My FIRST Motorcross Race!!!
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  • Zach Bowyer
    Zach Bowyer

    that kid lost his soul at 9:42

    • Isaac Desmond
      Isaac Desmond

      @Jayson Lawrence Definitely, I've been using Flixzone for months myself :D

    • Jayson Lawrence
      Jayson Lawrence

      pro tip : you can watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.

    • StrayaDaddy

      was looking for this comment lmao

    • Apollo M
      Apollo M

      “Just warming up”

    • Gamertry2

      I was just coming to say something poor kid 😂😂

  • Jon Gebauer
    Jon Gebauer

    did you get rid of the rebel

  • Billy Brady
    Billy Brady

    Look like someone needs a kid to do cool stuff with


    sponsor the child Dan

  • Nathan Caster
    Nathan Caster

    I hope we get to see more races

  • Jaysen Weir
    Jaysen Weir

    You mentioned sharpie bike. My wife's gsxr is sharpie

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Jesus christ man...language around those

  • Aidan Lynch
    Aidan Lynch

    Hey Dan, there is only one R in motocross...

  • Wishbone Jones
    Wishbone Jones

    Yo this is so adorable!

  • Garrett Austin
    Garrett Austin

    This gives me strong Dan Dad vibes

  • Foreternity

    There was definitely mayonaise on that sandwich, just get the kid a sandwich dan! Haha

  • +Grant james+
    +Grant james+

    this video is a precursor ;)

  • Njurdi

    Broooo you and the kid make a magic duo. Loved this video!!

  • Paradise Biker
    Paradise Biker

    Epic! 26:02 I actually fell asleep, woke up n saw this 😂

  • kaptainkracker13

    Love how Dan was just casually cruising at 105😂

  • Cam Smith
    Cam Smith

    Come to Indiana and watch some woods racing

  • Luke S
    Luke S

    O: "is there Mayonaise on" D: "do you like mayonaise" O: *nods head* D: " no ther is no mayonaise on it" I chucked at this one

  • Mass Boyz
    Mass Boyz

    Great to see Brandon at the races he does all my graphics

  • Mass Boyz
    Mass Boyz

    The next vid is going to be “I bought a dirtbike”

  • Mass Boyz
    Mass Boyz

    I see this as an absolute win

  • Key Beenleakin
    Key Beenleakin

    The racing strips add a good 70 more hp but BTW that kid is talented

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Bro we need more of these vids, that kid is cool as heck

  • Greyson Riegel
    Greyson Riegel

    Please do more motocross content

  • Infidel Castro
    Infidel Castro

    I'm 27 and I wish I can be as cool as that kid someday...

  • W / ALL
    W / ALL

    This little dude plays real life on easy mode...

  • W / ALL
    W / ALL

    MX Unleashed got the sounds right lol. Loved that game as a kid...

  • Broke Garage
    Broke Garage

    Ok do more of these this is awesome

  • Remy Martin
    Remy Martin

    Welcome to the community glad you enjoyed it

  • Red Busa Ridin
    Red Busa Ridin

    Wasn't sure dam remembered how to ride a bike🤣🤣🤣. Looked about like I remembered 😂😂💀💀💀

  • Red Busa Ridin
    Red Busa Ridin

    Kids never heard of Dennis the menace?? That's failed parenting right there, hope you called their parents out

  • David Martin
    David Martin

    He needs a helmet cam

  • Titus Terrill
    Titus Terrill

    The subway thing was way funnier than it should have been to me. #getowensome🐱

  • Sploofy OG
    Sploofy OG

    9:44 dan catches a kid wipe tf out😂

  • Mr Skweaker
    Mr Skweaker

    Damn I can’t wait till we have “Daddy Dan” he’s gonna be a such a cool dad

  • Alex Meinert
    Alex Meinert


  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams

    "It's got chicken and bacon, really gross stuff." Lol

  • Sean Kelley
    Sean Kelley

    I kinda wish I lived near a motocross track so I can try something different because I ride mostly single track and desert.

  • Patrick Burchfield
    Patrick Burchfield

    But did he get the cat?

  • Seth McDermeit
    Seth McDermeit


  • Mike Morton
    Mike Morton

    “Do you like mayonnaise?” “Yeah!!!” “It dosent have mayonnaise”

  • Jordan Lewis
    Jordan Lewis

    That kid at 4:43 😭😂😂

  • lee seavolt
    lee seavolt

    Just realized I'm 3 year's older than Dan and I feel like I grew up watching him like he's a old idol. Love the hype! How does that bike hold the weight of that kids balls!

  • TJ Asperger
    TJ Asperger

    Always racing for the cat 😺😂

  • TJ Asperger
    TJ Asperger

    💯💯💯💯 doing it right

  • Krisztián Rőmer
    Krisztián Rőmer

    Dan. You need a kid. He would be the luckiest kid ever

  • That.Chill.Speedsofter

    Do you like Mayonnaise? No there's no mayonnaise lol

  • 03 blue Z71silverado
    03 blue Z71silverado

    Dan you should check out gncc

  • YummyMuffin

    15:15 the answer i have always been told is half a cord, but i dunno the tests you have done down south. They might be a different breed or something.

  • MotoTaco

    Do a motocross theme merch drop

  • Hans Olson
    Hans Olson

    @buttery films needs to give this kid some clout

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith

    God Damn that kid is such a badass!!!

  • Hunter Kriese
    Hunter Kriese


  • 112rider

    As a moto guy, I'm a little extra excited to see this video lol

  • Newf Ie
    Newf Ie

    how about we all drum up a few dowars and make that second bike a thing nd maybe next year bring on another rider, start something for the next generation to guarentee the safe sports and habit thrive! stay safe and take care everyone

  • Chiel Gerritsen
    Chiel Gerritsen

    cafe racer looking clean

  • Topper 87
    Topper 87

    Man that kid is legit fearless. He keeps it up, hes going to be professional one day. Awesome rider for sure!

  • Sam Richmond
    Sam Richmond

    My heart sank when they said they don't know Dennis the menace 😣

  • Ryse Impxct
    Ryse Impxct

    that kid is badasssss!

  • Andy Wright
    Andy Wright

    There needs to be another thumbs up button so I can give this two thumbs up!

  • Austin Hackett
    Austin Hackett

    I can tell it’s your first lol, it’s motocross not motor

  • Anthony Wu
    Anthony Wu

    That poor pizza delivery guy at the end. Must've been hell tryna find the person who ordered that shit.

  • deeslick832

    Yeah I'ma go have a kid now, that shit is awesome

  • Bridges 823
    Bridges 823

    Dan got real Southern talking to the dude at the gate haha

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B

    What are you the out here police

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B

    "HEY EVERYBODY HES FAMOUS" mob of 8 yr olds approach at 35 mph

  • YouClown ツ
    YouClown ツ

    loving these types of videos man


    my name is owen and it’s wild to hear dan say my name like ten times lol

  • Chris

    His dad looks so sunburned.

  • Daniel Santoski
    Daniel Santoski

    omg that kid is good. hes gonna go far.

  • Lorcan Murtagh
    Lorcan Murtagh

    Any one notice the cafe racer at the start of the video?

  • captain could've
    captain could've

    Dan, please continue to follow this awesome young man's career.

  • Michael Riley
    Michael Riley

    Dan get a crf150rb!!!!!

  • Wes Patridge
    Wes Patridge

    motorcross 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    Bro these are little DO IT WITH DAN IN THE MAKING BABY!!

  • Kevin Barr
    Kevin Barr

    Chucking 80mph in a 45 lol Danny come on

  • Chris Michalak
    Chris Michalak

    This brings me back to my childhood. I raced at that track as a kid. That is so awesome of you to sponser Owen. That kid is a ripper!!

  • TrAvy_K_Malllo

    You’re such a potty mouth 😂 ahh I’m kidding, they’ll learn it eventually haha

  • Just Fish Productions
    Just Fish Productions

    3 months from now Dan will be racing. Calling it right now

  • Blake Denney
    Blake Denney

    I haven’t even seen someone comment about that random kid that kept following Dan around 😂 little dude was being a stalker

  • Joseph Allen
    Joseph Allen

    Dan I’ve been a subscriber since 2012 and I’m not gonna lie this is the coolest thing you’ve ever done

  • JD F
    JD F


  • Matthew Castro
    Matthew Castro

    Get a dirtbike Dan. You’ll be reborn on 2 wheels


    dan can the bois get a cheaaaa

  • Xénos Polemistí̱s
    Xénos Polemistí̱s

    Wow, that kids the same size as Dan but so much younger and more talented!

  • Tawny Gahu
    Tawny Gahu

    This is just a feels good video. Glad to see it.

  • Brandon Love
    Brandon Love

    I could picture you having a kid and getting them into this sport💯 change the name to do it with daddy Dan👌😁

  • TheDiver3

    Idk why but dan looks like a customized character in a cutscene at this moto track lmfaoo rolling up with the corvette and the swanky outfit with the buzzed cut hair hahaah love you dan

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    This kid very well may be the coolest kid I’ve ever heard of, and he has a super cool dad. I hope to see a lot this kid and his dad, maybe some motovlogs with him Dan🤷‍♂️

  • Paul E
    Paul E

    The next Jeremy McGrath 💪🏼

  • John Austin
    John Austin

    I was going to skip this video, so glad I didn't. Owen!! kids a monster on that dirt bike.

  • Your Eschatology‡
    Your Eschatology‡

    Man this kid is a ripper!

  • Quinten Frank
    Quinten Frank

    Dang ol hit the double double pinned 4th send er into the stratosphere just braaaapppp brappppp kid is awesome man

  • Pierce Thoren
    Pierce Thoren

    Little kid thinks he’s going to catch up and win @9:42 but instead Eats shit

  • Brandon Wong
    Brandon Wong

    As the kid took off, his dad said “don’t throw rocks on cars” respect.

  • Eddie Petersen
    Eddie Petersen

    Lmao. Dan just casually cruising at 100 on Georgia’s interstate system

  • Matt Batayte
    Matt Batayte

    Dans no longer a chubby boiii

  • thingthing899

    so jealous

  • tyler 420
    tyler 420

    that kid is a badass

  • Blue2Fifty


  • The Scofflaw
    The Scofflaw

    Oh you were in Calhoun? Nice I live in Chattanooga. Not really that close. Love the vids. K byeeeee