    This means that April 2019 was when I first found your channel.

  • Blake B
    Blake B

    Does your bumper still smell???

  • Morgan Livingston
    Morgan Livingston

    I can’t believe that dude would do you like that, does he not realize how big your fan base is? All it takes is a few words out of your mouth explaining what he did to you and the others to end his career 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Grant Leben
    Grant Leben

    good lord i havent watched you in years now and you look and act so much different, not bad but its so weird. i was watching way back in the BMW and sharpie bike days. nice to see you still around.

  • Ron

    Dually's are so cool, if I didn't live in the city I'd definitely want one. If I move it's a must-buy.

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love

    Oh billy!!!

  • Luke Shaub
    Luke Shaub

    It’s been so long I’m about to graduate from highschool. Jesus.

  • Gavin Wasilius
    Gavin Wasilius

    Gotta get some bigger wheels and she’ll be the baddest bitch aroundddd

  • Caleb Cantrell
    Caleb Cantrell

    Damn Daniel

  • JD Gerfelder
    JD Gerfelder

    damn that thing is ugly

  • YT Croc
    YT Croc

    wow just wow

  • Tommy MalDisposto
    Tommy MalDisposto

    Bikes?? Humm no.

  • jesse blair
    jesse blair

    Dan saying when he started that it’s cheaper to rebuild this truck even with the frame swap 2 years later.... ITS DONE !!

  • Anthony Siano
    Anthony Siano

    Hey man love your videos sorry not a question about this one I was wondering where you got a majority of your parts for the magna I recently picked one up and I’m having kind of troubles locating parts

  • Mike Scott
    Mike Scott

    Finally I remember day 1

  • Stoetz

    Dan I might be able to set you up with a good priced spray in bed liner kit, DM me on Instagram!

  • Ethin Orban
    Ethin Orban

    yea dan i remember watching the build from the very beginning i was so excited i watched every video from start to end i’m so happy for u man that’s awesome!!🙏


    Going through tonsillectomy recovery at 38. Your videos are well appreciated!

  • xxkinetikxx

    I get being excited to have it back but man... Not sure I would have handled it the same way. 2 years is a long damn time. Happy for ya!

  • project_raven _
    project_raven _

    Forgot about it? Man I've been waiting for this sexy beast to be finished I thought you gave up on it or sold it lol!! I fucking love 6 wheels and chevy/gmc nonetheless 😍 perfect!!

  • typical blogs
    typical blogs

    I remember when you first started this glad to see this finely done it looks amazing and im proud of the work you've done and how much your channel has grown and your videos always stayed the same congrats man

  • Darandomvidz

    Ok it literally sounds like a g wagon door lols

  • Mbiu George
    Mbiu George

    "Small D" is finally back after 2 years of body work.


    No fuckin way I think the last video I saw was when you guys where working on the frame swap that was 2 fuckin years ago that crazy man I remember watching that video like I was last month I remember checking every week for the newest truck video and you guys pulled the cab off the frame and Ig life got I’m my way and that was last I saw damn man I loved the truck it looks kick ass sorry to hear all that about the delay but at least you got the truck back bro that’s crazy

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    I love how the Denali sounds

  • omgwow loldang
    omgwow loldang

    RUTUTUTUTUUTUTUTUTUT i love that sound its enough to make a grown man cry

  • catfish hunter
    catfish hunter

    The do it with dickhead dually is done!

  • Nova Scotia Rider
    Nova Scotia Rider

    Dan, I remember this truck half of it, the first video you posted on it, I missed it, and like many I’ve gone through some shit over the past 2 years, I’m glad to see this diesel back!

  • Texan EDC Cave
    Texan EDC Cave

    Holy shit, haven’t watched you in a year. You’ve lost weight!!!

  • joshua jones
    joshua jones

    I'm late but its a badass truck been watching since day one its amazing

  • Danny Kennion
    Danny Kennion

    That garage is a final destination death trap

  • Kevin Brewer
    Kevin Brewer

    You need to take it to ScannerDanner and let him chase down the shut down while driving issue!

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart

    If dan had a only fans it would be called "do the do with dan"

  • JANK 1
    JANK 1

    Save yourself the time and don’t do the star lite headliner

  • Thomas Silvey
    Thomas Silvey

    check the fuse block on top of the battery on the passenger side make sure all the terminals are tight. there is one terminal on the block that if it comes loose it will cut power to the ecu and cause the truck to shut off.

  • Phenyx Jolt
    Phenyx Jolt

    Please do a video on the epa, I know absolutely nothing about it and I'm not watching some boring politician talk about it

  • Will Brew
    Will Brew

    I feel like a lot of us have been waiting for this thing truck game goin crazy lately

  • Hunter Byal
    Hunter Byal

    Hell yes, but, don’t run it without the lift pump working! Trust me

  • Logan Thompson
    Logan Thompson

    The RPM act protects modding cars, the EPA has been shutting down performance shops and aftermarket businesses

  • Dat_z32_tho

    So you just passed me in downtown Roswell and I’m not gonna say what I saw but I fucking saw it 😂😂😂😂

  • Emoney22

    Dan you need a SXS!!!

  • jokerspitter rides
    jokerspitter rides

    Man I love that truck n wat I've done with it been here for a long time wish I could afford to have one like that

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    Looks dang good dude 👍

  • Dylan

    Dude Owen is such a cool kid bro! I hope my son is like him one day 😂

  • Elective penny
    Elective penny

    Kinda sounds like a old power stroke. I know I'm sorry for saying

  • Oklahoma Overland
    Oklahoma Overland

    Put a $10 set of flashers on your l.e.d lights you’ll no longer have hyper flash and your blinker warning light will go away.

  • Everything Is Everything
    Everything Is Everything

    Can’t be telling some of these Businesses your a IRbinr they automatically gone think your rich and try and take advantage of u 2 years tho they was probably lying how in the hell

  • Jayson Ellis
    Jayson Ellis

    Holy shit where has 2 years gone I feel like I just watched the start yesterday

  • Homophobic German
    Homophobic German

    Bro I remember watching him drive here to Missouri to pick her up and holy shit is she’s beautiful


    I just hurt my back at work and it sucks balls that I have no choice but to go back and guess what I do for money atm , throw 50lb bags for ten hours , 40 bags per skid, about 1 skid every 2 minutes , you can do the math on that at the end of the day but anyways yea life's shitty atm for real for real , be humble and appreciate your position , sure you did it though so congrats on that , atleast it's not daddy's money


    Id like to see something done with underneath the headlights , to fill in the gap between light and bumper


      I guess it helps to watch the full video before opening my 🥧hole


    I'm new to this fucking channel but just fuckin wondering? But I fucking thought you couldn't fucking curse on fucking youtube and actually fucking be able to fucking get fucking paid , I kept fucking thinking that monitised type shit fuckin had something to fucking do with it ?

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia

    Bro I forgot you had this thing🤣

  • Krippy King
    Krippy King

    Can’t believe I’ve been around for awhile. Time flies

  • Jared Skinner
    Jared Skinner

    Hell yea man

  • High Ruiner
    High Ruiner

    Letsssss goooooo!!!!

    • High Ruiner
      High Ruiner

      Watched the first video in high school now I’m in my second year of college lol

  • Sylas Castor
    Sylas Castor

    I've been here for the whole frame swap thank god its it's done. Damn that truck looks good.

  • HeyImSLY

    I always wondered what happened to this big girl. Love it Dan. Looks tits. Hey. Did you ever way back receive a couple lime green stickers from a fan mail? Just curious because I tried sending some way back but never knew if I mailed it correctly. 😂😂🤷‍♂️❤️ stickers said do it with Dan and another said don’t fuck with Laura.

  • Logan Clements
    Logan Clements

    If your 95 Chevy is “STupiD” sell it to me dawg...😂🤷‍♂️

  • Carl Rollins
    Carl Rollins

    happy to see the truck back my guy

  • Marcus Mendoza
    Marcus Mendoza

    Check all your chassis grounds

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S

    Screw everything else, I'm excited for that center console! 😂

  • JT

    Dan got his truck back at the worst time lol cause gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS

  • brad zarb
    brad zarb

    Couldn’t you have just bought a new one a lot cheaper??