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    What about the Stang I was enjoying that

  • Foolgazy

    Who butchered your haircut

  • Fuk Yoo
    Fuk Yoo

    When pssys get butt hurt that you can afford more then one project car at a time.

  • Mckinnley Teague
    Mckinnley Teague

    There isn’t but two kinds of people in this world. A person that does not have any projects, and a person with to many projects. I’d pick to many projects any day.

  • Will Hodgson
    Will Hodgson

    Dan’s excitement is just what I needed right now, I’m literally lmao

  • devil6spawn

    Lmao iv got 40 projects going at the same time lmao sorry just over should I say as I build everything and anything I can find if I have the cash to do I'm going to build it lol

  • Elisabeth Charriez
    Elisabeth Charriez

    Totally agree about multitasking!!

  • Brother T
    Brother T

    SUCK. My fuckin peen. -Dan, Do it With, circa 2020

  • Drag0nMasterL

    i have about 5 restorations in the work right now lol keep going dan

  • Apache Woodcraft
    Apache Woodcraft

    Lmfao. Fuk em

  • Zander Rowlinson
    Zander Rowlinson

    Different projects are like video games we all have that one game that we love to death but you still get bored or you just don’t really want to play at the time so you start playing a different game so when you do go back to the one game it’s more nostalgic

  • Skid Corp
    Skid Corp

    listening to dan preach while cooked is so satisifing

  • William Prentice
    William Prentice

    I start lots of projects. Sometimes one burns you out, then you work on another !!! I definitely understand

  • CoopDiggitty 88
    CoopDiggitty 88

    Only thing I "hate" about multiple projects is the curiosity on some projects that seem to "disappear". But honestly, I really could care less. Dan in general is entertaining. I could watch 10 minutes of "cooking with Dan", lawn mower vlogs, or 10 minutes of Jackson belly rubs...

  • Joshua Lehmann
    Joshua Lehmann

    Dan has been my favorite youtuber since I started watching him back when he got his BMSCUBU

  • Zakary butler-brown
    Zakary butler-brown

    Whatever it is Dan be doin I’m here for it. Been subbed for years now. It would be cool to see a build off in the shop 🤔

  • Steve Waunch
    Steve Waunch

    Fuck ya Dan!!!!🤘🤘🤘🤘 Love that energy brah, keep doing you!!

  • Thomas Dubé
    Thomas Dubé

    Dan start more projects before you finish one. Thanks 🙂🙂🤠

  • TwistedTurtle

    I don't think it's so much finish one before starting another. I think when it comes to your viewers it's more of a can you finish one project at all before starting a new one every other week. And with that I would love to see the dually finished, and camaro, and mustang, and fiero...😁

  • Bee Wheelin
    Bee Wheelin

    Please dan just put them in a playlist so we know what videos are on what cars it gets confusing my guy

  • Cody Niswonger
    Cody Niswonger

    Now watch, ya gon fuck it up when you go to clean up your wiring. Happens to the best of us. It’s why I don’t work on electrical lmao


    love it

  • Andrew Heintzelman
    Andrew Heintzelman

    Love this episode! The sheer excitement about the wiring was fantastic, glad you got it working! Keep up the good work

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin

    F them start another project just cause

  • Zexct HD
    Zexct HD

    Dan. Where did “The Interesting Item of the Day” go?

  • Ruben Sousa
    Ruben Sousa

    2:06 took it like a champ

  • therealmccarty

    You should clip your second “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you IRbin” (with the double birds) and then inject that into future videos EVERY time the comments get shitty :D

  • NinjasInPyjamaz

    i always have more than one project at a time for the simple reason that if one day i get pissed with one project i get to fuck with another one :)

  • Eli Bell
    Eli Bell

    Dan flicking the camera off gave me a fucking chuckle

  • Father Phipps
    Father Phipps

    Can't "do it" if it's finished. I'm still happily awaiting the Magna rebuild.

  • hanna jagol
    hanna jagol

    Some people can’t handle stress me the more the marry rebuilding to pickups and putting of 3.5 miles of fence by myself and I’m and Otr driver

  • SixGap

    It's not that people can't handle managing multiple projects. It's more than likely because having multiple projects/video series being worked on at the same time makes it difficult for a viewer to keep up with. You've got the 4 door Wrangler that disappeared, the Fiero that's in hiding, the Magna that you'll be working on again soon, the dually, Camaro, Mustang, and incoming exhaust swap on the C8. The projects are awesome and it's cool that you can just jump right back on to another one, but it makes it hard for new viewers understand what's going on.

  • Rusty Retard
    Rusty Retard

    I tried to sing along at the beginning but my man said “like a hurricane” Dan its “make it a hurricane”

  • Crazydrag0n101

    Dans giving us that joe rogan type of life clarity.

  • Ethan Elmore
    Ethan Elmore

    Start another project before you finish one 😎

  • myknickers

    Dan is the embodiment of the chaos theory and should never change.

  • josh burczyk
    josh burczyk

    I watched your last video like man that sucks the shift cable broke then the next day i went out plowing and my friends 08 chevy shift cable broke on me 😂

  • ThrottleJunkie

    Damn Dan this video was shorter than you!

  • WeaseL Logic
    WeaseL Logic

    Maybe you should finish the 4 before you start another 6

  • Noah Draper
    Noah Draper

    Good job dan!

  • trcampbell74

    "finish one project before doing another one".... I say, shut up. It ain't your channel! Thanks for keeping us entertained Dan!

  • Hard-Edge Painting
    Hard-Edge Painting

    Adversity diversity potato keep doing u Dan!

  • J_V_13F_76

    lmfao 4min of telling us to fuck off. I like it.

  • Eli Shmittywerminghanjensen
    Eli Shmittywerminghanjensen

    Hey Dan, do whatever the hell you want :) As long as the content keep coming I will be quite satisfied

  • robert leonardi
    robert leonardi

    Hey its not cant do it with dan, it's doit with Dan cause dans the man and can do anything he can

  • Tim Irvine
    Tim Irvine

    On this episode if DoItWithDingleberry, Dan tells his haters to go fuck themselves.

  • Chip Grip
    Chip Grip

    I learnt if you buy a fixer upper like the dualie it's difficult take's for ever ends up costing more, but loooks siick

  • Tyler Porter
    Tyler Porter

    Here’s a new phrase for ya Dan, “Finish one F*** before you give another.” 🤷🏻‍♂️ people need to chill and let you do you man.

  • Marcus M
    Marcus M

    Nah bro you can hook up a head unit you can wire a car bro good job

  • Twist And Shift
    Twist And Shift

    I like the multiple projects. Just finish ONE project regardless of how many are in-flight. Let’s see something complete.

  • Floriaan Jansen
    Floriaan Jansen

    i'm not trying to pretend that i'm tony stark... but get fucked hahahah as an electrical engineer I can relate

  • Conch

    love how excited you get man, congrats on doing something that anyone thats been around long enough knew you could do fuck dem haters

  • Matt Runyon
    Matt Runyon

    I can’t I start one and finish one I get bored of that one project I lose my will/motivation to do it

  • Harm van Barneveld
    Harm van Barneveld

    Your new toolbox is from a Dutch company! What a discovery, have fun with it.

  • Unknown Devil666
    Unknown Devil666

    All the keyboard warriors in comments need to understand that he isn’t making you watch the video, if your a old sub then you do t care what he works on/dose your here because of his energy. Seen the videos hit from riding in groups to projects and the energy level that barely changed unless his is under the weather. It’s call (do it with dan) not (do what my comments say).

  • zx10rwarrior

    When ham said its turning into the Foxboro last video I lost it lol. I didn't think you were ever going to get the wiring down. you did it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • AmericanHothead

    So happy that you didn't get a ... short. Loveya Dan

  • Aeroworks540

    Dan buys 2 more projects just because everyone says dont

  • Marcus Milan
    Marcus Milan

    Do what ever the fuck you want

  • JOSHaka OGER
    JOSHaka OGER

    Dan makes a cool camera effect and doesn't even know it 🤷🤣

  • saigaish

    Gets a couple of lights to light up and thinks he is an electrical engineer

  • BigDirtyFo

    Does the shirt come with Dan sweat already on it? If yes, I'll take 60

  • dingus153

    Fair point with the Rob Dahm comment, not even UPS could stop him from building 4 rotors

  • Andres Marquez
    Andres Marquez

    Watching your videos has given me a lot of motivation to step out of my comfort zone and just try to do a lot of new things and just constantly keep on learning new things so I’d like to thank you for that. (The dually truck videos being the biggest influence)

  • jackoghost

    well it would be nice to see a project finished before the end of times 😄

  • Chris Medlicott
    Chris Medlicott

    With your track record of accidents you should wear a fucking seatbelt damn

  • james6920061

    Kondor builds wanted to buy your wrecked car but before they could someone else bought it for like 30,000 dollars

  • Live Free . Kevin Lee
    Live Free . Kevin Lee

    "They said I COULDN'T, But then I DIWD" ...,Heck yeah!! 🤘

  • 🐋🐋🐋

    People say finish one project before you start another because if you focus on one thing you’ll have a finished product to show off. If you do everything at once it takes a lot longer to show results.

  • RYANo

    Do you have a video of how all of this (successful youtuber) happened? If not, it would make a good one! I’m curious about your thoughts on what video was the turning point, etc. etc. I’m just getting started with my channel but things are moving pretty slow, I’m curious how it was for you in the first year.

  • Hot_Pink_Bitch _
    Hot_Pink_Bitch _

    FiniSh oNe pROjeCt bEf4oEr yOu sTaRT aNoThEr

  • Adventures_of_ Dill
    Adventures_of_ Dill

    Telling Danny boi to finish a project before starting another makes Dan take on more projects. And I love it.

  • Justin Hailey
    Justin Hailey

    Faded asf watching the camera in the back glass technically im watching myself

  • OskarasNausėda

    finally, dan did the thing

  • mike manente
    mike manente

    Ive always believed in you Dan. Honestly i feel like i could build a car after watching your vids brother

  • redubskie

    Hell yea

  • iLL Flow
    iLL Flow


  • killerBEE0777

    Dan Audio is so Low...

  • Mac n Wheels
    Mac n Wheels

    Just do what you want to do Dan, as you have

  • quincy wilson
    quincy wilson

    Can you please make more do it with dickhead hoodies again please

  • nightwolf667z

    Actually Dan, since you mentioned it previously, did you have any other ideas for project bikes or is the potential idea to officially "Dan" the magna? curious because warhorse turned out pretty spicy, but would be interested to see where you go after over 2 years experience.

    • nightwolf667z

      @Do It With Dan sounds awesome man, just keep doing you and Merry Christmas to you

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Yea I have much bigger dreams now when it comes to bike building. I'm working on getting a CNC table 😅

  • Gerkin Jerkin
    Gerkin Jerkin

    Yo honestly id like to see like super short updates in between the actual videos as a kinda hey fuckin this is what you’re gonna see in the upcoming bigger video, would be neat but idk

  • rodrick 1009
    rodrick 1009

    Bruh this channel dieing and I don’t want it to :(

  • Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn
    Hightech Redneck Backyard Barn

    if dan doesnt zap himself once on this build i will be surprised.

  • thedavidzombie

    Been watching you for years man. As someone with severe A.D.D. , I like having multiple projects, when I get to a roadblock on one, go to another. Trying to finish something in one go for me is how I get burnt out on working on project cars. I love all the build videos keep on bro. I hope one of these days when I ride thru Dallas I'll get to meet you.

  • Bob Freez
    Bob Freez

    So basically I just watched 4 minutes of Dan leading up to him declaring that we should all think he's awesome! What a power move

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B

    I look soooo forward to these vlogs 😬😬😬

  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua Plantan

    I think what some people are saying with the finish one project at a time thing, is that everything takes longer with more projects. Because you devote time to each project instead of just to one individually. Think of it as you take 4 quarters and you put them in one jar as one a time, and you take 6 quarters and put 1 in a jar, 3 in another, then 2 in a different one, that's doing multiple projects at a time. Your time isn't equally spread out or put all into one thing at once so all your projects take longer. I don't mind the do multiple projects at a time. But I also don't mind the take it one at a time. Just depends. I try to think about both sides and just thought maybe to give some insight as to how those people might be 🤔

  • falconsforlifeg

    Everyone spam finish one project and then start another in the chat 😂😈

  • Tyriek Carr
    Tyriek Carr

    I have MULTIPLE projects going on at ALL times. especially programming projects

  • Jamieson Berney
    Jamieson Berney

    Dan’s face in the thumbnail is either a face of happiness or a face of “this better work or else I’m blowing it up with tannerite like that Honda Accord”

  • Sam H2
    Sam H2

    3:52 whata fucking smack💀

  • d1s4bled -_-
    d1s4bled -_-

    always believed in u dan 🤘🏻 love u man

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke

    Can we start calling it the Hambulance?

  • Prometheus

    Been watching this channel for probably 5-6 years now and never have I seen so many complaining little girls in the comment section before. I guess the more followers the more complaining little girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Keep up what you're doing Dan the majority of the followers are right there behind ya

  • Michael Bishop
    Michael Bishop

    See I can wire a helicopter and fix that shit but this stuff had me stressed

  • matthew dragon
    matthew dragon

    Damn this man watches as much IRbin as me

  • Indiana Rider
    Indiana Rider

    You need like 4 more projects tbh

  • Gizmoto

    You are such a inspiration Dan you keep me going.🙏

  • C.P. Bachowski
    C.P. Bachowski

    People have been saying "Don't start a new project before you finish the last one" because we're excited about each one. Personally, I can't wait for the Foxbody to get done but I understand how much time it takes. Keep it up Dan!