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  • Do It With Dan
    Do It With Dan

    On a side note: I have no idea why I thought George Lucas' wife played or was inspired by his wife... Don't know where that came from.

    • Chaim Marlon
      Chaim Marlon

      @Aarav Dallas yea, been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)

    • Aarav Dallas
      Aarav Dallas

      a trick: watch movies on flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies recently.

    • Richard Bielut
      Richard Bielut


    • Doug Johnson
      Doug Johnson

      @Blake 66 is oi

    • Hipsterish Skater
      Hipsterish Skater

      Dan ik it’s way early on the build but I would recommend click-in LVT

  • nii i
    nii i

    11:17 what is the song called

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    The angle grinder makes a great cutting tool also...js

  • Wild N Crazy Life
    Wild N Crazy Life

    Future reference: that thin plywood can be cut with a razor blade pretty easily. No dust and make cuting around things real easy and clean

  • Darkside Tize
    Darkside Tize

    how am i not subbed to you anymore..... tf?

  • Sticky Mickey
    Sticky Mickey

    Got enough ads on the video???

  • Penny Wise
    Penny Wise

    14:24 perfect 👌

  • Cole Barnes
    Cole Barnes

    Like a glove at 7:55

  • Chakey

    *casually draws a d*ck then asks a question* Dan: No I don't think the roof rack would have to do . Getting if up here *Realization and confusion* Did you draw a d*ck???!!!

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown

    They make a caulk for the roof of campers thats 1000% better than what youre using. Its self leveling also. And the small amount of black rtv wouldn't do anything to absorb heat.

  • Just(A)Theory

    That thumbnail is perfect xD should be your new channel logo haha

  • JuStMrS1MPS0N

    Came to this channel for the bike content, stayed for Dan. Every video you put out, be it bike, truck, car, gun, or gaming... your content is always amazing. Especially when you be a goof when building an RV ambulance. (on a side note, it's amazing you get anywhere with all the fun you have when cutting shit) hahahaha

  • John Franks
    John Franks

    Anytime I get that “we’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty” call, I just reply really? I didn’t know my 20 year old, 380k mile shit box still has one

    • WhoHacksFTW

      How do you think I feel, my only vehicle is a 2020 Yamaha MT-03.

  • Steven Ferguson
    Steven Ferguson

    Laughed so fucking hard when he threw the extension lead away

  • Visual Media Productions
    Visual Media Productions

    Im enjoying watching this being built, looking forward to seeing more.

  • RCman

    Dan its u just cause u have al that stuff to do a straight line ud still be off a mm 😂😂

  • Jasper Harris
    Jasper Harris

    So does Dan not ride motorcycles anymore ?.....

  • Srixxi On YT
    Srixxi On YT

    3rd grade geometry teacher, impressive cuz I’m in 10th grade and geometry makes my brain smoke

  • Joe Wolfer
    Joe Wolfer

    I’m so glad there’s finally a project getting done lol

  • Michel Mel
    Michel Mel

    I knew I wasn’t the only on that plays songs on the impact

  • foxyfoxy20

    Wood work with Dan lol

  • gatordontplay417

    Jus some holes an wood ya dig

  • Logan Clements
    Logan Clements

    I straight up want to build some shit now!

  • Cain Robert
    Cain Robert

    Damn dan! Killin it

  • Alex Harshman
    Alex Harshman

    So i must not be the only one that gets those calls, i told them my 2010 accord has a 12 valve cummings turbo diesel swap, they asked how many miles on it, i said just over 876,000 miles on it... They hung up

  • Jacob Montemayor
    Jacob Montemayor

    Dan I swear on my mother I did the wii music with a Milwaukee mini portaband

  • Hella Jake
    Hella Jake

    y'know what you just made me realize? I can easily wire, bridge, splice in, do whatever I want with things that run off DC but I have never even heard of a neutral wire and have absolutely no clue how AC even works lmao

  • Chris Hajjar
    Chris Hajjar

    Why didn't you just use an angel grinder instead of the Sawzall? I feel like it would have been way easier and look clean af if done right

  • Cody Ojeda
    Cody Ojeda

    Anyone else watch this and think back to Bam cutting the roof off the lambo?!

  • Brandon Goldade
    Brandon Goldade

    What about power for ceiling lights

  • Justin Galligan
    Justin Galligan

    I get that Exact phone call every day I swear


    I always press one and say random shit yes over and over again or speak a made up language and say one English word in a very very American accent

  • Gavin Holmes
    Gavin Holmes

    My favorite is “we’ve been trying to reach you for the vehicle owner” these scams can’t even have actual English

  • james case
    james case

    i hope to someday have a tiny house. i'd live in it full time.

  • Ian Charles
    Ian Charles

    who else heard peep in the background at 8:42 good choice in music

  • nstg8

    Probably too late, but you should really weld in a plate where you cut into the roof ridge to get as much strength back as possible.

  • The Silverbulletninety
    The Silverbulletninety

    that ambulance is coming together nicely

  • Leonardo Limon
    Leonardo Limon

    Is that a 12 volt vent fan

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan


  • Owen


  • m 88
    m 88

    Why the fuck are you wearingba respirator to saw aluminium. Lmao

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep

    The fake laugh at 15:25😭

  • Peter Sudol
    Peter Sudol

    His face when he actually saw the dick lol

  • Arian Troian
    Arian Troian

    This title is cursed. This fucking call won't stop, I have an 8-year full warranty on my 5.0, I definitely don't need an extended warranty.

  • bannablitz247

    kept gettings calls on my extended warranty, my 69 f100 or 89 samurai were not eligible. I have been removed from the calling list and life is good except the fact that I am being discriminated against for owning old shitboxes

  • Phat Kat Kreations
    Phat Kat Kreations

    I really dig this build series, great job guys

  • Justin Moore
    Justin Moore

    Hey Dan, I spray foam in Atlanta, let me know if yah need some help

  • PlugMan Johnson
    PlugMan Johnson

    "Did you draw that dick!?" 😂😂😂

  • EliteSniperTV

    Hey! DONT DO THAT!!!

  • Austin Barnard
    Austin Barnard

    "getting it up here is gonna be.. did you draw that dick?" hahaha

  • Jason Hendrix
    Jason Hendrix

    Stop calling me damnit!!!

  • Harold Ladd
    Harold Ladd

    First things first, I'ma trapper I can't come second Bitch you better go and get your first, I'm bussin' any second Leglock

  • GrandMaster Funk
    GrandMaster Funk

    Gotta love the saw zall! Sometimes I want to use it on spam callers.

  • ItsTheFatOne

    Bro ham should do like a lowrider crush velvet roof with the buttons... fucking class good ol rollin stabbin cabin

  • Paul E
    Paul E

    Nice work guys 🤘🏼

  • Joshua Urton
    Joshua Urton


  • Joe Martin
    Joe Martin

    For the love of god mute the audio of cutting the foam out next time 🤣🤣🤣

  • E Sanford16
    E Sanford16

    I didnt get a notification. Thas prolly y theres only 70 k views. Best vid youve posted in a min

  • Real Deal Gaming
    Real Deal Gaming

    the wait for him to say "did you draw a dick" LMAO when he said it i died

  • Steve Wright
    Steve Wright

    “yeah we probably need to spray foam in a few spots around here” *puts up ceiling*

  • jerrett thomas
    jerrett thomas

    Loved the video!! Great way to start the new year with this high quality content

  • Tam Kat
    Tam Kat

    Hey Dan don't know if you will read this or not,but I just wanted to say that I've been watching for a lil bit and just recently went all the way back to your early days!! I just want you to know that you are HANDS DOWN one of the smartest young men that I've ever got to see do things! I love the fact you do things that you've never done before! Also I'm so glad you have finally gotten the I don't give a fuck what people think or say, because I like it and that's enough!!! I think you are a great role model for the young generation and keep up the great work!!!!

  • EasternSeaCam

    I wish I could do what you guys do to my truck it’s an 1987 Ford ranger and it broke down about a year ago and I haven’t been able to do anything to it and it has a 2.9L v6 and it has a 5 speed manual transmission in it and it hurts me to see it broke down but I have to let it sit because I won’t have the money or time to fix it but If I ever got the money to fix it I’d put a v8 in it with a 6 speed manual but those are just dreams

  • Apache Woodcraft
    Apache Woodcraft

    Ive missed woodworking Dan


    "did u draw that dick" that shit had me dying for a solid 3 min

  • Aron Miles
    Aron Miles

    What a missed opportunity for a "stuck stepbrother" joke when Dan was in the vent hole.

  • Moonman

    Ceiling cat vibes

  • HexaComb

    Hey dude, eorking in flooring in atl/buckhead or almost 15 years. Outside of some tile and wood jobs at times, flooring should always be last. Not everyone agrees but I usually insist with with my designers and stuff I be the last guy in on any of the high end projects. Anyway, Awesome vid man! 👌

  • MasterBorri

    nice video! lots of progress. all tho as an electrical engineer i gotta say that green/yellow is mostly ground in electrical systems. white and black are switched around a lot and doesn't really matter with ac anyways. I saw at another comment that the kit said to use yellow/green as signal wire? sounds weird to me but hey who am i to tell you that's wrong ;) Have a nice rest of your week Dan!

    • MasterBorri

      @Do It With Dan i just looked back in the video and if you pause at 19:54 you can see the labels on the wires. L = phase or hot wire, N = neutral or zero, but you are covering green yellow with your thumb so i cant see😁 Not trying to tell you you did it wrong tho. Just pointing it out😉 EDIT: If the manual specifies it to be different tho you can forget what i said. I have also checked if everything i know is the same in NA on this wikipedia page: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_wiring_in_North_America

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      The unit was labeled on the wires themselves and in the handbook. I guess I didn't mention that?

  • Austin Bekkelund
    Austin Bekkelund

    Hey bud just throwing an idea out there but to make it look better on the inside where the seams are put a piece of trim

  • Andrew Haltom
    Andrew Haltom

    The quote form red vs blue killed me haha “isn’t that what babies suc on” NICE

  • Rekt Automotive
    Rekt Automotive

    I would use an offcut of the plywood and slip it above the sheets that aren’t flush if there is space up there, then you can screw both sheets through to the offcut to hold them flush 👍

  • BaDdAwG 750
    BaDdAwG 750

    Btw the green yellow wire should be you ground where black is hot white in neutral


    Is he actually going to be living permanently in that ambulance?

  • DALE

    30:58 LMAOO Had me and my friend rolling. Got em

  • Jack Marina
    Jack Marina

    Best thumbnail and title xD

  • b cash
    b cash

    right when i saw this vid no joke I got a call and they said we have been trying to read you about your cars extended warntery

  • Infidel Castro
    Infidel Castro

    Song at 11:05 pretty please, with sugar on top

  • Jamar Wiggins
    Jamar Wiggins

    Just got one of these calls!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Juan

    Best build series

  • Stag

    I really appreciate this channel.

  • Dakota Werner
    Dakota Werner

    "Like nobodies ever there to see you plug in the USB first try." i felt that.

  • Matthew Sylavong
    Matthew Sylavong

    what kind of gopro is that


    Hey Dan, are you gonna use toeshoe to cover the cracks on the paneling or jus nail em in place?

  • Alex Duey
    Alex Duey

    Turns out georgia isn't trash way to come through

  • Oskar Krogsgård
    Oskar Krogsgård

    "Gentle is a four letter word in my book" what does that even mean dan?

  • MurryBob

    *pause* "did you draw that dick!?" I lol'd

  • Benjamin Jensen
    Benjamin Jensen

    Funny video my man

  • Mario M. Gidoni
    Mario M. Gidoni

    Hahaha the fucking tittle man xD i almost dont click on the vid cuz i had literally 17 voicemail with that exact content

  • Mrmask 481
    Mrmask 481

    The thumbnail was the definition of is that a liberal I smell

  • ClassicInsanity

    Don't forget a fire extinguisher install!

  • LokaKingKLR

    Really didn't wanna drive to Marietta? Lmao wtf

  • Justin Hughes
    Justin Hughes

    Came here for motorcycle hooliganism. Stayed for the Hambulance build because I'm building a camper van of my own (to haul the motorcycle, of course).

  • that1Gr0m 20
    that1Gr0m 20

    I was gonna go outside and take my grom in the snow. But then I saw this thumbnail

  • Ian Mittelstaedt
    Ian Mittelstaedt

    "dAn yOuR'E bReAKinG tHe 180 dEgrEE rULe!!!1!!1!1!1!1!"

  • 62paintballer

    While watching video I got a call about someone trying to reach me about my cars extended warranty..

  • john canale
    john canale

    Title has me dying. Instantly liked for that.

  • Zakary butler-brown
    Zakary butler-brown

    You should change the whiteboard. it should say hambulance not ambulance.

  • Alex Kokoska
    Alex Kokoska

    Adds one a few wood panels. “Wow. It’s really coming together!”

  • AllTheBenjamins

    Use "biscuits" on the ceiling... merch for the 5head thought? #poorboyhours

  • General Shenanigans
    General Shenanigans

    30:57 love the Red Vs blue reference.