The C8 Corvette is TOO Good...
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  • Edgar Castañeda
    Edgar Castañeda

    😂😂😂😂 THTS CRAZY 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • Edgar Castañeda
    Edgar Castañeda

    My boy listening to Ariel Camacho 🇲🇽 esos todo compa dan 💯😤

  • Austin

    Speaking of podcasts man, would you be interested in being a guest on my friends and I's podcast? It'd be a fucking dream come true for me brother.

  • Freemaysin

    that squarebody is mint ain't it

  • Freemaysin

    ohhhhhhhhhhh billlly you remind me of a guy that used to ride motorcycles on youtube!

  • Chandler Mott
    Chandler Mott

    What roads are you driving on?? I'm from georgia and I'd like to try those mountain roads out

  • Lucky Lucy's Speed Shop
    Lucky Lucy's Speed Shop

    You were right behind me a few minutes ago. Not gonna say where. I was in the white Silverado, turning into my neighborhood. That C8 is looking great, bro! Sorry for holding you up, lol...

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Don't even mention it brother! You didn't hold me up none!

  • Ironic

    the boondock sanits it the movie

  • Ironic

    That truck a beaut

  • Ben Kemp
    Ben Kemp

    dan whats your spotify

  • kaptainkracker13

    IRL Forza😂 that’s the doitwithdan life

  • Horace Reid
    Horace Reid

    Did ham loose some weight?

  • Julio Sauceda
    Julio Sauceda

    That ariel comancho went hardddd🔥

  • 1johnathan011

    Your moms nerves were non existent by the time you were 12.

  • william murwin
    william murwin

    90% sure I saw Dan today in the c8 while I was at work, tried honking but he didn’t roll the window down, can’t wait for meetups again

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Wasn't me brother. I haven't been in the c8 in a few days

  • John Nazar
    John Nazar

    Get a procharger for the truck

  • ebg417

    Glad youtube is working out better than Accounting, i gotta get me a new dickhead keytag...

  • Brad DeBerti
    Brad DeBerti

    love it dude!!!!

  • BlackStar 6
    BlackStar 6

    Nice to see a IRbinr enjoying Fort mountain

  • Moldy Taco
    Moldy Taco

    dude dan! your 5 what? im 5 6 with boots on! we should chill! im quite sure i could teach you a ting or two about workin on things! hit me up! i live in FL though.....

  • Gabe Hintzsche
    Gabe Hintzsche

    9:19 did you know you can get 10% on all heatwave visual sunglasses using the coupon code doitwithdan

  • Ray Z
    Ray Z

    You listen to Ariel Camacho

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith

    King smells the weed in Dan's pocket!!!

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith

    Dan pooped his front when his truck drove away!!!!

  • Jason Southwick
    Jason Southwick

    Are you going to put the podcast on an audio only place to download?

  • Potetkjeller

    Dan, how many cars do you have atm?

  • Tomas Anaya
    Tomas Anaya

    I never imagined the day Dan was listening to Ariel Camacho

  • bottomfr4gye3t

    Where are these roads?? Wish I had nice roads to cruise on so bad :(

  • WitcherGerd

    1:13 talk about compensating...

  • William Wintemberg
    William Wintemberg

    Hey Dan! Nice to see you are doing well! And Yes, dollar for dollar the C8 can't be beat! Keep on Dan. Stay Safe.

  • Benjamin Black
    Benjamin Black

    Does anyone know what song plays at 7:45 ???

  • Yovanni Pille
    Yovanni Pille

    Lmao I like your taste in music eating my lunch rn at work and had to replay it because I thought my Spotify was open lmao

  • Harold Ladd
    Harold Ladd

    No im dirty Dan

  • Zues Toots
    Zues Toots

    Its actually shit.

  • Jonathan York
    Jonathan York

    Yoooooo, I live right down the road! Fort mountain is the greatest!

  • Makin Waves
    Makin Waves

    0:53 I feel that transition so hard, gotta love a good Latino beat!

  • hippls100

    Hey guys don’t forget to sign the rpm act!!

  • R A B
    R A B

    This video made me wanna take my summer ride to the tail. i sure could use those roads

  • BigMan7o0

    Die with me is a fantastic song.

  • Rex Races
    Rex Races

    *see’s a random motorbike vlogger whilst scrolling through IRbin* “I wonder what Dan is up to after months away from the channel” *owns a Corvette now* “Sounds about right”

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers

    King is so fucking cute man

  • Braxton Marcus
    Braxton Marcus

    Jasper Georgia 🇺🇸

  • James saiz
    James saiz

    Ariel comacho, good choice of mexicano musica

  • Maldito Ugo
    Maldito Ugo

    R.I.P. Ariel Camacho

  • ScionTcModz Mctrash
    ScionTcModz Mctrash

    LOL I just picked up a 2021 z900 yesterday

  • Truckin Age
    Truckin Age

    Niceeee!!! Ariel Camacho song 💯

  • Jordan Hill
    Jordan Hill

    song 8:50 ?

  • Dragon Dem
    Dragon Dem

    #mexitruck love it lol

  • Gomez9800

    No one going mention the Mexican music in the beginning ok. Ok

  • Hammerbeach

    You, Ham and Justin have got to do gumball or something. Or maybe one of the shitbox races. It would be legendary💪

  • Bass MAN
    Bass MAN

    Man, Your parking is garbage 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Bass MAN
      Bass MAN

      JK bro I know why you parked like that

  • Will TEN
    Will TEN

    Wait till you have start having all the issues that everybody else has been experiencing

  • D3\/!N Upton563
    D3\/!N Upton563

    F#$@ the hambulance he needs a bike that dont make him look like hes on a grom! Dan wth the 4 year sub sees ish u needs to address. Lol.. love

  • Living Southern
    Living Southern

    Fort Mt

  • Reshaad Bentley
    Reshaad Bentley

    i miss dans bike content

  • Juan Cortes
    Juan Cortes

    It’s freaking awesome seeing you listening to mexican music and singing along!

  • Alexander Joyner
    Alexander Joyner


  • f0rumrr

    Take care of your back once that goes you really fucked cheers mate, great video.

  • Joseph DeLally
    Joseph DeLally

    Boondock saints

  • J_V_13F_76

    Pro-Charge it, Tune it "when someone figures out how to crack the ECU", Wrap it, Rims, exhaust..... Enjoy.

  • Cody Fowler
    Cody Fowler

    Bro I grew up in Chatsworth which is where you came out at when yall turned around at that store. Once you cross over back into Elijay there's an overlook called the cohutta overlook you should stop there sometime once you climb up the stairs the sunset there is beautiful

  • Collins

    Better do a video singing the whole song (te metiste) haha

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    Dann not even one minute in and you are playing my type of music 🎶 in the beginning of the video,😂🤣 you are hell of funny!!. Much luv been watching since a youngin . Keep up the good videos and updates💯💪🏽💪🏽⛽️⛽️🔥💨,

  • Quentin Hooper
    Quentin Hooper

    You’re seriously the most genuinely nice guy

  • Ben VanLue
    Ben VanLue

    hope you feel better Dan!


    love it

  • Noah McGuire
    Noah McGuire

    Yoo support the RPM act for all the car content youtubers.

  • Connor Bermes
    Connor Bermes

    3:06 yo WHAT is that song!

  • Eric Stiles
    Eric Stiles

    Twin turbo....

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C

    burnt mountain

  • BeMad4M3

    just realized slapping on a old style roots super charger and having the intake come up out the rear glass would cool as shit

  • Josfox 50
    Josfox 50

    What kind of truck is that

  • Miggy250

    Honestly wondering y tf ur listening to Mexican music.

  • Ronson Snook
    Ronson Snook

    Hey Dan I have a 95 step side with the same dash and I wanted to know if there’s a way stiffen up my vents because at high way speed they just vibrate all over the place

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Mine has little pieces of paper stuck in them. Honestly I been thinking about this. Maybe applying a small amount of silicone to the inside of the vent where they almost make contact. Might give it something to give it traction.

    • Ronson Snook
      Ronson Snook

      @Sean Taylor got me there

    • Sean Taylor
      Sean Taylor

      Google will prob get you the answer you want ling before he'll see this and reply....

  • Durden Boxing
    Durden Boxing


  • Alexander Wilde
    Alexander Wilde

    Felt like I was playing Forza when you were driving up the mountain

  • rader1538

    Bro I ride this road all the time

  • galaxy rider
    galaxy rider

    Man it makes me feel so good to see you happy as hell driving around like that idk why lol but the feeling going up and down mountains is amazing

  • GSXR Pat
    GSXR Pat

    Quick question. Where TF is Ham gonna keep the bike with the Hambulance? On the roof maybe?

  • MartinMan

    Hope your back feels better man that shits the worst

  • Mac Stephens
    Mac Stephens

    Everybody sign the rpm act the epa is trying to ban all mods on cars

  • Almighty Gaming
    Almighty Gaming

    He and dde should race

  • renneil hearne
    renneil hearne

    Do a Voo-Doo swap

  • MotoTaco

    Calling the C8 a supercar *TRIGGERED*

  • xXSRS24Xx

    Ham rocking an og ADTR shirt👀👀

  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua Plantan

    Justin is wild

  • Zero Content
    Zero Content

    I'm hoping that y'all know what's up with the EPA.... If not call Gavin now.

  • Harville1444

    The movie u was talking about with Norman Is called the boondock saints Literally the best movie ever

    • Andy A
      Andy A


  • PerfectedToast

    i love you and trust your driving, but people are stupid. please throw some safety mods in with the powah

  • Brandon Rodgers
    Brandon Rodgers

    I think the southern phrase is, "You can build 1000 bridges, but fuck 1 goat and thats all they talk about."

  • Trydent B-Rad
    Trydent B-Rad

    King reminds me of my rottweiler puppy was barely a year old and weighed 110 pounds lol

  • Its Enkie
    Its Enkie

    love that you guys are doing a podcast. I drive for FedEx and can listen to them will I'm running packages.

  • Mark Reyes
    Mark Reyes

    Song name? 2:53

  • Cody

    Dan plz you an Justin, touch base on the rpm act. It means a lot to alot of people. And ppl aren't talking about it. We need to get this shit out. Please. For the car gods

  • Zachary Gay
    Zachary Gay

    I hope your back gets to feeling better bro! Keep up the great videos!!

  • Fabian Runs This
    Fabian Runs This

    That Mexican music tho 🔥

    • Sean Taylor
      Sean Taylor

      True to your screen name...🤣🤣

  • markley02

    Hey Dan, I got an extra ticket to the freedom 500 if you want it!

  • Badazzdiesel

    Hey Dan why are u coming into my neck of thems woods

  • Biscuit Head
    Biscuit Head

    I want one so bad, gonna try and get one in the driveway next year.

  • Vanny DeCheeto
    Vanny DeCheeto

    feel better dude!