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  • Kaleb Stout
    Kaleb Stout

    Well your shower idea answered my previous question, that’s awesome. Do you know what the shower height will be by a chance?

  • Usman Naveed
    Usman Naveed

    Dan I literally come back to every video in hopes of the manga or any sort of bike, even the piece of shit custom bike would make me happy. RIDE THE MAGNA. RIDE THE FUCKING MAGNA. FOR FUCKS SAKE RIDE THE DAMN MAGNA. JUST RIDE A DAMN BIKE. SHEEESH

  • GrandMaster Funk
    GrandMaster Funk

    Building stuff is fun. Glad I subscribed!

  • Peyton Walters
    Peyton Walters

    Who remembers cbr 600 jumps bridge

  • 4 spd life
    4 spd life

    Just ordered me a nother set of heat waves and slid up in that coupon code doitwithdan and you saved me some money again thanks my dude lol

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin

    Where you at dude. Lop

  • toe sucker
    toe sucker

    Damn. Didn’t even realize how dead this channel is. Bring back the bikes dude. Doesn’t even have to be every week.

  • Ethan Smillie
    Ethan Smillie


  • Jacob Denham
    Jacob Denham

    Dan, are you okay? It's been two weeks we miss you

  • Crash Overide
    Crash Overide

    Been so long sense Dan posted a new video that I had to come back and rewatch this one. Hope youre doing well bro.

    • Bubba Jeeps
      Bubba Jeeps

      Same, miss his crazy vids.

  • redneck car guy
    redneck car guy

    Dan how was your chistmas and new year

  • Eric Kelley
    Eric Kelley

    Hey Dan, I’ve been watching you since i was about 13, back when you had the sharpie bike. Now I’m 19 and have been in the USMC over a year now. I am 100% genuine when i say your videos and your personality and care you show to your fans has really helped me develop an attitude and mindset that I am proud to have today. Thank you so much for being who you are man.

  • U.S.A.Dog24

    What they’re good at 🤮

  • U.S.A.Dog24


  • U.S.A.Dog24
    U.S.A.Dog24 😵

  • Kiddgummi

    what happened to VDUC?

  • the How to
    the How to

    Dan needs new moto vlogs

  • Blue The focus
    Blue The focus

    Dan, I’m not gonna lie, I miss you Moto vlogging

  • alexakos sak
    alexakos sak

    Who remembers DANMADE

  • Can I get 1,000,000 Suscribers with no videos
    Can I get 1,000,000 Suscribers with no videos

    I’m subscribed but I haven’t seen your videos in forever this is for Algorithm

  • Vincent Panicucci
    Vincent Panicucci

    DANNY BOI!!!!!

  • mancub 0420
    mancub 0420

    Dam dan when u gonna upload again

  • Hue Mungus
    Hue Mungus

    Veduc my ass

  • DubbyDeuce

    Your an inspiration and I like how your just a real, regular dude. Please keep being you . Also . . After 6 years I'm about to fail out of college for a measly 6k. Is there anyway you could help Dan?? . I would be forever greatful and can pay back

    • Devin

      A) loan B) sell some shit C) don’t ask people on the internet for money.

  • Just(A)Theory

    Hey dan, looks like your not gonna do anymore vids so wanted to put this out there. Thanks again for another year of videos, i look forward to watching your vids anytime i get the notification. Have a merry christmas, and try not to burn anything down xD

    • MetalBomb269

      Feel that haha

  • Dan Diaz
    Dan Diaz

    Veduc more like ve3duc

  • TJM 2626
    TJM 2626

    Did i glitch in the matrix or did i miss a video somewhere

  • Matt Day
    Matt Day

    Wish Dan would give us an update on how he likes his purple mattress. Been over a year and I want to see what he thinks of them before I buy one.

    • Bryant Sanchez
      Bryant Sanchez

      i’ve had mine for a year love it but it does get a low spot in the top bedding after about a year but you can easily replace that part

  • m 88
    m 88

    so cute hes grown a beard xD

  • Just(A)Theory

    You alright dan o-o

  • RYANo

    I’m anxious how this ambulance is gonna turn out! What are the plans for the exterior?

  • Houtan Mc
    Houtan Mc

    you will have tons of body roll ...

  • bobelgv3

    Dude hell yeah! Keep up the good work man!

  • JayDee

    Is he living in it?

  • matrixownz

    video every other day in December lol

  • Jimmy Young
    Jimmy Young

    Nice ass, king.

  • Devin Maney
    Devin Maney

    Dan you should start an onlyfans but only do activities using a sawsall


    Dan eats poop for breakfast. Haha, Dan I made a funE.

  • Alistair Rigby
    Alistair Rigby

    Hi Dan, hope your having a great day.

  • unholynova796

    why caulk the joints? arent they welded? wouldnt that act as your sealer?

  • Zander Venuti
    Zander Venuti

    Your should of used latex coc is better

  • Ryan

    Absolutely loving this build and can't wait to see the start of the construction now that the demo is done. Please tell me that Justin is gonna wrap this thing once it's ready.


    love it

  • Kurtt

    It's coming together great! Can't wait for the finished hambulance

  • Dylan Andersen
    Dylan Andersen

    Call the damn hambalam!

  • CashApp-DecoyDelirious

    How does a simple man like me go about getting all that trash wiring harness from you 😂

  • Tucker Dale
    Tucker Dale

    What does a pig take to the ER? He rides in a HAMBULANCE If y’all use this joke at least give me credit

  • Anakyn

    dan is my husbando

  • The GorillaBiker
    The GorillaBiker

    "ok nevermind that's not there" :D Hahaha

  • Gerben van de Steeg
    Gerben van de Steeg

    What’s demoltion though?

  • Chrisman622

    Somewhere in Texas Matt Carriker is crying a single tear for the title of this video.

  • plageran

    Now the real shitshow begins 😁😁

  • The Italian Dandy
    The Italian Dandy

    Its not veduc anymore since you skipped some days

  • Porkycheun

    You should put a sticker "Call an Hambulance, but not for Meeee!!!".

  • 8eewee

    Why be productive when I can watch someone else do it. It's coming along nicely!

  • Marcel Bornman
    Marcel Bornman

    Love the content. Shorter than usual but I guess it aint easy putting out 10min plus videos every day. Just not enough hours in a day. Appreciate it though much love

  • Albin karpelin
    Albin karpelin

    A tip for when useing silicone to make joints, spray with some soapwater so the silicone cant stick to other stuff so when you clean it up to make it nice it wont stick to fingers or surrounding areas. Thats how i do it when i make sailboats at least C:

  • Moonman

    can you imagine dan with a plasma cutter

  • Joseph Vecchio
    Joseph Vecchio

    hey dan once u have finished the ambulance, u should do some research with HAM, for what interior designing he wants, have a look at some tiny homes ideas. you cna always google them :) TINY HOMES

  • Just(A)Theory

    Im partial to a oxyacetylene torch personally, but that gets a lil messy xD

  • Just(A)Theory


  • Charles T
    Charles T

    Dan made one straight cut and said to him self- i should inform people on how to use a sawzall!

  • Logan Marek
    Logan Marek

    Fucking mint

  • Atlantacars77

    I didn’t realize I was on snap chat

  • Jonathan Tantillo
    Jonathan Tantillo

    He got a lot of practice with the sawzall from the fix body🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Brian Walden
    Brian Walden

    Hell Yeah Ham!!!!!!!

  • MotoTaco

    Can i have "The Art Of Sawzall" on tape please?

  • Alex Lerman
    Alex Lerman

    Dan just be a professional fucker upper.

  • Ethan Chudy
    Ethan Chudy

    I did autobody on ambulances. Half of the ones you see on the road are mostly made of body filler and have been repainted a few times. I do not miss that job.

  • brenden breezee
    brenden breezee

    dan... buy a cricut maker and engrave all the exposed aluminum with art and then you can trace it or some s***.

  • Tyler Snodgrass
    Tyler Snodgrass

    Dan the Man with a Sawzaw Plan

  • Solearch

    Great tips, thanks.

  • leo T
    leo T


  • Beaner_from Yuma
    Beaner_from Yuma

    Dan I watched the whole ad please get a plasma cuter it would make cutting shit easier

  • Dizzi

    new channel: dan the construction man

  • flustercuck

    dan the handy man

  • James Semple
    James Semple

    Build a bedroom above the cab of the van... essentially like a Class C motor home would look like. It would free up a lot of space down below

  • Red Man
    Red Man

    What's the deal with the notch in the background 🤔🤔🤔

  • Red Man
    Red Man

    YEE YEE!!!!🤘

  • Freddie the Fly
    Freddie the Fly

    Looking good. Next steps will be fun to watch.

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor

    Get a rubber grommet on the passthrough for the wiring

  • Alex Stran
    Alex Stran

    did anyone else notice the spark that dan got shocked by at 2:51 lol

  • Zac Guy
    Zac Guy

    we need our full 15-20 minutes dan

  • Mazer Rackham
    Mazer Rackham


  • MoxiesonTV

    Loving the videos dan! Keep it up man

  • Miguel Colon
    Miguel Colon

    So basically the entire video was dan cutting a box and applying silicone and explaining what he was going to do for 4:52 thanx dan😄👍

    • Fastt C
      Fastt C

      @Austin Darks nah I shouldn’t have to go.. he should make his subs happy.. we do pay his bills and allow him to do all the cool stuff he does..

    • Miguel Colon
      Miguel Colon

      @Austin Darks dude keep reading, I'm not saying he should make 45 min videos that phucking nuts and I'm not asking him to post everyday gotdam

    • Austin Darks
      Austin Darks

      @Fastt C then go? He’s stated so many times he’s doing the things he wants to do, not recording videos he doesn’t want to make just to please people. Talk about disrespectful

    • Austin Darks
      Austin Darks

      @Miguel Colon You realize he’s a human right? Do you know how much filming and editing these videos take? Especially now that he’s doing a video everyday? You guys make it sound like you’d be cranking out 45 min videos daily if you were doing this. Leave him be

    • Miguel Colon
      Miguel Colon

      @Idek1000 keep reading, I dont expect him to make 20 min vids

  • RoseForKayle

    i cant wait for the build out on the ambulance

  • Jaxon Kennedy
    Jaxon Kennedy

    dan should start a cyberpunk 77 gaming channel!

  • Riley Dunevent
    Riley Dunevent

    Great VEDUC, so sad it coming close to an end. Also I was on Instagram earlier and I saw your water heater was still out and I assume your landlord has checked everywhere for the part but there is this place called Fox Appliances and they sometimes have stuff like that and before when our stove went out we had to get a part to fix it and everywhere it was on back order but we walked right in and told them what we need and he immediately knew what it was and told us they had one left. Walked out 10 minutes later and installed it and the oven worked again. So just might want to try to suggest that place to him to look and there are 5 locations around Atlanta. I would hate for when it snow next week like it’s supposed to here in north Georgia and you be with out hot water.

  • Momo

    It’s a SAWZ ALL..... not a saws aw... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Cody Gleason
    Cody Gleason

    Art of sawzaw Dan: cut along the seams and get straight cuts Me: *chops off muffler* like that?

  • Sylvester Borowik
    Sylvester Borowik

    Dan the SawZaw specialist, Destroyer of Medical grade interriors and Welder of all purpose automotive grade interriors

  • Ethan Butler
    Ethan Butler

    any weld can be good weld with grinder

  • Jeep Outdoor Adventures
    Jeep Outdoor Adventures

    I hey there DAN!!!

  • Toking 204
    Toking 204

    Ham's Hambulance needs a Ham radio.

  • Dragon Dem
    Dragon Dem

    rip to the short vid, but better than no vid

  • Ryan Warburton
    Ryan Warburton


  • Phoenix

    You should cut two cars in half and weld the fronts together

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas

    No show and tell D:

  • Brandon Freeman
    Brandon Freeman

    Notice me Dan I have a magna ;)

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