The Ambulance RV Conversion Gets an INSANE POWER SYSTEM
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  • Do It With Dan
    Do It With Dan

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    • Jeffrey Sullivan
      Jeffrey Sullivan

      @Bodie Caleb definitely, been watching on Flixzone for since november myself :)

    • Bodie Caleb
      Bodie Caleb

      a trick : watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies recently.

    • RCX Models UK
      RCX Models UK

      @Do It With Dan Info's for sharing dude, keep up the awesome content!

    • Small Empire
      Small Empire

      Yo are you do it with dan? You should look into for the wiring diagram on the Hambulance, you can make an interactive wiring diagram. Someone made one for my bike

    • Dave’s House
      Dave’s House

      Nvm. I’m dumb

  • Active EJ
    Active EJ

    Havnt watched you in so long!! Bro you look mad skinny

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    11:35 "8 and 1/4 plus one." That's a peculiar way of measuring things. lol 8 and 5/16 is another way of saying it.

  • Myownness

    There is an app for determining wire size. Very helpful.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    I really thought the days of phone game sponsors was over...oh well.

  • edken films
    edken films

    You lost a lot of weight Are you alright? You look sick


    .....I do have a question....if he’s gonna live in that thing, is he just gonna use public restrooms all the time when he is away? And also where is he gonna shower?

  • OtterConnor

    If you buy decent files you don't have to lift to pull back. Wood and aluminum tend to clog files, so lifting helps with clogging, but files are some of the hardest steels and makes mild steel look like playdough. Nicolson is the minimum, but I really like simonds files

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    Is sir Dan hitting the gym? Or using drugs? He looks as though he has lost like 30lbs since the last video lol

  • Perkinston Garage
    Perkinston Garage

    Dan what is the name of the track you edited into the video while you were installing the the batteries and the auxiliary circuits for the accessory lighting?

  • Bertha_5.7

    Miss seeing the bike content man. Love all your content but you on 2 wheels was hilarious bro.

  • BigJayDogg3

    You’ve never said otherwise, but it may be worth stating for people following: You fuse for the wire, not the load. If you have a 10 gauge wire at X distance, it calls for a particular amp rating. You fuse for that rating or LOWER. NEVER put a higher amp fuse on a particular run because it is far a high draw device. If you want to power that device, run the proper wire and select an adequate fuse. If a fuse keeps blowing, don’t just swap in a higher rated fuse, find the issue. Drawing lot of power through a thin wire creates a filament. You don’t want a filament flopping loose in your walls or under carpet.

  • Caden Higgins
    Caden Higgins

    Great little system you got there. Only a few things i would watch out for/you might want to upgrade in the future: Solar charge controller. Pretty sure the controller you have right now is a PWM controller (pulse width modulated). It basically wastes extra power your panels make to charge the batteries at the right voltage. Much better option is an MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) controller if you are looking to get the most out of your panels. And everyone hates hooking up to shore power so max efficiency is desirable. Batteries. Sealed Lead acid batteries are great. Cheap, safe, hard to destroy. Unless you discharge them too much. The useable charge in lead acid batteries is fairly limited. I guarantee those batteries will not give you 200ah without damaging the batteries. Overcharging and undercharging lead acid batteries kill them quickly so it is VERY important you look up the discharge curve of your batteries. Depth of discharge on SLA batteries is generally safe to keep above 50%. These batteries will probably last you 500-1000 cycles if you adhere to this. What i recommend is a low voltage detection circuit that you can adjust to the tenth of a volt and shut off your inverter if it exceeds settings. Same thing with over voltage and charging. For increased cyclic reliability and better depth of discharge i recommend lithium iron phosphate batteries. 100% worth the money, just have to make sure you do your research into it if you make the bank out of prismatic cells. Other notes on efficiency. The voltage of your batteries are also very important. a 48 volt bank is the best, but since you only have two batteries a 24 volt bank would be the way to go. The closer your battery voltage is to your solar voltage, the more efficient the charging will be. Same with inverters. Since you still have 12 volt loads to run such as LED lighting and fans and whatnot, a 24v to 12v regulator is excellent. And it keeps the voltage stable at all times, you don’t have to worry about the fan spinning at different speeds or lights dimming due to varying voltage. 120 volt to 240 volt AC conversion. Auto transformers are the best device to achieve this. Solar edge makes an excellent one. You can actually get split phase out of single phase 120 volt with one. You can find them on and a great video on them on the website owners youtube channel, HighTechLab. He also has great videos on DIY Lithium Iron Phosphate battery banks. Charging off the truck batteries. A buck-boost converter designed for charging batteries will allow you to charge your house battery bank off the truck batteries at whatever voltage you want, and if you have it remotely controlled by the vehicle ignition you won’t kill the start batteries. That’s one feature I always enjoyed. Off grid power for the win! can’t wait to see how the system runs once it’s all finished. Link to auto transformer: Can handle 25 amps differential between phases. plenty for your application

  • Ben Sweigard
    Ben Sweigard

    I woulda used armored Mc cable for the 120 stuff

  • TheClashKing523

    Unlimited Solar 😂😂😂

  • Jordan Gregersen
    Jordan Gregersen

    Just a thought if your giving him a wire diagram. You might want to wire number them (or the main ones). Would be easier to fix stuff in the future.

  • Jameson McRee
    Jameson McRee

    Dan in a previous video "that is the last of the demolition" Dan in future video "today were gonna cut more shit and drill alot of holes"

  • Coleson Cox
    Coleson Cox

    on asphalt i had my battery reverse the terminals

  • Billy Dagley
    Billy Dagley

    Damn it you're smarter than you act

  • Silver Haste
    Silver Haste

    put the LED bars on the inside and the LED strips outside XD

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone

    For myself and ONLY myself if something recommended let's say a 12 gauge wire I would always go to like a 10 or an 8 gauge just in case it ended up drawing more power than what I expected.. When I was installing car audio in my car and a friend's car I ALWAYS used a thicker wire than what I needed just to help draw a cleaner signal.. That and if I wanted to run better shit in the future I didn't have to fully rewire the car because I already ran the 3gauge originally when all I needed was maybe an 8gauge.. But that is just me, but that is honestly just how I did things and never had an issue doing it that way

  • Matt Co
    Matt Co

    Split phase is two 120v connected in series.

    • Caden Higgins
      Caden Higgins

      @Matt Co Yeah i can see how that makes sense. how they are generally configured in actual transformer secondaries are two coils in series, with the tap between the two coils being the ground referenced neutral

    • Matt Co
      Matt Co

      @Caden Higgins thanks Caden. We don't generally have split phase here in Australia but it's pretty interesting. Explaining it as if it was series connected made it easier for me to understand haha

    • Caden Higgins
      Caden Higgins

      Kind of, it’s 240 volt with a ground referenced center tap

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    I love your content man, I’ve been a sub since day one of your IRbin career. Ohhh billy

  • Hunter DeSantis
    Hunter DeSantis

    With lead acid you’ll only get shot 200 amp hours of usable power if you want the batteries to last more than 250 cycles. Make sure you done discharge them more than 50%. That’s about 12.3v for an AGM otherwise the life of the battery will be greatly reduced. Good luck!

  • Kenny Miller
    Kenny Miller

    Shit Dan you forgot to edit in the kove logo over the jbl speaker 👀😂

  • Faze Cave
    Faze Cave

    @17:22 i felt like i was watching a home depot commercial

  • Jerney Behr
    Jerney Behr

    When did Dan it with do lose his baby fat?

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    Come on Dan just do it... Do it... Dooooooo it... Dance!!!!... I'm to high for this

  • jamezgaming420 __
    jamezgaming420 __

    Where did Dan get the 2 trim piece for the front end

  • Sidney

    So the wire math has to do with the length and diameter of the wires, and the resistance corresponding to that. This is how you would calculate max power. Its very easy but its wires so it automatically fckn sucks absolute wieners

  • Jacob McAbee
    Jacob McAbee

    Personal opinion but the electoral system is going to generate a ton of heat. I would put a vent in there just to be safe

  • Amusingkibbles7

    U can tell Dan isn’t going to the gym anymore

  • Cam Krasner
    Cam Krasner

    probably shouldnt short the solar panel to itself when its under your shop lights...

  • Llama Cebu
    Llama Cebu

    Split phase refers to the fact that one winding has a slightly delayed action when creating the magnetic field. One develops the magnetic field a little earlier than the other in each half cycle of the AC cycle..Then the other winding which is wound physically at 90 degrees to the first develops the magnetic field slightly later than the first. As a result the magnetic field appears to rotate through 90 degrees. This is enough to induce currents in the rotor windings creating another magnetic field which reacts with the stator magnetic field causing the rotor to turn..

  • Ghost Games
    Ghost Games

    Is he going to call it the Hambulance? Please Ham 👀

  • Alru

    I'm a simple man, I see short man doing work I click like

  • Kyle Frye
    Kyle Frye

    I really appreciate the math it needs to be talked about! Thanks for giving us the old school Do It with Dan explanation

  • Zach Hardy
    Zach Hardy

    What’s good with the dually, I need more!!!

  • Fooligan

    Dan: cook, biker, race car driver, engineer... what’s next lol

    • Teemuki98

      man of arms

    • Alcazar

      Knife maker

    • Moto Moose
      Moto Moose

      You forgot landscaper

    • Sidney


    • Toxiic Designs
      Toxiic Designs

      Remember he’s a “man of many, master of none”

  • You've been BUSTED
    You've been BUSTED

    Whats going on dan i didnt see the piece on ur desk at the end of this video

  • Ethan Siffert
    Ethan Siffert

    You need to get a ugly book. It's got a bunch of electrical stuff in it for quick reference. It can really save you some times.

  • Antibody Entertainment
    Antibody Entertainment

    12 gauge should be good for the majority of the appliances inside the ambulance. as far as the people that actually build these conversions there is a general rule that has come out as these are moving vehicles its that you will want to use stranded wire not solid core, because as that vehicle moves and flexes over time the solid core will break. so find a good supply of silicone coated 12 gauge stranded core copper wire. me personally I'd go over kill with 10 gauge since stranded wire seems to be the preferred method. Another thing you will want to do is have the wires from the inverter/solar be thicker going into the main fuse box as a precaution. I assume you are obviously using 2-0 / 3-0 for your battery run to the inverter since its a shorter run.

  • Daven Buteau
    Daven Buteau

    Corvette and the truck matches

  • Whippy

    Thanks daddy dan!

  • StudiousPanic8

    Should be dubbed the hambulance


    Ya boy ham getting good with that camera!! good work guys, love the channel and always loved some do it with dan videos!! stay humble bro your lit af!!

  • brandon coy
    brandon coy

    For the ac systems i put in homes. we use 12-3 wire for the high voltage

  • Caveman Stan
    Caveman Stan

    Its the HAMbulance

  • Broke Garage
    Broke Garage

    Man you are hilarious

  • Jake Gifford
    Jake Gifford

    Dan grinding stuff looks like most of the Karen’s driving by themselves in my town

  • Danger Swoleson
    Danger Swoleson

    A HAMbulance

  • Garrett Plant
    Garrett Plant

    Split phase is what we have in america. Dont need a transformer just need the correct receptacle 👍🏻

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee

    Always like watching your content. Keep it bro.

  • Logan Duffy
    Logan Duffy

    Can we all stop and look at how much of a little bitch dan is? Like, wearing ear, eye, and respiratory protection?!? So proud of my little man🤣😂

  • mikeyd1513

    Hey Dan I'm a commercial electrician, I want to start by saying that I've watched since you were in college. That being said this comment can serve as a way to ask me anything I know. I heard one red flag that I want to catch you at before you get to far, and it could have been a mistake on wording. As far as your main breaker goes you want to strive for an 80 percent rule. You want all of your sources that need power (load) to be no more than 80 percent of your main breaker size. What i mean by that is say you're going to get a start up voltage on a motor turning over of 25 amps you would want to calculate all of your loads and go 20 percent over what that would be. That's in a perfect world. You would do fine usually to calculate running loads i.e. a motor after startup will be 10-40% less amperage once it gets spinning. Once you add all these systems together you will then be able to then determine which size main breaker you will need and then determine the size of your line side feeds. You are going to need really large wire I would guess something around 250mcm on the low side due to voltage drop on a dc system. I also would say that you should consider investing 20 dollars into an Ugly's book, they have them and big box home improvement stores with the electrical. A NEC code book is an electricians "bible" but an uglys manual is a cheat sheet for 70% or better of what you will need as common knowledge. Again always here for any questions, I myself live in metro Atlanta so its nice seeing the same things as you on my day to day.

  • Megajules

    so you're perverting the Hambulance, hads to happen sooner or later :P

  • Cameron
    Cameron What i use for quick reference

  • honey bear
    honey bear

    You should try getting some warehouse style shelves, those are always a great place to "put shit", organized chaos man!

  • Cameron

    Bruh I downloaded that game. Kinda lame but I spent 2 hours playing and forgot about your video until now hahahaha

  • Morten Nielsen
    Morten Nielsen

    For power cables, just use som good OFC thick cabling.

  • JOSHaka OGER
    JOSHaka OGER

    Doesn't the inverter have to be like pure wave or something like that 🤷🤨🤔 hahaah I have the ss12 led fog light bar I need to have installed 🤷😬 sorrry

  • Joey Beaudry
    Joey Beaudry

    Can y’all please call it the Hambulance?

  • KDN Kieffer
    KDN Kieffer

    You learn something new about Dan every video, today’s new thing “I CANT JUGGLE”

  • roberts puke laugalis
    roberts puke laugalis

    ur geting skiny dan, u good?

    • edken films
      edken films

      Or maybe drugs

    • edken films
      edken films

      I said the same thing. From the last time I watch his video he really skinny and look sick

  • Jesse Kitchens
    Jesse Kitchens

    Mims electric out of Jackson Mississippi.. Ask for David Mims.. he is an electrical genius..

  • Noah Howard
    Noah Howard

    Dan use TinyCAD for your wiring diagrams!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dondo

    not a question but good fucking vid dan👍🏻

  • PotatoKing

    Great video Dan.

  • luckym0nk3y

    Wtf!! Went to bed yesterday with a informational video about shellshock, didn’t have a clue what is was. Went to bed and slept. Woke up, opened IRbin and there you are mentioning Shellshock. Bro.

    • luckym0nk3y

      @Do It With Dan pure coincidence man. Im from the netherlands and sometimes watch ur vids. Keep it up bru!

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Bro that is wild! Coincidence? Algorithm? Who knows!

  • Alex S
    Alex S

    Good on you for talking about wiring safety through gauge selection. Most people in videos just say "oh yeah here's the wiring it's done"

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Exactly. Im tired of all these 'build videos' glancing over the important stuff like that.

  • louis liggett
    louis liggett

    Dan keep up what you are doing, I love when I see you uploaded. I feel like I can watch knowing it’s going to be funny but also very informational sometimes👍🏽

  • ZombieHerder 935
    ZombieHerder 935

    Dan i actually very much enjoyed the wiring talk at the end im getting ready to build my first "streetcar racecar" combo and have been concerned about the wiring but its not seeming to bad and the info about overpowering wires is much appreciated 😳 love all the videos dan keep up the amazing work❤

  • BigMan7o0

    "If you over power these wires, they'll burn" Yeahhhh when I put my new amp in my truck I didn't think about my negative wire being only 16 gauge, for an amp that puts out about 1300w and learned my lesson... I got *really* lucky that the negative melted but didn't start a fire in my truck. Bumped it up to 8 gauge after that xD (also blew my subs not long after because I accidentally flipped it to 180 out on the phase lmfao. needless to say im not what they call, *smart* )

  • Trey Lopez
    Trey Lopez

    Probably not the first to say this but those holes you drilled for the wiring need grommets so the metal doesn't rub through the wires and possibly start a fire


    Cool ass video

  • Just(A)Theory

    Dan man, taxes are fking me cause fk middle class peeps :v so i need your good vibes.

  • Dean Miller
    Dean Miller

    Wiring is one thing my dad can do no question asked but I’m lost with it. I do look forward to watching these videos tho.

  • Mulletspeed

    So, we operate on a roughly 80% rule for breakers. You size a circuit and breaker that your average load will only use 80% available.

  • Ian Mittelstaedt
    Ian Mittelstaedt

    The split phase output basically means it takes the two 240VAC hots in, and it'll output two phases of 120VAC, the same way a house breaker panel will. Essentially treat the AC outputs like each half of a residential breaker panel.

  • Jonathon Balogh
    Jonathon Balogh

    The moment that grinder got bound up as you were cutting in that panel, I got chills. I had a wire wheel get me a few years ago... instant flash backs 😬

  • Frank Serota
    Frank Serota

    that wiring diagram is beautiful lmao, looks better than a digital one

  • PNW Living
    PNW Living

    DAN THE CURSING! LOTTA "FUCKS" AND "SHITS"! Hey you wanted us to warn you, you said it!

  • Garrett W
    Garrett W

    Who else ready for this mf ambulance to be done😂

  • No Edits Permitted
    No Edits Permitted

    Bridges actually didn't sit down, he walked in the arc reactor room and said "well that went well" with a big cigar in his mouth 😂 lol

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore

    Dan *makes ape noises* Ham “Hmm”

  • Josh Herbert
    Josh Herbert

    Get an electrical code book it has everything you need and want to know about wiring

  • MadLad_Don23

    IRbin compression didn't make that diagram readable on my tablet... sad

  • Brian Burchfield
    Brian Burchfield

    Would u do reactions

  • Adam

    Do you think that any youtuber actually regularly plays the games they promote?

  • Yeeted Yurmom
    Yeeted Yurmom

    Dan is kinda looking like a cancer patient with the weight he’s losing

  • Riorrdan Murray
    Riorrdan Murray

    where is the 998cc shirt from?

  • Low Key Idiots
    Low Key Idiots

    For the amount of money Ham put into this so far he couldve just bought an older motorhome and had a lot more space... lmao

    • Ian Mittelstaedt
      Ian Mittelstaedt

      Probably, but this way he's got a space that he designed himself, for his specific requirements. If I had the budget, I'd much rather build my own living space rather than buy prebuilt or rent.


    God dammit Dan

  • Joshua Gibson
    Joshua Gibson

    I legit believe Dan could do anything he puts he mind to. Just look how far he's came.

    • evo

      @Do It With Dan sounds like you need a sponsor like skillshare fella! You gon learn today!

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      @evo Evo, I fuggin love you brother. Not self-deprecating, I promise! I just think if everyone KNEW how to learn stuff, they would enjoy learning stuff.

    • evo

      @Do It With Dan bruv, i know you're all self-deprecating n' all, but you're legit a smart dude, ngl. i think that's why we all watch your shit...

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Not just me. Anyone. :)

  • Thekid22167

    Yoo for the inverter/ electrical you should hit up mehdi from electroboom, just a suggestion my man

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens

    We just gonna ignore the fact that Dan is looking kinda skinny

    • Brotro552


  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    I barely know shit about car wiring but I am a student and learning that rn for cars specifically, so this vid was super cool since I knew what you were talking about. PSA fellow dickheads, please don’t mess with wiring if you don’t know what you’re doing. I also do not know what I’m doing yet lol, but bad wiring cause fires. Or if you’re in your cars wiring it’ll take out modules entirely and those are big money

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    Damn that’s why ppl always say don’t set batteries on the ground? I never knew why you “shouldn’t” I just knew to some ppl it’s a felony to set a battery on the floor

  • Wes Horton
    Wes Horton

    I dig the build but I’m sure u an Ham will be happy to not be roommates!

    • Wes Horton
      Wes Horton

      Sorry I know the difference between a, an and and just fucked up my comment. Have fun Dan and Ham!

  • 26b

    I believe an insulated wire means it’s resistant to RFI input... or that’s shielded?

    • Ian Mittelstaedt
      Ian Mittelstaedt

      Shielded wires have an internal metallic sheath to keep out interference. Any wire with a coating is insulated.