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  • Trevor Chandler
    Trevor Chandler

    Got handed a j as soon has he said smoke as much as you can

  • Jakeb Adams
    Jakeb Adams

    Is it just me or did no one else see the phone number on the truck when he was pulling up to the shop

  • Aaron W
    Aaron W

    i remember the motovlog days...good times

  • Justin Kirlin
    Justin Kirlin

    Thanks for the text at the end. I didn't need it but I'm sure someone did. You should do that for every video...just to help someone that needs a little help.

  • zucods

    I can't be the only brazilian here.. hahaha! Dan é gente boa!

  • aiden mullett
    aiden mullett


  • Dan

    IRbin at it again. This video didn’t show up in my notifications. Just seeing it now. G*y

  • jcsalazar1221

    Hey Dan just wanted to say that the segment on where you talked about you’re mental health and shared you’re process of trying to get better,helped me see through my current problems and I took some of those things you said as advice

  • Monstrum_Mali

    Fantastic video Dan! So cool to see some of the people who have helped along the way, and thank you for the positivity your spreading!

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark


  • Phillip Moore
    Phillip Moore

    Hey Dan can you make bigger merchandise sizes. The biggest you have is 4X and one design

  • Here4Fun

    It's ok to not be ok. BELIEVE in yourself always!! Much respect fam.

  • Vaughn Haney
    Vaughn Haney

    Dan I loved the vibe in this whole video! This is the positivity we all need! Glad your doing well man!

  • Zach Dillingham
    Zach Dillingham

    Thanks for the message at the end Dan! I really enjoyed this video

  • Broke Garage
    Broke Garage

    Dude you're upholstery guy is amazing 😂😂, love the vids hopefully will have the opportunity to come down there and drive sometime!

    • Broke Garage
      Broke Garage

      @Mags Upholstery for sure! Hopefully this covid stuff chills out a bit, keep up the great energy!

    • Mags Upholstery
      Mags Upholstery

      thank you. Once you are around Marietta come visit our shop.

  • Chris Butler
    Chris Butler

    Loving these little motivational clips at the end man. They help not only me, but others going through whatever issues life throws at them. Keep up the great work.

  • mrfordfairmont

    thoes guy's having the truck for a week and not doing is absolutely shithouse service!!! i hope you did not pay them!

  • SK Reactionz
    SK Reactionz

    10 minutes of straight turbo spool and $700 in diesel later... lmao

  • ___Cable

    dan, you're the only dude im subbed to thats fun to watch while absolutely torqued outta my mind on some F̴̨̛͚͍͖̟͉͙̦̭̺̩͔̬̰͚̣͑̌́́̏͘̕͝ ̴̛̛̮̹̍̂̅͒̊̈́̐̈́̈͌̿͝Į̴̧̡̮̲̫̻̲̮̭̳̗̠̥̜̃̀̀̈́̃̾̓͋̾̇̈́̋̇̕̚͠͝ͅ ̶̢̢̡̖̟̹̱̰͍̱̭͎̹͎͚̉͆̈̊͋͌͗̀̓̏̋̀̿̇͂͒̚ͅR̶͖̗͖͇̞͎̭͚̰̮̦̠̦̯̟̐ ̵̧̜̘͖̞͔̦̘͈̗͉͓͈̒̔̓̊̓͐͆̾̈́́͂̓̒̂̉̈́̿͝E̶̳͈͇͕͈̫̘̝̼̙̦̿̌̈́ 𝓭𝓐𝓷𝓚𝔂 🆂🆃🅰🅽🅺🆈 thanks for that

  • TheDoobieKiller

    You’re the man, Dan! I wish we were friends

  • Oskar Krogsgård
    Oskar Krogsgård

    Dan, you are a good man. Thank you.

  • Cole Lambdin
    Cole Lambdin

    The big wins don’t come naturally, the little battles that are won and lost are what matter, because they are what predict how your big battles go

  • William John Leamy
    William John Leamy

    Dan is such a stand up guy😂👍

  • Reilly Macera
    Reilly Macera

    8:36 who else thought dans tailgate fell off even tho it’s been down the whole time 😂😂😂

  • david maldonado
    david maldonado

    The little messages at the end now ill always stay and watch the whole thing

  • Kurtt

  • Antoine Jones
    Antoine Jones

    So pretty much the mustang aint finish cause he sleeps in everyday lol

  • Jason Dority
    Jason Dority

    Man, I never thought Dan could look tall, then Alex showed up and can still take Dan down🤣

  • Muddy Water Outdoors
    Muddy Water Outdoors

    I thought he was speaking Russian too. Rough 😂

  • Busa Rob
    Busa Rob

    Thanks man. I needed to hear those words, living in a dark world!

  • Tyler Engram
    Tyler Engram

    Dan you did it again, I found this video when I wasn’t having the best day, and saw your 1 minute message at the end. Keep in up Dan, love seeing your videos they always make me smile and make my day better! You definitely seem like the kind of guy I’d want to hang out with!!

  • Mark Parker II
    Mark Parker II

    What kind of miserable person gave this a thumbs down?? Keep doing your thing Dan I love when you upload a new video!

  • Valerio Mori Ubaldini
    Valerio Mori Ubaldini

    Very nice! Keep up the good work 👏👏👏

  • APFAB1

    Commenting just because of the Tiananmen Square 😂😂😂

  • Christopher Zawadski
    Christopher Zawadski

    2:55 you can see that little dangly thing that swing in the back of dans throat

  • Marino De Jesus
    Marino De Jesus

    The Dually is going to end up looking crazy!!!

  • Sebastian Bougeois
    Sebastian Bougeois

    speedometer at 4:18

  • Newf Ie
    Newf Ie

    hey man thats somebodys grandmothers father in law twice removed and thrice combined, national hero and local icon... stay safe and take care everyone

  • L B
    L B

    invasive thoughts are a hell of a thing dan, we give ourselves the most difficult expectations which is good, you wanna push yourself to be the best you can be but we also must learn that its okay if you dont get done what you planned. we just have to do the best we can every chance we can

  • Ethen McNeill
    Ethen McNeill

    i am loving the little messages after the videos :)

  • Max Davidson
    Max Davidson

    @20 seconds looks like something was leaking from passenger side rear axle

  • Kyle

    Every time a diwd video ends I instantly get sad because the video is over 😂😂

  • Fox

    Dan I think the feeling you were describing is completely normal, I feel that way every single day, like period. So don’t beat yourself up

    • Fox

      Also smokin a ton of weed make you feel like you don’t get nothing done and you prolly fall under that category

  • Damon Mohr
    Damon Mohr

    Dan gonna make me tear up if he gets any softer in his videos 😂😂

  • Eric Marcus
    Eric Marcus

    I have a random question. Do you have any family members with the last name of West? You look familiar. It's not a bad thing, just curiosity.

  • Dan cavazos
    Dan cavazos

    Dans foxbody is going to turn into somthing like the fabforums one lol

  • RYANo

    I needed that little message at the end! Thanks man 👊🏼

  • Arhang

    After 5-6 years of watching your vids. This one hits different. Its good to see you open up. Cheers! To the dually build my guy :)

  • Billy Walters
    Billy Walters

    Just me or dose Dan look like a lego person next to the car from the lego set.

  • Danny Giroux
    Danny Giroux

    Dan, people from Brazil mainly speak Portuguese at like 97%. The second language is German, because of all the Nazis that fled Germany once they lost WWII, and some indigenous languages


    "They call me Dan 2 space" 🤣🤣🤣 amazing

  • Aaron Fritz
    Aaron Fritz

    If you want your alignment and everything done right try Swamp Donkey Off-Road in Macon they do a great job.

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez

    I appreciate the messages at the end of the videos. They always come up at the right time when I feel down or need the kind words, Thanks Dan!

  • BrianStillPlays

    hey Dan, is a Honda Magna a good starter bike? I would love to hear it from you and your thoughts if it should be a good first bike :D

  • Logan Scofield
    Logan Scofield

    Dan, love you buddy. We are all so proud of you.

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    I live the message at the end, sometimes a guy (or girl) needs to here that. It made mr feel better at least

  • Corey

    Damnit Dan i was drinking coffee at 19:22 and now it's everywhereeeeeee...

  • Kevin Brewer
    Kevin Brewer

    Dan I can do the thing! 🙏 We love you and the videos. Hey uuuh how about an update on that purple mattress!?

  • Jonathon Jones
    Jonathon Jones

    I needed that message at the very end. Thank you Dan for everything you do I love the content!

  • Vinicius Cardoso
    Vinicius Cardoso

    Alex é uma pessoa muito fera!!!! Meu grande amigo!!!!!

    • Mags Upholstery
      Mags Upholstery


  • Stephen M.
    Stephen M.

    Dan, did YOU know that YOU could also save 10% off heat wave visual sunglasses.

  • Dominic Hernandez
    Dominic Hernandez

    Every video I watch from this guy makes me laugh. He has inspired me to take on the most difficult things I never thought I could do. Shoutout to the greatest IRbinr!🤙

  • chris bush
    chris bush

    Not sure how much feedback Dan gets on his words of motivation at the end of the videos, but God knows I really needed that today

  • Taylor Hatton
    Taylor Hatton


  • Axle Chastain
    Axle Chastain

    Watermelon redbull is the best. Thats a fact.

  • Craig Morris
    Craig Morris

    Dan, Ik you you googled the spelling of Jiu-jitsu or sum cause I didn’t even know what that said for a min

  • Mr LightMode
    Mr LightMode

    Daaaaamn. Purple belt. Props to that guy for sticking with BJJ that long. Most don't make it past blue.

  • Jace Justus
    Jace Justus

    Thank you for being you Dan

  • Gannon Dougherty
    Gannon Dougherty

    I'm convinced dan is on crack

  • Kyler Kleindienst
    Kyler Kleindienst

    You make us better, Dan.

  • SirBigz

    fun fact, i have a show tag for my r6 that says "'ride fast eat ass''

  • Jesse Babkirk
    Jesse Babkirk

    Smoke as much weed as you can 😆

  • Kobe Iler
    Kobe Iler

    Your vids have helped alot lately, Lifes been a little rough. Appreciate you Dan.

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    I feel the same way Dan, don’t worry, everyone has those days

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Damn that Dually Denali is a BIG BOIIIII

  • Kameron Meade
    Kameron Meade

    Yo the jujitsu bit was actual comedy. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • plageran

    @Dan why don't you contact Jared Pink and see what he has to say from Wrench everyday. I think both of you now own the same type of truck

  • laws2ewun1t

    I recently wen through all your recent videos, and it hit me. People with quadruple the amount of views that don't do half the shit you have on your plate right now. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!

  • SmokedOutSigma

    13:45 Danny Double Park over here

  • Nashi no Kami
    Nashi no Kami

    love you :)

  • James M
    James M

    Stop focusing so hard Dan, just start having fun again! That’s why we’re here!

  • Alex Pullen
    Alex Pullen

    4:32 That was a 1978-81 Camaro. Most likely a 79 Z28 judging by the hood scoop. 13:20 is a B-29! And that outro, thanks Dan!

  • screamingbiker

    U probably won´t see this comment but your vids help a lot. Been watching u for like 5 years. Going through a lot with a brake up and school right now but I got to ride for the first time after winter and working on myself right now to come out better then I ever have. Nice to see a youtuber that is still true to himself and humble.

  • JesseJames Gaming
    JesseJames Gaming

    I absolutely love the fact that you listen to Yes, If you haven't, listen And You and I by Yes!

  • Aiden Tousignant
    Aiden Tousignant

    God I love these videos!! Favorite IRbin for sure!

  • julian meijer
    julian meijer

    i always enjoy your video's man, you really cheer me up when i am in a bad mood.. i fucking love your energy and even if you think you dont, you make me(and others) smile and i wanna thank you for that dude!

  • Jack170ful

    Yo Dan your video made my day better, thanks for being you

  • Ronald Contard
    Ronald Contard

    Just a big thanks for that outro

  • Clive Mcnally
    Clive Mcnally

    Was your tail gate open on purpose for the whole journey

  • Big Tony
    Big Tony

    You really really want to go to the ground? Read with accent

  • Jake Price
    Jake Price

    Dan's videos are just so great

  • Steven V
    Steven V

    I love the message at the end of your videos :)

  • Bpundt

    6:30 I’ve never heard this vocalized but that resonated with me so much. I appreciate that you take the time to talk about mental health too. Definitely my favorite IRbinr rn, thanks Dan

  • 414CycleRider

    Was I the only one expecting an It's just a 6 reference at the end of the video?

  • Brock Spillman
    Brock Spillman

    Dan: I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling with... My Brain: Erectile Disfunction! Sorry Dan! 😂😂

  • aj hill
    aj hill

    I think I just saw a strandman commercial on your video 😅😂

  • M D
    M D

    Keep your head up brother. Take your time and get things done right, worrying about it only wastes time

  • Eugene Perez
    Eugene Perez

    Put on your god damn seat belt

  • 91 BOI
    91 BOI

    Take alpha brain dan it works

  • Eugene Perez
    Eugene Perez

    I wonderd where i got playing w the throttle while driving from but now ik 😂