The Magna FINALLY Returns...
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  • John

    the real reason he lowered the 95 was to get the magna in there easier

    • Jace Gerald
      Jace Gerald

      @Wade Marvin Yea, I've been using flixzone for years myself :D

    • Wade Marvin
      Wade Marvin

      Pro trick : you can watch series on flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies during the lockdown.

  • Raisin Bran
    Raisin Bran

    What’s the best diff for an obs?

  • Brennan Frakes
    Brennan Frakes

    Turbo the magna

  • Logan Scofield
    Logan Scofield

    Oh yo Dan, you got me into working on vehicles and I didn't know anything about vehicles before watching you're videos. Thank you man.

  • TGR Ghostrider
    TGR Ghostrider

    Great to see the magna again... Man i miss my 3 that i owned

  • Dan Delzotto
    Dan Delzotto

    Is the magna done yet? Can't wait to see it again

  • huseynn

    who is dis weak boi and where is dan

    • huseynn

      i've just watch tummy problems video, sorry for tgat bro take care ill be back in 1 year 😅

  • Henry

    You could do spoke wheels, I love that style. Happy to see the Magna again

  • John Armstrong
    John Armstrong

    Who remembers back when the magna was used in TWD


    Whatever you’re doing Dan it’s working because you got a ben Shapiro add

  • Fukou da
    Fukou da

    Came for the Magna, stayed for the truck. My first vehicle was a 96 sierra so seeing that dash is really hitting me.

  • Cahill Photography
    Cahill Photography

    Dan you do not need resistors for reverse lights

  • Steve R
    Steve R

    Chrome wheels and paint the magna Red. Match the truck. Lol 😆

  • Eqwinoxe

    Ouuu I got the same wheels for my 67 Impala. Love how they look

  • Kory Burdette
    Kory Burdette

    That a z28 in the background? My eyes may be deceiving me.....

  • Clint McNeese
    Clint McNeese

    Those are my favorite trucks love it man!

  • Christopher Pia
    Christopher Pia

    That truck with Magna in the back look perfect. I really did the risers and handle bars on the Magna, what are they? looking forward to whats in the future!!

  • Wingstar

    That truck looks amazing with those rims! Even though I personally wouldn't put them on my truck, it really completes the look We also have the same head unit haha

  • J_V_13F_76

    if your going to haul the bean bag bikes, you should just spend the cash and get some airbags for the rear to keep the truck level and stop from the rear sagging. Easy install, not expensive, and helps a ton. On top of that, if you sell the truck, take the airbags off and put them on your next beater bud.

  • Aaron

    Finally a Dan sized truck! No wonder you love it so much! Great to see the Magna making a return.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Hey man if you do the lift on the Rebel could you do the BDS 4” lift. I know you’ll be no shit about it. I’ve heard good things but need a trusted opinion. Lol

  • TheZmt325

    I had the same problem with my fender roller on my c1500. But, I cussed it a lot more.

  • William S
    William S

    15:53 That look says "bi7ch tf you say?" lmfao thats all i could think.

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob

    I could not live anywhere near a train... I feel bad for you and your neighbors.

  • hydrakiller

    Dan I'm not gonna lie I miss the moto vlogs and I'm sure a lot of other people do as well. I was just wondering if we could possibly get some more scattered in here and there. Love you buddy thanks for keeping me smiling and entertained in these hard times.

  • Pompa Tj
    Pompa Tj

    Anyone else miss the old intro? I just saw it and got really nostalgic

  • Bmx Enthusiast
    Bmx Enthusiast

    I'm 17 I have a 1990 chevy cheyenne 1500. But the previous owner put I think 2 more leaf springs in the rear so it's pretty much a 2500 can't see shit out the back with the tailgate up lol

  • Indiana Street Scene
    Indiana Street Scene

    You don't have to do resistors to run led reverse lights. They don't have to flash they just have to come on

  • Michael

    You won’t need resistors for LED’s in the reverse bulbs. Only blinkers, to stop hyper flash. So go for it man

  • Bowtie Boy502
    Bowtie Boy502

    7:00 ‘’Not a build”

  • LucklessStone13

    Aux beam has resistors built in and they’re super bright with good quality I have them almost the whole way around my car and they look amazing have been going for a while in there

  • Christopher Jimerson
    Christopher Jimerson

    I think I might be obsessed with that truck too..

  • Edward Mullinax
    Edward Mullinax

    But this is not a build

  • Joe Guy
    Joe Guy

    What ever happened to the 18 wrangler from 74 auto? You made like 1 or 2 videos with it, qnd we haven't seen it since.

  • DJ 3K
    DJ 3K

    Be me Get excited cuz dan finally posts a bike video 15 minutes of truck 1 minute of standing around bike

  • Brandon Casso
    Brandon Casso

    Ham is losing massive amount of weight. Good for him!

  • Apex Moto Ryder
    Apex Moto Ryder

    Next aliment 😂 looks great dan!

  • Chris H
    Chris H

    Dan, you inspired me to get into bikes, and my first is a 99 magna.

  • Hoof’s Moto
    Hoof’s Moto



    I love when Dan shifts his accent from standard to southern twang and then back, all within a span of like 15 seconds lolol

  • Alice Adams
    Alice Adams

    I can't wait to start watching The Dudley again

  • Brap 69HD
    Brap 69HD

    Are you doing drugs

  • Notorious Nur
    Notorious Nur

    Bruh the last time his videos showed up on my feed was the last time the magna returned... I think it's a sign

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    I didn't think you made videos anymore.. they don't pop up on my feed. Truck is clean af

  • Corey 01
    Corey 01

    Just slap a ls7 in the truck and theirs you go.

  • jack lastname
    jack lastname

    U should weld the diff before u change it and go drift it

  • CasperDaPyro

    I must say, you have inspired me to do quite a few things I've never thought I would want. First getting a motorized bike (although not a motorcycle I thought I could learn basics of riding one without spending a bunch of money so I can get my license and be confident). Next was a fire truck rv (similar to an ambulance rv) and now I want an OBS! Keep up the great work and tell your friend thank you for his service! I did volunteer fire for a few myself. Due to health though I cant do it anymore.


    No cema tu troca chu!!!

  • Red Busa Ridin
    Red Busa Ridin

    What happened to Laura's gixxer???

  • Christopher Zawadski
    Christopher Zawadski

    I think a lot of us enjoy the mangas classic look plus you can’t beat the sound of that engine on it


    hey, Dan.. you cussing again... lol weren't we suppose to tell you not to do that? 8:54 LOL

  • Douknowgregg

    Anyone call Dan a lesbian lately?

  • HF Ricers
    HF Ricers

    O also where is the cam and straight pipes?

    • HF Ricers
      HF Ricers

      O diff swap and 411 gears I got yah

  • Jesse’s Spot
    Jesse’s Spot

    Let’s trade bikes I’ll give you my 05 gsxr 1000 that needs a rim fairings and a new ignition and you give me the your sharpie bike😂😂😂😂😂😂😂don’t worry you can keep the fairings 😂

  • HF Ricers
    HF Ricers

    Yes Dan fuck a torque wrench

  • CamaroMac

    Would you want under glow for the truck?

  • wtfn garage
    wtfn garage

    Hey my friends car was stolen in Radcliff Kentucky post ing here to try to git help finding it ohio plat Hdy9134 ita a black lexus ls400 contract calvin drinkwater on Facebook if you find anything about the car

  • Thomas

    Yo is that a lunkers hat

  • preston mortenson
    preston mortenson

    Supercharged LT4 4L80E

  • Zayne Vailes
    Zayne Vailes

    Not a build ls swapped and dropped

  • Adam Sholar
    Adam Sholar

    You should definitely swap a VFR engine into the Magna, they run forever, make good power, sound amazing, and have VTEC

  • Tanner Brewer
    Tanner Brewer

    If you ever motor swap it don’t do a 5.3 or 6.0 go 383 carb with a big ole cam

  • Tyler Felland
    Tyler Felland

    Would love to see some spoked wheels on the magna. I’m still obsessed with the ones you put on the Shadow

  • Kenneth Yeager
    Kenneth Yeager

    new year new dan, i love it

  • Yeetus Maximus
    Yeetus Maximus

    Puro taquache cuh

  • My Buddy Eric
    My Buddy Eric

    “This does put a smile on my face”

  • Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins

    Hell yes this is what I have been waiting for!!! Love your videos Dan keep it up Bro!!

  • Dakota S
    Dakota S

    To bad you don’t motovlog anymore

  • Peter Sluder
    Peter Sluder

    Haven’t been here in a while and this just popped up on my feed, hyped.

  • OtterConnor

    I'm an early subscriber who has followed you since before your black r6 accident. I remember the f4i, before you found your magna. I remember the wheelie practice videos you made that were your first videos. I'm glad that occasionally we can see bikes even though you're moving away from that, even though it makes me sad that we don't get motovlogs anymore.

  • lee mast
    lee mast

    Thai is the content we needed

  • Christian Kunzel
    Christian Kunzel

    “It’s not a project”

  • Tony Rides Dirtbikes
    Tony Rides Dirtbikes

    Every now and then I check back, and I wonder. Do you ever completely finish anything? No hate, genuinely curious.

  • Celticwarrior123


  • nicholas wong
    nicholas wong

    will the magna start in its current state?

  • Ray Blaze
    Ray Blaze

    What happened to Jake the garden snake?

  • zachary miller
    zachary miller

    That bike is still the best thing u got IMO

  • Mr. Sir01
    Mr. Sir01

    Waiting for the video “the H2 returns” lol

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith

    Magna = my heart

  • Jimbo Walker
    Jimbo Walker

    I wonder if dan said “the saying” after strapping down the bike in the bed of the truck

  • Robert Fogg jr
    Robert Fogg jr

    I just ordered that atoto radio for my truck. What do you think of it

  • Houston Hotdog
    Houston Hotdog

    Hey Dan can I borrow ur fender roller?

  • James Queen
    James Queen

    Do it with “it’s not a project”

  • Hunter Swenson
    Hunter Swenson

    As a proud owner of a Magna, I can say I've never clicked on a video faster, nor with this big of a smile on my face!!!

  • yul702

    Might wanna fix the rust on the sides of the truck before it gets serious if you really like it

  • Harley Munn
    Harley Munn

    Monroe air shocks for the back. Got them on mine. Works great.

  • duncan king
    duncan king


  • David Kosela
    David Kosela

    Gotta recreate the sharpie bike

  • snacktical

    hey guys, just letting yall know this still isnt a project truck

  • Makin Waves
    Makin Waves

    Fyck yea!!!

  • mayelo bob
    mayelo bob

    The truck needs 17x11 billets


    love it

  • move177

    Wie bei 11:00 alle TÜV-Prüfer Schnappatmung bekommen.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    Air shocks work well for any height

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    Truck looks great for 1995. Retro is the new, new.

  • Scott Campbell
    Scott Campbell

    I buy at least middle of the road stuff. How can tail lights be any good at $50! Good beef is not cheap and cheap beef is not good.

  • Zachary Stoltz
    Zachary Stoltz

    I only came back because I saw the Magna

  • Sam Wilson
    Sam Wilson

    I love the content now. But I really do miss Motorcycle stuff. It’s weird. When I first started watching diwd I wasn’t into bikes. Now that he isn’t do much bike stuff I have one and and I’m super into it

  • CBRboy1717

    The Magna motor should have 79hp. A VF1000R motor has 122-125hp. DO ITTTTTTT.......

  • Blagojce Strezoski
    Blagojce Strezoski

    Holy shit dan still like bikes