We Put Over $1000 Worth of Light Bars on the HAMBULANCE | Ambulance to RV Conversion
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  • Clovis Brewer
    Clovis Brewer

    the time lap that he was talkin about that gum his boy in the back was bowin down

  • Brendan Faulkner
    Brendan Faulkner

    Air conditioners can be turned on their side for shipping and storage, but they should never be run or installed that way. All air conditioners are also dehumidifiers, and the dehumidification system relies on gravity to take water away from the unit and drain it from the bottom of the air conditioner's case.

  • burnt 650r
    burnt 650r

    How would you react if you get all done, then find out that one set of tires was like 20 pounds low and then everything is 1/4 off level ? 😅

  • Ben_from_AK Instagram
    Ben_from_AK Instagram

    Dan staring at the camera as he uses the chop saw is like when you walk your dog and he stares as he poops.

  • Joshua Plantan
    Joshua Plantan

    Should get him starlink, elons satalite internet, it's like a good 100mbps constantly, I think up to 1GB if you have a good connection

  • Jordan Pavlic
    Jordan Pavlic

    y’all should install that star link wifi on the ambulance

  • Jordan Pavlic
    Jordan Pavlic

    “the super bowl is today”...bruh it was literally a month ago

    • CasperDaPyro

      So was the recording of this video. Smh

  • BabyDanielT

    Ik I’m late but they do sell soft close pocket doors. And if u do use soft close drawer guides go Blum. I work in a cabinet shop and they’re top of the line

  • AnonymousSpidey

    Dont know whats scary Dan not wearing pertection or him looking away when using the saw LMAO

  • kn0x

    I can respect the BMTH playing in the background tbh

  • Reel Therapy Fishing
    Reel Therapy Fishing

    Anyone know the song at 8.10 ??

  • Timm B
    Timm B

    Seems like you could've bought a cheap rv and did some remodeling and came out better and cheaper. Still I love to see people try new ideas and it's making awesome content.

  • Connor Mcpike
    Connor Mcpike

    One like Every time ham says “bruhhhhh”

  • Skid Corp
    Skid Corp

    4:44 : I Swear, in every single Ambulance video, your bopin Bring me the Horizon -x

  • Christopher B
    Christopher B

    Lol, 6 inches of deep......that’s what she said!!!

  • Gregory Lenzo
    Gregory Lenzo

    I would have just used rivets and maybe a small washer. @doitwithdan

  • Mr Conner
    Mr Conner

    As someone that does contracting as a profession it makes me so happy to see all the new Milwaukee tools you’ve acquired! Keep up the great work!

  • Versace Dan
    Versace Dan

    Dan i know you’re super busy, but did you ever think about joining cleetus’ line up in the Freedom 500????

    • Wyatt Rowe
      Wyatt Rowe

      I don’t think it works like that

  • Northern Performance Group
    Northern Performance Group

    When are you going to work on the foxbody

  • Cole Knaup
    Cole Knaup

    I love that Ham is smoking in the background during the nicotine gum ad 😂😂

  • Logan Mark
    Logan Mark

    that bit straight up despaired! spooky. Wonder how long they were looking for it

    • Logan Mark
      Logan Mark

      @Do It With Dan 😂🤣that is hilarious!

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      No. I noticed it while editing and found it still inside the 2x4 lolol

    • Logan Mark
      Logan Mark

      @Do It With Dan did it fall?

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      I found it yesterday. That particular section of video was recorded like a month ago lmao

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene

    Lol at all of the comment section comedians. " omg I'm so funny everyone will love and like this comment damn I'm clever and tactful."

  • Oximog

    It's level, but is the Hambulace level...

  • Dark159ish

    4:40 Being Me The Horizon - Seen It All Before

  • Maxwell Chatman
    Maxwell Chatman

    I want to do this to a short bus

  • James Watts
    James Watts

    "He didn't do it, Brody was framed". Someone's been watching Homeland

  • Lamb Souvla
    Lamb Souvla

    Lol not for hair use lol

  • Jonathan Washington
    Jonathan Washington

    Hello I've been watching for a few now but now you have new fan and it's my one year old I'm up with him now watching a vid so he will go back to sleep. 3 days ago I was almost taken from him when I flipped my truck

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    "Because the music video has spaghetti in it" - Funhaus ?

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      100 percent

  • Charles Reynolds
    Charles Reynolds

    Everyone who watches should SUB !

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark

    Fine example of not cutting corners and taking it step by step

  • Travis Hoffman
    Travis Hoffman

    Need to put rubber grommets on all of the metal holes where wires pass through


    love it

  • Raving Gorilla
    Raving Gorilla

    ok jake paul, ur channel bombed once u got rich af

  • Rufuss33

    Ha! It’s going to be the last video on finishing the ambulance and be like you wanna cut this off..... Still cutting. 😂

  • Turbo Foxbody
    Turbo Foxbody

    *** open this door for a ham sammich** sticker needs to be made for the door below his desk ,

  • vaperainzero

    This is really coming along. Keep pumping these vids out guys. Love it

  • Reece Kutzli
    Reece Kutzli

    That outro tho lol

  • annoytodeath

    More van

  • Steve Mcqueef
    Steve Mcqueef

    Can you feel my heart

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter

    put some sliders like in cars and put it on then bottom of the fridge so it slides out

  • Brandon Roedel
    Brandon Roedel

    Ayeee Shakewell son

  • Axel Valle
    Axel Valle

    Just gotta say it, that little bit at 13:22 had me in pieces

  • Austin Price
    Austin Price

    Dan use a impact!!!! Lol

  • Jacob Freeman
    Jacob Freeman

    What was the year of that ambulance would love to find that center console and switch panel for a off-road recovery project

  • Kenneth Cole
    Kenneth Cole

    Should have put 2 bars in each housing.

  • Chris D.
    Chris D.

    Chappelle: what is a lucy? Barber brooklyn, ny : one cigarette butt at the store from the arabs

  • Zackary Brown
    Zackary Brown

    I'm quite impressed by how clean this build has been turning out. Such precision very wow much impress.

  • Ris4Root BEER
    Ris4Root BEER

    Im sorry is that voodoo walk at 6:43

  • davis wilkinson
    davis wilkinson

    Dans an og goat but this ambulance shi kinda boring but aye keep it up 😂

  • Aman

    Can't wait to see how this turns out

  • OskarasNausėda

    fyi dont use anything made by gorila glue on your hAIR

  • chris lagowski
    chris lagowski

    "Not for hair use"🤣🤣🤣💀

  • Andy Crews
    Andy Crews

    Name a more iconic duo, Dan and his Sawzall. I'll wait.

  • jermx1000

    Bring me the horizon ❤

  • Lee Macfarlane
    Lee Macfarlane

    instant smiles you use the saw and squint your eye that away from the saw but keep the one closest to it open lol never change unless you lose a body part then maybe consider it

  • Life With Tyon
    Life With Tyon

    this man has more projects than the goonsquad

  • rednecknation270

    they make metal housin look on ebay or amazon

  • danny savage
    danny savage

    hi dan you need to try a e scooter very fun but fast

  • Makin Waves
    Makin Waves

    seriously cant wait to see how this turns out, i love this shit!!! also damn fine wood work, keep it up!

  • Bastakks

    G'damn, Dan. Repeat after me. It's 'SAWZ ALL.. SAWZALL.'

  • Freddie the Fly
    Freddie the Fly

    Excellent! How is the ice chest going to open up being under that piece of wood?

  • Paul Watson
    Paul Watson

    That look u give the camera while cutting....Jim from the office💯

  • Sam Stewart
    Sam Stewart

    Lmao just get some saftey glases

  • Ben VanLue
    Ben VanLue

    Seriously can’t wait to see the final product Dan. Love the awesome content as always 🤙

  • Mil Moto
    Mil Moto

    dont worry im subscribed

  • William Chapline
    William Chapline

    He’s playing bring me the horizon again for us

  • Saiga12 HTX
    Saiga12 HTX

    Great job brother! Coming along great!!

  • ThiccGIngerAle

    Put two back up camera one high, one low, and two side cameras. That would be pretty sick and also function as security

  • Jonah Larson
    Jonah Larson

    Please tell me you are going to run the wires through rubber grommets in the holes so they don't just rub raw and ground out on the ambulance

  • joshua avila
    joshua avila

    Make the wall above the entrance of the driver area a closet in a way

  • Richard Kruse
    Richard Kruse

    Right at the end he straight up just gives them people that aren't subbed the gears about not being subbed LOL 🤣 "that's kinda bullshit, sooo yeah do that......Thanks" 🤣

  • sawyer tabit
    sawyer tabit

    Whelen makes direct LED replacements for those exterior emergency lights.

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Most of the lights we removed were the LED flashers and strobes. But since it's no longer an actual ambulance, we needed to remove the flashers. They are only 4 wire flashers and as far as I know you can't force wire them on/off only.

  • Evan Does Stuff And Things
    Evan Does Stuff And Things

    Dan can do anything with a sawzall and a dream

  • Knight Lovell
    Knight Lovell

    God this was recorded like a month ago lol

  • That.Chill.Speedsofter

    Just made a insta post about how he's trying to be safer. First clip of the video he cuts without safety glasses and we'll looking away from the blade

  • Patrick Martel
    Patrick Martel

    i love how during the add break for a gum to help you quit smoking, Ham is casually smoking in the background.

  • Owen G
    Owen G

    Hey Dan, probably a lil late for this project but I'm pretty sure you can flip the blade in the sawzall so that the body it is in the comfortable orientation instead having to hold it the way you usually do to cut upwards

  • Young T
    Young T

    This vid is really old lol Super Bowl was Feb 7

  • CreepyToaster

    You should make “it’s just work” Merch. It’s been a really inspiring quote for me!

  • The lord of Gartukl
    The lord of Gartukl

    Wait a minute what about insulation

  • Brandon


  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Goddamn y’all are almost a month out on videos. Video dan hasn’t even gone through the winter storm

  • Gabe Hintzsche
    Gabe Hintzsche

    Dan: Ham bought this ambulance, it’s gonna be a quick project and it’s gotta be done because Ham doesn’t have a house right now Also Dan: 6 months, and he’s still trying to take it apart

    • TheCobruhAlienat0r

      After seeing Dan's house in the videos I'd want Dan to take his time as well while I get to enjoy that nice house rent free.

  • Jamie Ryan
    Jamie Ryan

    Dan not do any of bike vlog any more 😟😞

  • mrfordfairmont

    with the lights and mounting yes glue but you can cut a small plate to clamp the light in as well and would make it stronger it is coming along nicely

  • Thomas Burkhart
    Thomas Burkhart

    dude’s saying half us haven’t subscribed...bro, i’ve been subbed since the good ol’ days of vlogging

  • Nathaniel S. Sexton
    Nathaniel S. Sexton

    Hey Dan the ambulance is from port city ambulance

  • Alex Lerman
    Alex Lerman



    On average how much do you smoke before getting started on a project 😂

  • Brett Flesch
    Brett Flesch

    20:39 I hear that peep 🙂

  • Didney Lan
    Didney Lan

    Yo heatwave visuals throw this man some safety glasses

  • Chris Keith
    Chris Keith

    dans the type of guy to measure a 2 by 4

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Every time! With the way wood be right now, I'm getting 1/4 of an inch difference in these boards and even as much as a half inch. Slim pickings!

  • Jeshua offroad
    Jeshua offroad

    For sure still my favorite IRbinr! Watching this guy for long time and has always been someone I look up too for his hard work.

  • Brandon Walpole
    Brandon Walpole

    Dude above the door way going to the drivers seat yall should put a tv in the spot. Its the perfect spot and out of the way.

  • 2jfourstroke TTV
    2jfourstroke TTV

    Dan with some vans in a van

  • Cole Radcliff
    Cole Radcliff

    At 10:20 I thought I accidentally skipped to a particular trucking IRbinr lol

  • Chase Kennedy
    Chase Kennedy

    Around the time of talking about the LED LIGHT fuse panel, why does it sound like a squirrel clicking

  • MrLostinlife2010

    I like that product placement at 14:30.

  • evo

    I'mma just call you RonalDANho from now on with them NO LOOK cuts on the mitre saw. How you liking the Laguna tablesaw btw bruv? looking at getting one meself.

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      I remember when I bought it thinking it was absurdly expensive. Especially since when I bought it, I had little woodworking experience. However, I am totally justified in it's price for sure now.