Literally EVERYTHING You've Ever Wanted to Know About BODY REPAIR | Part 1 of 2
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  • Exscidium97

    Yo, I absolutely LOVED this video! I love learning about all the different terminologies and intricacies, like the stainless steel and aluminium, the galvanic corrosion, I love this shit man

    • Elias Anakin
      Elias Anakin

      @Douglass Hipwell Yea, I have been watching on Flixzone for since december myself :)

    • Douglass Hipwell
      Douglass Hipwell

      a tip : watch series on flixzone. Been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.

    • Ler9

      WoW nerds unite! 😂 my main is also a Lock so tread carefully 👊🏻

    • Adam Denne
      Adam Denne

      if you like this stuff check out vehcor's channel.

    • Jonathon Jones
      Jonathon Jones

      Woah woah my main is a lock 😂

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    This dude knows his shit. Very interesting video, there's just way too much talking in comparison to demonstrating. Awesome and informative nonetheless.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    How high is this guy...does he ever make a video where he isn't blitzed?

  • tony45292

    Man I absolutely loved this video I love learning new things about working on vehicles even if I never end up using it in my life it's still great knowledge

  • Tucker Couch
    Tucker Couch

    we need more with him

  • MintFelis

    This was fascinating.

  • bearded jedi
    bearded jedi

    Heisenberg is back

  • Z3ROdegreez

    I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this video, but this is one of the better videos in a while. That guy is very patient in explaining everything so clearly. I enjoyed watching every minute. Part 2 after this.

  • Gareth Holmes
    Gareth Holmes

    Only watched first 10 mins and I’m glued already. Missed the beast of a truck!

  • Jason Sturdivant
    Jason Sturdivant

    I've done collision repair work since 2007 and I just wanted to say that this guy is among the best of the best and I'm glad to see someone taking pride in the profession and doing quality repairs 👍

  • Gacha Ducky
    Gacha Ducky

    finally Dan calls it what it is..... POS

  • Sam Kerr
    Sam Kerr

    Collision Repair God

  • eadracing

    I personally don't like the vids since Ham has been brought on board. Nothing against him..... he's just not as likeable as Dan and takes away from the authentic DIWD feel. Just my opinion, of course....

  • Daniel Fitzgerald
    Daniel Fitzgerald

    Hey Dan I wanna start by saying I love all your projects(unfinished and all) your channel(and Dan made) plus your individuality your mad real with everything I like these longer videos hopefully the dually will be fully operational and part of the fleet brining in more projects maybe a bike build soon like you mentioned a while back keep on keeping on brotha !!!

  • Thomas Nordlund
    Thomas Nordlund

    One of the best videos you've ever done Dan, great content.

  • Chi Guy
    Chi Guy

    seriously this is amazing.. seeing someone passionate talk about their passion to then see someone interested get those Ah ha moments and then just the overall knowledge being talked between you two is GREAT. lookin fwd to more vids as always.. cheers. sir.

  • Gnarly 208
    Gnarly 208

    he dealt with dans obnoxious personality very well lmfao Dan was extra cringey with his comments about his "big brain" in todays video hahahahaha

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    He is probably the best teacher I've ever listened to, bloody brilliant video!

  • joe Lamontagne
    joe Lamontagne

    I completely forgot how many fucking vehicles he had

  • Mitchell Baldwin
    Mitchell Baldwin

    Anyone know the songs at 28:00 and 30:00?

  • xgaming 95
    xgaming 95

    I like how this video was educational and funny

  • ACE21813

    This dude sounds just like you lol

  • Christian Carrillo
    Christian Carrillo

    I love you guys so much


    My guy fr knows his shit


    Super informative. Love this shit.

  • marcus sievert
    marcus sievert

    I agree with dan, every little thing I can learn about anything I love to hear it and learn

  • Joshua DeLuna
    Joshua DeLuna

    Can anyone explain why he doesn’t ride bikes anymore. IRbin stopped recommending his vids, so I forgot about this channel, and I just saw this channel again and I see all these different vids.

  • Bridges 823
    Bridges 823

    good thing dan has this video. he was so blitzed no way he remembers anything haha

  • Jake Medley
    Jake Medley

    Hmmmm I have an idea for a body panel separator tool instead of a chisel that damages so I think of something like a case hardened butter knife profile but ultra thin and slightly tapered.

  • Charles Reynolds
    Charles Reynolds

    felt like i was watching smarter everyday

  • MP 40 Submachine Gun
    MP 40 Submachine Gun

    My dad was a butcher and wore a chainmail glove and apron while choppin meat

  • Steven V
    Steven V

    This was amazing and PRICELESS.Thanks so much for sharing Dan :)

  • Zach P
    Zach P

    Dan you looked fucking torqued in this video 😂

  • Island_420

    I don’t know why but the bald guy reminds me of Justin for some reason lol

  • Grandma Josephine
    Grandma Josephine

    Forget Dad. Let's follow this guy on YT.

  • Matt Simmons
    Matt Simmons

    awww he's losing his smooth brain

  • Acen Wyatt
    Acen Wyatt

    Hey, daddy Dan this video was great! I think you look sexy in chain mill gloves

  • Andy Kern
    Andy Kern

    "I'm so excited to see this thing, this big ol piece of shit"

  • Jack juggalo
    Jack juggalo

    So i dont remember but do you own the dually?

  • Dakota McKinney
    Dakota McKinney

    The only truck build channel that cannot finish a build

  • Ris4Root BEER
    Ris4Root BEER

    dans like a10 year old working with his dad on a car right now "yeah ok that makes sense"

  • Dylan Cunningham
    Dylan Cunningham

    I literally love Dan

  • Sean Tilley
    Sean Tilley

    This nerdy type video is freaking awesome. Need more like this

  • Telewubby

    Back when I used to work at walmart as a cart pusher i was the same truck in the parking lot at 0:25

    • Telewubby

      Note, I live in P.A.

  • Michael Alden
    Michael Alden

    Yo this hurt my brain but the amount of knowledge is sick to have been apart of

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips

    I work at the Ford Superduty plant in the body shop and most of the body work is welded and riveted by machines now. Less room for error I guess? Also pretty cool to watch.

  • Connor Rawls
    Connor Rawls

    5:00 Dan looks at him explain shit the same way I would listen to my teacher and try to look like I was paying attention but was really just thinking about trying not to look high

    • Connor Rawls
      Connor Rawls

      8:15 okay now Dan might actually be high

  • Joseph Schaefer
    Joseph Schaefer

    Rather than drilling spot welds with a regular bit, I prefer to die grind them

  • Stupidlegos

    The more you called it a patch panel the more I cringed 😂

  • Lee Redden
    Lee Redden

    Dont it suck that you learned all that cool shit today and you'll go home go to sleep and wake up as dumb as you were when you started this morning

  • Turbo Foxbody
    Turbo Foxbody

    I have the same respirator you can most definitely change the filters instead of buying a whole new unit

  • Steven V
    Steven V

    Thank you KeySmart

  • superchopper 1996
    superchopper 1996

    I want part 2 RIGHT NOW DAMNIT

  • Jamie VanDalen
    Jamie VanDalen

    this was fantastic. Nothing better than a highly trained person, who's also good at explaining their shit AND isn't scared to be on camera. This guy remind me of when Chase on Two Wheels brought Brian onto the show. There is never a substitute for a trained pro who is happy to share their knowledge! Great episode Dan!

  • Pizzaoveru YT
    Pizzaoveru YT

    Awesome video Dan. Been a fan for a long time

  • dingus153

    I'm only 3 minutes in and shit, that dude is really good on camera

  • elf 9939
    elf 9939

    BROOO SALSA CHIPS!!!! WHERE?? fuckin my favorite

  • Fastt C
    Fastt C


  • Jake TheRattlesnake
    Jake TheRattlesnake

    Dan..... how high were you

  • Steven Horner
    Steven Horner

    Or you could just use a saw

  • Sayef_Li

    Man if you hated bikes so much why did you started your channel making bike videos? The last good motorcycle video you made got 530k views and look at all these car videos they can't even get half of that views. So sad you lost your passion for bikes

  • Boss_ Andro
    Boss_ Andro

    14:27 literally looks like Walter White teaching Jessie how to cook meth except it’s Dan learning funny magic words

  • Matt Doster
    Matt Doster

    I've gone to doctors who I feel like know less about their field than this guy knows about cars. Amazing stuff.

  • d3ranged

    i thought i got hearing damage just listening to the air hammer nope just the camera

  • Dab Dome
    Dab Dome

    This is kinda reminding me of 4x4 that was on spike TV


    Dan , where’s the Stang

  • Backfrum Thedeadking
    Backfrum Thedeadking

    Has dan caught the deadly virus of douchebaggyness

  • Juan

    Legend has it that one day the Dually will be finished... one day.

  • TheIrishBread

    at about 4:45 why does dan look like me at 14 y/o with my dad explaining to me how the dishwasher that just broke works while he takes it apart for components to mess around with.

  • Alex Rowland
    Alex Rowland

    This is just dan living his dream rn

  • Zachary Cortese
    Zachary Cortese

    This is only 50% of all that I wanted to know about body repair. False advertising

  • Ian Turney
    Ian Turney

    A true artist of his trade. Truly enjoy watching these types of videos

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    I’m literally going to save this for future reference, hopefully you never delete this Dan!

  • Nicholas Pecunia
    Nicholas Pecunia

    Amazing how knowledgeable he is! Shows how truly enveloped in his craft he is. Makes me question why is being my car anywhere else and I live in NY 😂

  • John Bernath
    John Bernath

    I gotta throw this episode up on the TV later, i'll be back!

  • Chris p Bacon
    Chris p Bacon

    Yooo. I actually enjoyed the shit out of this one. Extremely informative and now it has me looking at my bike and trucks a little more knowledge.

  • gsxr07guy 11
    gsxr07guy 11

    into is sick even tho i thought he was gonna start singing

  • Stephen Drengwitz
    Stephen Drengwitz

    Just bought a 1997 Ford F-350 7.3 and I have zero mechanic experience haha and I just had to make and rewire the wires to the back door and damn did it feel good to do haha

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    Learned a bunch from watching this video... I never knew how complex body work really is... I have a new found respect for all professional body men/woman!

  • Aaron

    Super serious breakdown of what's gonna happen throughout the process and lots of detailed info on how the whole process and how it's gonna be carried out... Then there's Dan being a complete goofball as usual. Love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Dan normalising things for us other goofballs everywhere

  • Tyler Dye
    Tyler Dye

    Dan should have just bought a new cab.

  • William Bailey
    William Bailey


  • PabloPhreshcobar

    Dan looks like he's being scolded in the thumbnail


    Great Video Dan! Love your other shop videos but have the pro and as awesome as him! A+

  • Kirk Henry
    Kirk Henry

    This guy should be a teacher! So calm, almost poetic, gentle. I could listen to him all day. Very anxious for part 2

  • Joshua Ware
    Joshua Ware

    This man literally threw the periodic table at us! Knowledge is power lady's and gentlemen, love videos like this Dan!

  • micah matthews
    micah matthews

    I cant tell if the teacher dude has justin vibes or is just Georgian lol

  • f0rumrr

    I like this guy, you can tell hes a master of his trade. I learned a lot watching this.

  • XxSARG64xX

    Man this guy is so passionate with his work it’s crazy! Reminds me of Bob Ross

  • Tyler Crowell
    Tyler Crowell

    I know a lot of people probably didn’t like this video cause it was “boring” but man I’ve never learned so much from a IRbin video in my life. Please keep these videos coming man!

  • emelianenkov

    This dude needs his own channel!

  • Conrad Coetzee
    Conrad Coetzee

    This guy knows his trade very well. Awesome video.

  • Blubberbub

    Oh man. Our boy Dan can learn so much from this guy. E.g. the importance of PPE , setting up the workspace before starting to work, planning, doing things right the first time, "The end result is only as good as the foundation you build it on", ...

  • Yogi Doe
    Yogi Doe

    That dude is so fucking passionate about his work. You can tell he doesn’t get to explain his job enough lol Danny boy! Upload part 2 RIGHT NEOW!!! You won’t... no balls!! No fuckin balls!!

  • kallelalle01

    Dude, this is awwwwssome

  • Christian Sams
    Christian Sams

    Hey Dan, where’s the dually?

  • Damn Daniel
    Damn Daniel

    cars are like onions

  • Damn Daniel
    Damn Daniel

    free educational videos??? this isnt what i signed up for, i wanted onlyfans

  • James Phelps
    James Phelps

    In the oil field we had some pipes that are stainless and they used a regular wire brush and two years later now we have rust on those weld spots. Cool to hear him explain it. Awesome video!

  • Caleb Rec90
    Caleb Rec90

    Dan needs AVE