This Guy Broke Into My Shop and installed Lambo Doors on my Corvette
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  • Do It With Dan
    Do It With Dan

    That part of the video where I left out the 'Previously on' content. I think I accidently deleted the source file before I hit render. oops! check out my last video to see it I guess LOL

    • Leo Juan
      Leo Juan

      @Leo Kamari yup, been using flixzone for months myself :)

    • Leo Kamari
      Leo Kamari

      Pro trick: watch series on flixzone. I've been using them for watching lots of of movies recently.

    • F34Rdesoto

      When are u gonna use the chapter feature on longer vids its a good idea

    • Prod. NotMxkh1
      Prod. NotMxkh1

      I was like "what is the joke that I'm missing here"

    • Knox

      It happens Dan, ive made mistakes like that man, great videos though keep it up!!

  • Cody Hutton
    Cody Hutton


  • Adam Hodge
    Adam Hodge

    Yeah giggity

  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro

    Watermelon redbull is the shit no cap

  • nstg8

    The reason I've never wanted to put aftermarket Lambo doors on it because they have to go out and then up. Those aren't Lambo doors, those are liars' doors.

  • ApeX MoDs
    ApeX MoDs

    Man i love that 2nd gen camaro

  • Christian Folkner
    Christian Folkner

    That was siri cause he said yes sir or something like that and out sounded like siri

  • Chase Jackson
    Chase Jackson

    You know I don't have a problem with the corvette but I would not buy a $70,000 door stop

  • Robert Cuddahy
    Robert Cuddahy

    Haha as a guy from Boston that was good. And the aggressive pitch of your voice was on point

  • Trent Parker
    Trent Parker

    The Hambulance is haunted AF

  • Kyle Fitzgerald
    Kyle Fitzgerald

    As one of your three Boston followers, I CAN confirm we all talk like that 🤣 and yes I’m gonna drive my KAH to the Sox game

  • country friends
    country friends


  • Aiden_75

    If that was a star was blaster, you would have missed every shot

  • Benjamin

    haha i laughed so hard when u tried to say those norwegian names :P im from Norway btw

  • Jhavari Artis
    Jhavari Artis

    I would love to hang around this man when he was naming the drinks the frukt looper part had me weakkk😂🤣

  • the unknown man
    the unknown man

    I don't know why but I hate the name lambo door, the original name is a butterfly door. get it right

  • Tyler Washburn
    Tyler Washburn

    Is nobody gonna talk abt the jbl boommbox?

  • Gary Winthorpe
    Gary Winthorpe

    It kinda makes sense to call them lambo doors because Lamborghini was the first one to use scissor doors

  • Full Throttle
    Full Throttle

    R.I.P Ariel Camacho

  • CodyDoesIt

    Tim is your Cousin FROM BOSTON!

  • CodyDoesIt

    My favorite video of Dan is when you and Chase had that bird ride on the bike was you. That was epic as fuck.

  • CodyDoesIt

    Is that a FIERO in the back dropat 32 minutes?

  • CodyDoesIt

    Cranberry is the best RedBull get real Dan...

  • Foreternity

    That noise hurt me too, haha. I could definitely see it in your face

  • Uisahoebhaha

    🤣🤣🤣🤣” I got a gold ak, and I just wanna drive around with it hanging out the door!” 😂 my man 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤙😅

  • Noah Williams
    Noah Williams

    Ever the seen the Chevy with the butterfly doors? Stuntin is a habit, get like me

  • Jesse Kitchens
    Jesse Kitchens

    Legit before I blew my motor in my 01 Solara I wanted those doors on it so it would be easier in and out of the car in tight spots since it has long ass doors..

  • Jacob Tipton
    Jacob Tipton

    Great video and all but for real can we get the link to the couch?! It would be perfect for my office😭😂

  • Miner Technology
    Miner Technology

    black screen with previously LMAO. best clip ever.

  • Super Thicc Boi
    Super Thicc Boi

    It doesn't look bad

  • Justin

    I have a hole in my hand from one of those vibe cutters lmao

  • FDG Predator
    FDG Predator

    Okay but who remembers dans old intro where it was a compilation of people saying “Dan” with the cop at the end?😂 crazy how far he’s come since then

  • Michael Spurgeon
    Michael Spurgeon

    Hey man come up to blood mountain we can ride the mountains and I’ll fulfil your love for birds and we will go hunt with some falcons. Father in law is a falconer🤷‍♂️😂

  • Fry

    Previously on

  • OrangeCrush Gamer
    OrangeCrush Gamer

    I got that helmet melt shirt in black. Looks like an ice cream. It arrived Friday. Its dope AF. Only thing I wish the graphic was filled up the front more

  • James saiz
    James saiz

    I love pb blaster, has a great smell, i need that in some god damn cologne😂😂 but srsly as a body and paint repair worker it helps with not contaminating everything in a mile radius with silicone and fucking fish eye😂😂

  • Audio Tool
    Audio Tool

    The uh huh was Siri. That shit happens to me all the time! Lol


    you can always do reverse exhaust so when you hit the gas the exhaust comes out the front instead of the back like a speed warp affect lol

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart

    I knos you cant acknowledge this cause your sponsored so ignore this but for lubrication i use technicians choice invisalube. Its what my dad used to use at the Chrysler dealer, stuff can be a lil hard to find but its liquid like others but dryed and turnes into a sorta gel grease super good with hinges you cant take the pin out of so when rusted cock stiff i use wd or pb blaster, work it a ton and flush the rust dust out then invisalube and then we have taken rusted up jeep tail gate hinges that are litteraly bending the tailgate to hinges that litteraly fall open like new. Sinc eit thickens itself its also more water resistant from washing away then oil and stuff

    • Sam Stewart
      Sam Stewart

      So it enters the hinge like a thin liquid like oil or wd but turns into a grease type thing so thats why it worked so well cause rail was just washing the oil out

  • Ely Grocki
    Ely Grocki

    I’m from the Boston area and you got me dying over here😂 Mass legit has the most amount of asshole ever

  • Daniel

    i love those but how long do the shocks last

  • William Gray
    William Gray

    “Can i sit in it real quick” broo😂😂

  • datone G
    datone G

    Only thing about those doors is I don’t like how wide it opens before going up like why can’t they make a mechanism to shorten the stop at a certain point going out then up

  • plageran

    don't know why i thought of Ray Donovan, get in the kaar!! (next on DIWD self opening doorerrs XD)

  • MurderousMayhem

    I heard the "Uh huh" and was just like Lol stupid Siri

  • Trevor Wiesner
    Trevor Wiesner

    Burlacher 's sweating while watching this after the Stradman put lambo doors on his Shelby GT350

  • 508day

    Don’t do Us Bostonians DAN

  • Diamondfighter2

    Perfect now I just need a c8 corvette

  • Travis M
    Travis M

    Bring back the old intro please.

  • Zach T
    Zach T

    Aftermarket Scissor doors are just cringy imo cause it has none of the advantages of real scissor doors. You gotta open them up normally to make them go up I don't think I'd put them on any car I own But that's just me you do you

  • Zach T
    Zach T

    Huracan's don't have cool doors either

  • Shane Neville
    Shane Neville

    I got my gt500 bumper from ikon motor sports they are really good

  • Luis gtz channel
    Luis gtz channel

    Red Bull to much acid

  • austin akin
    austin akin

    You have a fuckin ambulance in your shop that people probably died in lmao 😂

  • Amethyst Gaming
    Amethyst Gaming

    it was siri

  • Christian Santamaria
    Christian Santamaria

    Fun drinking game take a shot everytime someone says lambo doors

  • TAJ Vlogs
    TAJ Vlogs

    Thanks Dan

  • Term_14

    41:00 I feel like Dan just now saw ed ed and eddy

  • Matty mischief
    Matty mischief

    What about the dragon fruit it’s good too

  • 89Vette


  • Your Eschatology‡
    Your Eschatology‡

    Dan, get a bird. I've been bird shopping too, and there's many types of birds and there's defiantly one for you. Since you have pets, there are birds that are good with other pets, some birds cuddle more, some birds sing, some mimic.

  • David J
    David J

    Lambo door should only go up, not sideway before.. :S

  • Phoenix

    I love how Dan hangs out with the people he works with

  • Xavier Richman
    Xavier Richman

    the fact the door is taller than Dan is hilarious 😂

  • Reid Levering
    Reid Levering

    Dude.... that fuck saw cut holy shit.. 🧈🧈🧈

  • Eroc

    A C8 is for people who want to think they have supercar, but can’t afford a real one …….

  • Chris Tramonte
    Chris Tramonte

    Gotta say Dan, Being from Boston your impressions are on point 🤣👌🏼👌🏼

  • Brandon Younglove
    Brandon Younglove

    You should not of went with vertical doors!!!! I had these on my 04 Cobra. During winter, the shocks will give and won’t support the weight of door. If you need to replace your fender, you’ll need to have him come out and cut again to exact or put factory hinges on. I just went through this after needing to replace front end of my Mustang.

    • Brandon Younglove
      Brandon Younglove

      Also, your fender won’t have the proper support it needs.

  • simon howel- hummel
    simon howel- hummel

    Get the rock salt Dan your shops hunted

  • drowningpool893

    Daily stop swearing so much. You got this ily

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Shit I use pb on everything I recommend it I put it on my cereal, bolts, lug nuts, sandwiches everything I recommend going to your local store it’ll Lubricate your relationship if you know what I mean 🥴💀

  • The Scofflaw
    The Scofflaw

    👍🏼. Followed Tim. Or Kyle or whatever

  • CallsignGecko

    21:50 P̸̨̙͍̙͋̌ȁ̵̤̪̦̼̻͊̀ǐ̸͙͕̖͙̞̼̤͐͛̚n̵̲͇̙͍͂̀

  • Gabe Martin
    Gabe Martin

    38:50 that uh-huh sound was definitely the door man, that door moved a few inches lmao

  • gamegoblin 13
    gamegoblin 13

    Try pb blaster or multimax on a balisong?

  • Sierra Outdoors
    Sierra Outdoors

    My truck does have the locking mechanism on the hinge... ...They just don’t work...

  • R A B
    R A B

    Dan, i think the installer had a bromance with you for a min

  • thereissomecoolstuff

    The dude was a big dude. You couldn't get him a pillow or a pad for his knees? Clown show.

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto

    He listens to Ariel Camacho 🤯🤯


    Holy crap you’re in Georgia what part are u in

  • BrianStillPlays

    you and me both bro, I love the Lambo doors, the first thing I said when it came out was it needed Lambo doors too, so I am right on with you. Hope you are doing well. How's Jax the pup? Edit: Also, when's next Dually and Hambulance builds coming next?

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    GM should’ve made the doors like the ones from a McLaren and barely put pressure when it sucks the pressure to close it softly

  • Johnny Jayy
    Johnny Jayy

    Is there a C8 with Lambo doors anywhere? If not then Dan is the first C8 owner with them

  • Andrew Hh
    Andrew Hh

    Previously on..................😂

  • Sylvester Borowik
    Sylvester Borowik

    Try contacting NOS Energy ya might have a chance at a sponsor

  • The not so simple podcast
    The not so simple podcast

    Just a Glock chilling at the passenger side 😂😂 9:59

  • Quinn Cunningham
    Quinn Cunningham

    Uh huh

  • fastfed f
    fastfed f

    Whats happening to this dude, hes starting to look like Christian Bale from the machinist :( his sub numbers haven't grown for crap. he does nothing his channel was first built upon, he was the first bike riding youtuber for gods sake

  • Geo Guerrero
    Geo Guerrero

    Ariel camacho is the goat

  • Nicholas F
    Nicholas F

    The issues with aftermarket lambo doors and what makes them look CHEAP AS FUCKKKKK is that you open the door enough to get out, and then lift them up.

  • MajesticTurtle

    That long ass black screen was soo good... Lmao

  • Kyle Riethman
    Kyle Riethman

    Anyone else get a red bull ad, right after he tried the watermelon Red Bull? Or is it just me?

  • Marino De Jesus
    Marino De Jesus

    Want to put some on my celica lol

  • Joey Graw
    Joey Graw

    Dude! You’re lowkey my idol ngl

  • Dave Marshall
    Dave Marshall

    Haven’t watched in a while and man holy shit this channel has one a long way from mowing helmet vlogs

  • Marvin A
    Marvin A


    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Almost as cringe as gym mirror flexing selfies? Cause I don't think so...

  • MrSmellyoctopus

    I miss the days when all the motovloggers were really close and always doing meetups

  • Ian The Welder
    Ian The Welder

    Sexy car papi Dan.

  • Fobian 1234
    Fobian 1234

    oh shit i have the same vape as him

  • Potato head
    Potato head

    Make ur front bumper and ur spoiler carbon fiber