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    the brake lights come on when you hit the brakes they do not flash there should be wires that say brake those are the brake lights all those wires are labeled for the most part black is ground and you should see it says ground on the wire. any wire that says patt means pattern and those are basically you flashing lights. grey wires say sync those are to sync with another flashing pattern. any that say red are hot wires. if you see 2 of the same color wires you might have to connect those together they are daisy chained to run continuous.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Does Dan know what a ground wire does?

  • Bullerod

    Dude you are definately not 5'8.. you are closer to 5'5 :)

  • Nate

    I’ve been gone for 5 years , great to be back ! Who owns the shop ? Wow so many things have happened

  • Ben Sailor
    Ben Sailor

    Cut it out Dan!

  • Unis

    Me dreaming of building am audio system in an ambulance

  • Ray Menier
    Ray Menier

    "Start It With Dan"

  • Coyg _puglife21
    Coyg _puglife21

    No one: Dan : "HAHA , Blade go BRRRRR"

  • Jordan Fossey
    Jordan Fossey

    Did anyone else notice that not one cut line was straight

  • Jose Pallares
    Jose Pallares

    should have bought a box van comes with it already gutted LOL

  • Time Travel63
    Time Travel63

    Keep up the good work bro

  • OnlyDeluxe

    I would’ve totally made the area you cabinet deleted, the toilet. Easy access the dump the SHIT out when need be


    Yo if you ever need a welder hit me up, im in the dallad area. Lol

  • CJTheBeast

    "I'm a one man guy" - Do It With Dan, 2020

  • CrimsonBlades 10
    CrimsonBlades 10

    DAN! diablo blades.

  • K W801
    K W801

    Are there any actual plan for the build? Seems kind of make it up as you go. If you are going to live in it you most definitely are going to need some AC for the back area. You are probably going to want to wire it so it can be hooked up to shore power too. A generator would be something else to consider too.

  • maclovin61

    If your cutting everything out then why didn't you get uhaul truck and start clean


    love it but do u sell the scrap or u just put it in the trash

  • Emerson Colocho
    Emerson Colocho

    This video is sponsored by Olive Garden , or at least scored by one.

  • MFPanduh

    Dan really excited for veduc this year. Love seeing early videos. Im anxious and stressed today... thanks for distracting me for a while.. ❤

  • Jeremy Price
    Jeremy Price

    Instead of building tanks, wouldn’t it be easier and maybe better to buy the plastic resin tanks made for campers and set them in. They come in different sizes and can be used for fresh water and septic. Idk, just a thought 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Masked

    New tittle name Dwarf rips and tears deep in Amby’s a$$h013

  • Logan Coolman
    Logan Coolman

    Dan I hope this isn’t insulating but you and this fuckin ambiance is jokes

    • Blank

      Holy shit, what?

  • Ichiban Moto
    Ichiban Moto

    don't mix your water and shit tanks lol

    • Justin Sobeck
      Justin Sobeck

      I could see him saying. well we got these two tanks Midas well just combine them into one big water tank.

  • Foolgazy

    I’m so jealous of you Dan wish I could work for you, I could be your security guard im 6’3 300+ lol more like I could run through all the drywall you want and I’m a stoner lol

  • Saturday Night Gaming
    Saturday Night Gaming

    It’s funny because I met you once and you are shorter than expected. But also very down to earth. No pun intended.

  • atomicminimufin


  • Glenn Walsh
    Glenn Walsh

    Me and my wife were super stoned watching this and were not disappointed. Died!!

  • RYANo

    Many different directions this thing could go, curious to see how it ends up! 😎👊🏼

  • Nicholas Pecunia
    Nicholas Pecunia

    Crazy how that thing is transforming

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke

    Can you please start calling it the Hambulance?


    Your reaction ham saying “we’re not far off from being the fox body” was fucking hilarious😂😂😂 shit got me wheezing

  • Crash Overide
    Crash Overide

    Lol Ham said exactly what I was thinking. Not long before the ambulance looks like the foxbody

  • Zachary Eubanks
    Zachary Eubanks

    The boosted raw audio of the Sawzall ripping through sheet metal has me crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kevin Junek
    Kevin Junek

    This video gives drunk me anxiety

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob

    You should talk to chris from b is for build for advice on big projects like the fox body. I'm sure with a case of beer he might even come down to help/take a look.

  • Trydent B-Rad
    Trydent B-Rad

    Now that’s what I call weight reduction 😂😂😂

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams

    Your not short your bite size

  • Jonathan Braud
    Jonathan Braud

    Just bought my first heatwaves with you code, Dan!

  • Ronald Kubert
    Ronald Kubert

    Lets see you finish something with dan🤣

  • Nathaniel Butterworth
    Nathaniel Butterworth

    Congratulations, you just watched an 18 minute video of a pothead cutting metal, and trying to break it over and over. Next video cutting up an ambulance with tin snips! But, it’s DIWD so it’s ok! I still watch 😂 keep up the good work my man!

  • joshua avila
    joshua avila

    Delete the ac that unit cost alot to fix when they break

  • Cole Daniel
    Cole Daniel

    I'm looking at that identical beanie hanging on my wall as I started this video lmao

  • Butterslap 55
    Butterslap 55

    I wanna see the mustang build yeah the corvette is cool but getting that mustang to prestine condition is a good veduk series tbh

  • sijonda

    I'd gut everything electrical and start over. But I used to be an electrician at my first job :)

  • Ob

    Delivery truck was the best option

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Take it all out... Send it to a specialist

  • Kaded Spade
    Kaded Spade

    Still waiting for that 1.27m subs to go up to 1.3m

  • Gizmoto

    Do you hunt ban? Just curious 🤨

  • ffhgu 07
    ffhgu 07

    Could always look into a diesel APU for a/c and heat just like a semi

  • YoureNowOnTV

    I can't watch this video right now because I'm at work, but shouldn't it be "Destroys" for the spelling here? Am I missing something?

  • Devin Maney
    Devin Maney

    The year is 2078 and Ham is finally all moved in

  • Travis Hoffman
    Travis Hoffman

    I feel that this video is a good reminder not to let Dan wire/modify/touch one of your vehicles :-)

  • Johnny Gearjammer
    Johnny Gearjammer

    New video series name.....Do it with Dan’s demolition......

  • Jeremy Mcjennett
    Jeremy Mcjennett

    This van is gonna take a long time

  • L. D.
    L. D.

    Dan, that wasn't a sneeze. DAN

  • John England
    John England

    Hi, my name is Dan. I like to cut 80% of the way through a panel and then try to rip it out by hand, only to realize I can't every time so I finish cutting it out like I should have originally....

  • Ronnie Haines
    Ronnie Haines

    Why don’t you just buy a ac/heat unit that goes in the roof like a camper

  • MotoTaco

    you draw a sketch of how everything will be placed

  • Colin


  • Mark Grant
    Mark Grant

    Imagine how much faster that things gonna be

  • MauiMan `
    MauiMan `

    Lol not far off from this turning into the fox body. Ham u have your hands full here brotha.

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    couldnt that desk portion have been used as the sink/counter top and the closest next ot it as the water storage for the sink? that way all the plumbing is accessed from outside ?

  • Trevor Crane
    Trevor Crane

    It's hella funny that he had to cut right where the dead zone was 1st curiosity lol I was wondering too

  • J Hawk
    J Hawk

    Add a H on to ambulance and look what you got. You got the Ham-bulance 😁👍

  • Josh Frazier
    Josh Frazier

    You can use a back-hoe seat for the drivers seat. They turn 180° and lock when faced forwards

  • Ty Summersett
    Ty Summersett

    oh billy, youre getting real sassy with that sawzall

  • Metro Atlanta Drivers
    Metro Atlanta Drivers

    Dan: "We're gonna start the real shit soon!" The stove chilling in the corner: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Metro Atlanta Drivers
    Metro Atlanta Drivers

    Dan: "We're gonna start the real shit soon!" The stove chilling in the corner: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Prohunter 2232
    Prohunter 2232


  • Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson

    Im watching this today with dan in a ambulance echoing noise into a huge garage with card and projects compared to a few years back working on bikes in his driveway and garage

  • saigaish

    Starting to think the “do it” part in his name just means ripping stuff apart and never putting it back together.

    • Blake 66
      Blake 66

      Destroy it with Dan

  • BrassBashers

    Goddamn I didn't think you could get any more boring, dickhead 😂 I miss the motovlog videos....

  • Mike

    And again half assed jobs with no plan. Why? Wasting my time here.... out for now.

  • Hard-Edge Painting
    Hard-Edge Painting

    Hard work!

  • Z125 Mike
    Z125 Mike

    😂😂 just get a project done whats the problem? Lol

  • 4416hazel

    This whole video i kept waiting for Dan to say well that's going to need stiches

  • Big sexy
    Big sexy

    I wanna see you winter camp that after your finished 🤔

  • Dance Around The World
    Dance Around The World

    Incoming Height Jokes

  • Josh Carrey
    Josh Carrey

    High af 🤣

  • MotoTherapy

    Question. What’s the purpose of him recording himself and having ham record Dan while Dan records himself. Basically I’m asking where’s the footage hams recording

  • Dancing Wulf
    Dancing Wulf

    i have an opinion. finish gutting it out and get it wired by a professional shop. saves time to start building. you can still install solar panels and so forth, and maybe weld some of those side doors shut instead of building brackets. just an opinion :D not trying to tell you what too do

  • Trace Clark
    Trace Clark

    Hey you should make a video driving the ambulance while it’s gutted and seeing how fast it is, just thought I’d give you that idea

  • Nolan Ring
    Nolan Ring

    Dan is the Man

  • Hangover


  • ThrottleJunkie

    So anyone else realize that it wouldve been easier to just get a cab and chassis truck and build a shell since basically thats what youre doing is tearing the ambulance down to just a cab and chassis with a shell on the rear

  • Low Key Idiots
    Low Key Idiots

    No hate but i love how Dan is like "yeah we should do this and its gonna look cool then were gonna do this and put that here" While Ham is saying "yeahhh" Thinking no lmao

  • Timothy Statum
    Timothy Statum

    I spend 48 hours a week in an ambulance in Texas. During the summer, the ac system can not keep the box cool. It’s not abnormal for the back of the box to hit 90ish. I would look at a rooftop rv style ac. Also, insulate as much as you can!

  • Country Rider
    Country Rider

    When I see this ambulance I think I see that you are in over your head and Ham will not have it back done till he is old js

  • death_antrone _18
    death_antrone _18

    I know how it is Dan I got 4 projects I’ve been trying to fix while I’m working and it’s going to be a long process I’ve thought of giving up a lot on them I got a 79 trans am that needs full restoration a 85 k10 chevy square body a 94 fleetwood witch is the simple one and a 66 mustang I’m trying to fix so I feel ya

  • Karou Fox
    Karou Fox

    still waiting on the ambulance LS swap

  • chris

    what about turning that box into a closet

  • Captain Comrade
    Captain Comrade

    I haven't been able to drive my car in two weeks and I don't have a job. I'm so fucking bored. Thanks for posting this funny shit so I don't kill myself Dan

  • Brucio Wilbur
    Brucio Wilbur

    Wonder how many ppl died in that thing 🤔

  • Hugo Lundin Lundin
    Hugo Lundin Lundin

    I sometimes watch this man and think to myself "how does this man consider himself a mechanic or handyman in any kind of way" (no offense and i love ur content dan)

  • jordan woods
    jordan woods

    With a few word changes the title of this video would make a great hub title

  • TheDoobieKiller

    Ok Dan, change of plans! The ambulance has been weight reduc to the max, convince Ham to put an LS and a blower on it!

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas

    Bro I stg, seeing him cutting everything away, I thought, "he's literally making a box truck out of an ambulance" lmfao

    • Robert Timberlake
      Robert Timberlake

      Yeah they should have just bought a box van 🤦

  • Tony McSteven
    Tony McSteven

    Dan’s builds stress me out.. please take some time to clean up...

  • Hollywood redneck
    Hollywood redneck

    If semi's can have swiveling captain's chairs than ofcourse a van can do it

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