The Beginning of the End | Ambulance to RV Build Series
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  • jesse delaney
    jesse delaney

    lol dan shot on iphone meme

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    No wood glue was harmed in the making of this video.

  • daniel lowe
    daniel lowe

    Broskie you going to talk about the rpm act

    • Blank


  • Wickedly Dank
    Wickedly Dank

    man i love watchin me some do it with dickweed

  • Djukedu88

    Don’t underestimate the ability to hang stuff from the ceiling. I know headspace is limited but if you not walking over top of where the water tank is, utilize the open space above it. That’s just an example

  • Paul P
    Paul P

    Dan, you really need to learn about pocket holes. They would make your carpentry / joinery so much better.

  • Ruben Vos
    Ruben Vos

    Hey dan where is the Honda magna? Did u sell it?

  • Ace

    remember when dan was a moto vlogger lol i miss those days

  • HankDaTank

    Looking goodddddd, can't wait to see how this comes out

  • William Prentice
    William Prentice

    Awesome work !!! Thanks for the inspiration to “ Do The Work “

  • Lochquatch 88
    Lochquatch 88

    Awesome seeing you get better and better at fab over all these years.

  • Lochquatch 88
    Lochquatch 88

    where are all these subs, ya lazy bums

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean

    I swear, I have a carbon copy of Dan's music taste. The fact that you start with something like fortunate son, continue with Metallica and then finish off with some ghostmane has me really excited

  • sav22rem22

    Dan with the lmr shirt

  • David Lueck
    David Lueck

    So are you going to make a container for gray water and a separate one for sink and shower?

  • Johnnie Ray Shepard
    Johnnie Ray Shepard

    Damnit Dan I need brain surgery get the book .....I trust him...he can figure it out

  • Griddless

    A reality style TV show would put all the focus on the criticality of the placement of the hole for the vent and how it has to be cut perfectly or it won't be right, then after 15 minutes of babbling about that and getting it right they would jump straight to a finished shower.

  • Reckless893

    Questions, how are you going to get the water tank out when theirs water in it? It’s gonna be super heavy and the plastic also might expand when water is in it

  • xxxporkchop6969

    So hey Dan, just for pure curiosity when y’all are done with the hambulance would there be any way to get the final weight for the total vehicle minus Ham???? I do like this and think it’s badass. Thanks in advance if you read this comment homie!!

  • BigMan7o0

    I feel called out, half the metal/rock bands you listed are like the only ones I listen to xD

  • Koby Henson
    Koby Henson

    if you dont redo the lettering to say HAMBULANCE im sueing

  • Jeah Evans
    Jeah Evans

    Totally off topic but dan do u think a career in welding would be good for someone with adhd? I'd love to hear your opinion or anyone else's wanna work with my hands dont really know what I want to do in life 🤔

  • Giuseppe Aiello
    Giuseppe Aiello

    ok one im starting to pick up and hairstyle two can I get heatwave prescription sun glasses

  • Raley’s Butchering
    Raley’s Butchering

    Dan I need your help with my subwoofer and I need your knowledge pm me on Instagram Mraley20

  • Jerrid Snow
    Jerrid Snow

    You should look up how much water the average person uses during a shower maybe you could cut the floor out of that compartment and make the gray water tank taller but not loose head room

  • Kody Yates
    Kody Yates

    Your fab work is on point these days dude!

  • Connor Burns
    Connor Burns

    Hey Dan do you think you will ever get back into motovloging again?

  • big dave
    big dave

    Cool project to see would be to see you build a custom welding table for the shop to do all your projects on

  • Ryan Harper
    Ryan Harper

    Idk bro I hope he takes quick showers seems a little small but I do like the idea and design I hope it works though

  • Ryan Harper
    Ryan Harper

    Cancle deez nuts 🤣

    • Blank

      Cancel your spelling

  • The Geeky Gentleman
    The Geeky Gentleman

    Why didn't you cute the metal sheet from the middle and added the sides to the bottom as one whole cut .that would've allowed you to just bend the sides no welding needed only straight welds on the corners and a top layer to everything else

  • Craig Morris
    Craig Morris

    I know your really good at woodworking and stuff but I’d love to make you a cutting board like my moms I’d like to know what kind of logo,vehicle,sports team,etc.. plz hit me up on Instagram at Craig_0606 dm me what u want and I will burn it into the board huge fan keep up the good work man👍🏻

    • Craig Morris
      Craig Morris

      Or a sign would be way cooler honestly be the same just no meat groove

  • Phat Kat Kreations
    Phat Kat Kreations

    Dude its coming out sick, you should do some custom epoxy countertops and tables in there

  • Ben VanLue
    Ben VanLue

    on today's episode of how long will dan keep his safety glasses on...

  • Tyler Desautels
    Tyler Desautels

    Dual showerheads. One I the ceiling and one on a hose, hams a big dude and the shower seems like it’ll be cramped. Granted it’s a hambulance buttt I think it’d be a good idea to make it a little more liveable for him

  • Nick Schloegel
    Nick Schloegel

    Please use a mask when painting everything else! I forgot mine and I sneezed black paint for like 2 days 😅

  • Freddie the Fly
    Freddie the Fly

    The HAMbulance build is my favourite video series. You do awesome work.

  • Nazzilla 89
    Nazzilla 89

    Sup dude What ever happened to the fiero

  • TheAssassinVoid

    Do It With Coivd

  • CasperDaPyro

    Awesome! Hey Dan for the walls in the shower/bathroom they have water resistant dry wall (I believe its dry wall). Helps keep the moisture out. They last longer. Also is Justin going to wrap it when it's done? For the windows if Ham is worried about people looking in on him he can always put window vinyl up. He can see out like a normal window but no one can see in. Would add some special personal decorative look to it. Or he can just tint the fuck outta them 🤣

  • Chad Myhre
    Chad Myhre

    You should call the ambulance the hambulance

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark

    It would be mad cool if you made multiple entrances for the shroud that you’re building for the humidity fan. Bc from experience small fans don’t work well even in small spaces.I feel like he’ll still have steam condensation all over his hambulance

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark

    Do you like the band tool danithel?

  • Shawn Vail
    Shawn Vail

    Dan is such an inspiration to just do what you can everyday, no matter what it is to go all out for it,

  • Matthew Pate
    Matthew Pate

    Name two more songs by Motörhead 🤣

  • BuhLakeh

    You know Dan, considering how much you like making stuff on your own rather than buying it, you should look into 3D printers and stuff! You can even use CAD programs to design stuff for your builds without having to use scrap metal and wood!

  • Thors300s

    Man this deserves more attention so entertaining and I'm kinda learning stuff ;) thanks Dan

  • Joey Graw
    Joey Graw

    That little cough and smile there in the beginning seemed a little too familiar to me if you know what I mean 💨 🌲😂

  • XxSARG64xX

    Couldn’t you have used the plasma cutter?

  • TRGxAurora

    Dan off a perc 30 in this video

  • gun_ shot6745
    gun_ shot6745

    Dan Is trying to make sure no mobs spawn

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene

    Hey Dan, I hope your day sucks!🖕

  • Jason Maisel Jr
    Jason Maisel Jr

    "Yeah fucker" 😂😂

  • Logan Buchanan
    Logan Buchanan

    I'm excited for this one

  • Will Leonard
    Will Leonard

    18:20 I cant fucking take it anymore holy shit

  • Anelize_Hendrikz

    Youre wicked talented to do this solo.. fuck me!! Incredible! Ham is only lucky guy to be living in this!!

  • Kobe Iler
    Kobe Iler

    One thing I have learned from Dan is to appreciate knowledge and work. Often I get stressed because I have 948396 things going on at once. But it’s just work, wake up and get something done. Keep the content coming bro

  • Zackary Brown
    Zackary Brown

    Your fit and finish has come a long way. I'm very impressed with how the framing is going and the precision you use.

  • Kiddgummi

    Dan's got the good welder!

    • Kiddgummi

      also you need to cover that shower fan with a scoop or something or its going to get water in it. use something like they have for dryer vents.

  • Harold Ladd
    Harold Ladd

    Is this the end of the beginning, or is this the beginning of the end

  • Santsasd

    Damn i like Dan's style to make these videos, kinda reminds a little Colin Furze's videos. keep it up! :)


    love me some do it with ann

  • Tom Tul
    Tom Tul

    Looking at u dance like that made me say o his back is definitely Gucci 🤣🤣

  • Foreternity

    Tha Hambulance!!! Yesss. I love hanging with you fellers when you guys work on this

  • Kyler Kleindienst
    Kyler Kleindienst

    I wish my name was Dan so I could do it with myself


    Why did ham decide to build this over just buying a small RV? Mine was 12k and it's a bit bigger than an ambulance. Not knocking it just curious

  • Banananananaaa

    So what about that whole transmission thing?

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    Those shaky cutty vibratey tools are so so handy! Dude it's crazy how good you are it building stuff now.

  • Joesph Warren
    Joesph Warren

    You can see the Dan-Ham love in this video.

  • Money Singh
    Money Singh

    Make a video on how to wire Dan 😂😂

  • Chance

    Lmao the reference was great "same same but different" 😂😂🤣 bunch of degenerates

  • dingus153

    ACW better be wrapping this bad boy when it's done

  • Just(A)Theory

    Im watching this as i stain and polyurethane a barn door and bedframe for my room :v

  • Hammerbeach

    Can't wait to see the finished product. It's going to be legendary. Awesome work Dan & Ham 💪


    i love this build lol i wanna good full tour when its done

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas

    Hey Dan, did you think about doing some sort of baffles in the gray water tank to keep the water from slouching around when ham is driving?

  • Payton Harmon
    Payton Harmon

    Dan...when is the last time you went to see your chiropractor?

  • Bryan Aguilar
    Bryan Aguilar

    Milwaukee wtf ya need to sponsor this man, he has all of your power tools

  • 3513chris

    had to look up "same same, but different" quote because i got the vibe that it might have been said in the movie "Biodome" even thought i knew it was from interview.

  • Nathan Hargrove
    Nathan Hargrove

    3.31 I now know where Dan gets his muscle

  • Gaz Vlogs
    Gaz Vlogs

    Man I just love doin it with Dan. Wish I could legit hangout with you fellas.

  • ElWallo

    I wanna see the small stuff too!

  • The Scofflaw
    The Scofflaw

    Dan... PLEASE be careful with that table saw

  • Skyler e36
    Skyler e36

    The grey water tank is looking good. I had a thought when watching you build it, but you might wanna add a few baffles across the tank to help with water sloshing forward/backwards/slide to side. Could use some plate and drill a few holes in it and cut out a couple holes down low so it can fully drain out. Like a fire truck basically.

  • OspreyBravo18

    While on the topic of bands, what about TOOL?

  • Tanner Wilhelm
    Tanner Wilhelm

    Yo dude, have you thought about going to a good chiropractor about your back? Numbness does not sound good, you might have a pinched nerve or something...

  • Boy From Georgia
    Boy From Georgia

    3:04 Most accurate thing I’ve ever head on motorhead. I only know it because of BO3 zombies what about everyone else. Because about everyone I know heard that song from a show, movies or a game.

  • Matt Locandro
    Matt Locandro

    I absolutely love this build because i relate to it. To you everything makes perfect sense, to us it looks like someone built a jungle gym inside an ambulance. Keep up the great work love the content!

  • Riley Nelson
    Riley Nelson

    Viewer: “Dan are you throwing rgb in the shower” Dan: “Hell yeah fucker”

  • Mprocks27

    I could watch these videos for hours I swear. Just something so interesting about seeing all this come together.

  • ZombieHerder 935
    ZombieHerder 935

    Just finished listening to the last podcast while at work now coming home to a fresh dan vid🤟 gunna pack a little circle thingy and breath through some water now🙂💨

  • chris s
    chris s

    Am I the only one who was waiting for the sharpie to roll into the cut off wheel? I love the why you are when it comes to Small details it’s great. I’m looking at a small decommissioned fire truck to do similar idea with.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    how much for that orange epoxy table you built ?

  • J. Harker83
    J. Harker83

    He reached out to milwaukee they said no and he said cool love your tools but fuck you 😂😂

  • Taco Ma
    Taco Ma

    To be honest you shouldn't give two craps what your viewers think, if you feel confident that you're putting out good content then no one will question you about it

  • pocketwatch 79
    pocketwatch 79

    Gotta love how Dan cuts the steel with a grinder when all us dually fans know he has a plasma lol, love you man letting us know we don't need any fancy shit to do what you do

  • Jeep 3377
    Jeep 3377

    Biden needs to get the boot 🥾

  • Collin Weems
    Collin Weems

    You should have Justin wrap this thing for Ham...

  • Paul Hearne
    Paul Hearne

    The DANbulance is coming along!

  • Ben Spaghetti
    Ben Spaghetti

    I really thought this said "the beginning to the end" and I felt betrayed