We Took the Doors off My Car to do DONUTS
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NEW MERCH: www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/do-it-with-dan
NEW MERCH: www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/do-it-with-dan
NEW MERCH: www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/do-it-with-dan
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  • Do It With Dan
    Do It With Dan

    The Response on my new shirt designs have been OUTSTANDING! Thank you so much yall :) www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/do-it-with-dan

    • Toasted Orange
      Toasted Orange

      Dan. Back to the point, shoulda been bout how it's yo damn car and they'd look cool as fuck on them

    • David Lindsey
      David Lindsey

      My "safety third" shirt is scheduled to arrive on Monday, I can't wait. Love the message at the end of the video and I hope you're doing well. Your content is consistently awesome, keep doing you!

    • Merrick Williams
      Merrick Williams

      hey dan watching you rip the vette around made me remember and miss when you had gotten your honda cbr 1000r for the first time. man that was a ling time ago. also. please bring back the old intro just one last time?

  • Nick Thaxton
    Nick Thaxton

    terror Reid bumping

  • Landen Mckelvey
    Landen Mckelvey

    Y’all looked at a Sabre right?

  • Andrew

    You don't know how much the ending of the video with the text just helped me. Idk.. I've had a lot going on and I've been feeling down and that just lifted my spirits somehow. Keep doing your thing my man. I've watched your videos for years and hopefully I'll continue that trend for years to come. Keep up the great work and I genuinely hope you and your family and friends are all doing well.

  • CodyDoesIt

    "TINY" Tim

  • Lust

    @Do It With Dan you have to wipe off the camera lens more lol, great vids tho!

  • Rexity

    it had to have been an Elva because you called it a go kart lol

  • Mike Parks
    Mike Parks

    Dude in the rolls really looked like ice cubes son lol

  • Dominic Hanna
    Dominic Hanna

    shoulda taken the hard top off too

  • Apple Song
    Apple Song

    at all fun and games till the door delete c8 pull up to the meet

  • Brandon Combs
    Brandon Combs

    Casually going 65 on 92😂😂

  • Storms The Reaper
    Storms The Reaper

    That outro makes me feel better.

  • Andrew quigley
    Andrew quigley

    Crazy to see that IRbin is surprising the channel so much I literally haven’t gotten a notification from your channel In months and by the views I can see I’m probably not the only one you should try to get into contact with IRbin and see what the fuck is up cuz there’s no way you go from millions of views per video to tens of thousands while the content quality is equal and or better than previously some absalute bullshit my friend I’ve been here since the r6 crash lmao

  • marcus sievert
    marcus sievert

    That red 1st gen Toyota pickup was clean

  • Joshua Urton
    Joshua Urton

    The ending really hit me. Literally the first vid i watched after a hard time. Thanks Doitwithdickhead

  • Devin Wyatt
    Devin Wyatt

    Shouldve took the roof off too

  • OskarasNausėda

    Koenigsegg doors are the best

  • Uuel Hempkin
    Uuel Hempkin

    Do ever do anymore motorbike s these days

  • Qwalay

    18:36 tell me why i was waiting to hear the door shut sound

  • josh osborn
    josh osborn

    what was the song at 22:39


    Butterfly doors is the real name

  • Gmo

    The end card reminds me of the ending messages for the unusual memes channel. So sweet

  • 12_SouthernPride_13

    Butterfly’s doors!

  • Chandler Simm
    Chandler Simm

    Hey Dan, I'm a bit late but check out the vantop 4k dashcam. Would work perfect for wanting a rear view camera in your cars.

  • Alex Kokoska
    Alex Kokoska

    I really love your inspirational talks at the end of these. They genuinely mean a lot

  • ChatteringTeeth

    No inspirational messages from dan at the end of the video! why live???

  • daniel lowe
    daniel lowe

    Yo what up with the rpm act you gonna talk about that try and get some motivation going for the people to put a stop to this

  • 69_Dixon Cider
    69_Dixon Cider

    You can really feel the tension between Dan and his doors this episode... Yikes lmao

  • TwoStomach

    hell yea rockin terror reid

  • Yur Mum
    Yur Mum

    Am I the only one with a problem because Justin was smoking in the c8?

  • Jordan Picard
    Jordan Picard

    Man, that little inspiration bit at the end, that hit, I’ve been down as hell this week. Preciate you man

  • zwilltx

    should have taken the roof off for added freedom.

  • J3


  • Colby Noland
    Colby Noland

    Kinda curious what was at the dealership that wasn't being able to be filmed

  • Tiny Johnson
    Tiny Johnson

    That’s Bernie sanders in that Porsche 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zach Detour
    Zach Detour

    That at the end... I genuinely needed that ❤️

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson

    Anyone else just counting how many times he says "doors" or it it just me? 🤣

  • mrfordfairmont

    got your self a v8 go cart...

  • G͓̽r͓̽i͓̽m͓̽m͓̽

    you're going to have nothing but problems don't do it man!

  • 4C’s Garage
    4C’s Garage


  • Travis Anderson
    Travis Anderson

    appreciate you!

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    Yeah that old definitely not a Porsche like old man Bernie

  • CasperDaPyro

    That ending 😭😭😭

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings


  • JJ

    I need to know what the vehicle they couldn't show at the dealership was

  • Nazira Martina
    Nazira Martina

    When are you going to do another cooking with Dan ? If you want to.

  • vx Scenario
    vx Scenario

    Whatching you doing this pulls with the camaro I remembered that I got my first ticket today in my el Camino for 42mph over in a 65 zone 😂 clocked at 107 but I was already letting out when I got clocked

  • 81rfrench

    It's fuckin weekend at bernies in the yellow Porsche. 😆

  • xXSkyRimGODXx

    the kind messages at the end of your amazing videos are always appreciated dude, thank you. hope youre doing well too

  • MrSnowrocks

    Real fake doors

  • william murwin
    william murwin

    I really needed that message. Thanks Dan

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Its the kind words at the end for me.

  • Camaro Kenny
    Camaro Kenny

    Take a shot every time you hear the word - DOOR(S)

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Can I get scissor doors on my 97 chevy astro?

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    Dont go to jail for this one to lol

  • Gabe Hintzsche
    Gabe Hintzsche

    Can I get lambo doors on my Ford Fusion? Because you said anything

  • Apex Moto Ryder
    Apex Moto Ryder

    Just call them suicide doors

  • Nico Brouwer
    Nico Brouwer

    Unexpected outro 😂

  • James Dupuy
    James Dupuy

    Thank You Dan!

  • SpaceCat Gaming
    SpaceCat Gaming

    I’m sure nobody cares but I’m putting “ DeLorean” doors on of 04 ram😂

  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore

    this video gave me so much serotonin

  • mark matter
    mark matter

    Nicotine patch and gum then u never have to smoke and can buy all the expensive shit u want

  • Jeremy Howard
    Jeremy Howard

    Imagine me having scissor doors on my 05 Dodge Ram lol

  • Foreternity

    Love you Dan! In a non homophobic buy you a beer kinda way haha

    • Foreternity

      And I needed that at the end there, lifes been rough lately

  • darkherosolidox

    This is gms 200000 dollar c8, that comes without doors lol


    Vantop makes a kit that goes over your mirror and it has a forward facing camera and a remote reverse facing camera that you can wire anywhere

  • SampleHalo 246
    SampleHalo 246

    No Domino's sign on the roof? Justin still has you beat then, Dan.

  • Sean Moore
    Sean Moore

    Thanks for the outro message Dan, needed it

  • Josh Yost
    Josh Yost

    Did I miss something, but what happened to the rebel?

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson

    New thing added to the bucket list: Do donuts without doors on -also thank you for the message at the end, I really needed it

  • will martyniw
    will martyniw

    That outro was beautiful. Thanks Dan! A pleasure watching the vids as always 🤙

  • Cameron Randazzo
    Cameron Randazzo

    “His last ride”😂😂

  • Jared Bowles
    Jared Bowles

    5$ to who can count how many times “door” was said this episode

    • agentwoofoo ace
      agentwoofoo ace


  • Kurtt

    Dan with withe kind words at the end

  • William Wear
    William Wear

    5:49 god damn look at that sexy 1st gen toyota pickup

  • markley02

    Dan, thank you for the vids.

  • Captain Comrade
    Captain Comrade

    Do off-ramps actually not have speed limits?

  • DrFlavorFlave

    Thanks Dan for the words of encouragement at the end of the vid. I have not been doing okay recently. Covid has kept me and my Fiancée apart for the past year and I have been stressed and emotionally torn every day for the last year because of it. Your videos and the sound of her voice are the only things that keep me from having emotional meltdowns every day

  • Koki iz ill
    Koki iz ill

    I can appreciate the meme outro - a true man of culture

  • DirtyDog Outlaw
    DirtyDog Outlaw

    There called butterflie doors

  • Brendon Lehn
    Brendon Lehn

    Loved the energy of the video


    The "lambo doors" stopped being cool once Honda civics and 1990s chevy's started using them.

  • MxP

    You know what Dan, I needed that last part. Thanks and have a good one.

  • TheGiantWithin

    I’m really feeling the positive message vibe thingy at the end of the video. You should do that more often! Also would wanna play some Forza with you sometime, if you play. Totally casual gaming dude. Happy Easter! 🐇

  • Ricardo Gonzalez
    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Thank you for the message at the end.

  • Logan Brammer
    Logan Brammer

    Dan, thank you. The last part of the vid really hit home. We love y'all. I wish you all the success the world can offer my friend ❤

  • areton senner
    areton senner

    off ramps dont have speed limits. blasts past a 45 mph speed sign

  • tastaz7

    Daaaannnn post the ending clip just to insta please 🥺

  • Chad's Channel
    Chad's Channel

    Out of all those cars at the dealership, I liked the silver GTO the best.

  • DvadesetDva

    Love you brother

  • DEFCON1Gaming

    Reminder #6 for Dan to stop cussing, your mom watches these.

  • Mprocks27

    This is why I love you Dan. Your video title is exactly what you did. Any other IRbinr would have made the title say “somebody stole my corvette doors” with like a gasping face in the thumbnail. Respect brother

  • hillel douville
    hillel douville

    I think it looks cool as shit

  • LenzPhotography

    If off Ramps don’t have speed limits then why’d you block out the speedometer??

  • Gacha Ducky
    Gacha Ducky

    you need to knock the dust off of that Harley...

  • The_world_according_to_g

    That message at the end was much needed, thank you sir! Have a great weekend.

  • matt2244

    Should have got Koenigsegg doors.. darn noob!!

  • Evan pelkey
    Evan pelkey

    Y’all definitely should’ve dropped it off at a Chevy dealer and only said “my door ajar is stuck on for no reason”

  • Xander_B

    Should have taken the top off

  • David Velasquez
    David Velasquez

    That ending hit right in the feels. Needed that honestly.