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  • Tim Sterling
    Tim Sterling

    Its kinda crazy watching you cut that beast up because I use to work for Braun building those damn boxes lol. Lookin good so far though.

  • Upstate Shenanigans
    Upstate Shenanigans

    Dan's channel name has always rang a bell with me but I never watched him until recently but hes quickly becoming one of my favorite channels. One great part about coming in this late is the entire backlog of his channel is new to me and I got so much to watch. One crazy thing is watching his friendship with justin. Had a horrible experience with a shit shop wrapping his C7 but that shitty experience actually lead him to what appears one of the greatest bromance ever in IRbin history. Sorry to use the word bromance in 2021, seriously I apologize lol

  • Kaleb Stout
    Kaleb Stout

    Hey man I’m a subscriber and love all the ambulance content! I’m currently brainstorming a build and am curious if there’s any way to sink in the floor even in just one spot. I’m 6’3 and have excepted I won’t be able to stand but pondering the idea of a sunken shower. Curious if you think it’s manageable.

  • AmindOfADinga

    I’m a welder by trade and legit DIED when you welded keep pushing understand the metallurgy behind aluminum what amps you want to run at for material thickness also understand what Tig wire would be beneficial. Usually 4043 and 6061 are common wires for most types of aluminum. I like 3/32 and 1/8th rods for a lot of things. Also look into tungsten theory! Also change that torch set up! To a #8 cup and a gas lense and play around with stick out( tungsten sticking out) none the less keep going at it dude!

  • GaR6Rider

    I would have used a stick welder set on 95 with 1/16 129 aluminum rods

  • Ryan

    My brain is absolutely the same way. Something happens during the day to pique my interest in a subject and I end up obsessively researching and reading/watching stuff about it. It's how I ended up in a Wikipedia rabbit hole one night until about 2 or 3 in the morning reading about the British Royal Family... Sad thing is I have shit short term memory so I don't even remember what triggered that one HAHA

  • Kompulsa

    I just noticed your corded saw :) I use one too. It is several years old and doesn't look like it's dying anytime soon!

  • Chiefaj 47
    Chiefaj 47

    Oh nahh

  • DJ Facebones
    DJ Facebones

    That sawzall is ancient as shit

  • Kevin Velez
    Kevin Velez

    That’s what she said!


    Wheres ham hes a funny wierd guy

  • ebrahim khalil
    ebrahim khalil

    11:24 That grinder went to "Final Destination" mode!

  • joseph brian
    joseph brian

    Dan, we have bad memory cause we smoke to much weed 🤣


    this ambi series is making me wanna build up a van into a rv now

  • Sip

    this mans got bad memory cause he done smoked all the pots

  • rece proper
    rece proper

    Not gonna lie I wanna come work with u! Haha that shit would be dope!!

  • Bo Yung
    Bo Yung

    There went VEDUC

  • Tiny Supreme
    Tiny Supreme

    For some reason I was just remembering the time when Dan, 50 Cal Val, and Mark Serbu shot guns out of an airplane and almost got in trouble with the law. He was definitely hooking up with Val even tho he never confirmed it.

  • Rukkus

    Did Dan miss today :c Dec. 16

  • jerrett thomas
    jerrett thomas

    Dan this was a great video, the overall quality of editing and transitions made it fun to watch! Love your content

  • Sam Demarco
    Sam Demarco

    fucckkkk welding aluminum.

  • motoX

    last time i was here...this was a moto vlog channel...guess i have some catching up to do...

  • Zakerath

    ah from the thumbnail+title I thought I could have an excuse to meet dan and help him with welding (I'm local and love teaching), but nope he clearly knows what he's doing. XD. I thought if he was having trouble he'd do something like not having an A/C welder for aluminum, not cleaning it beforehand, on the plug welds not going in circles, that kind of stuff, but nah he's got it down and not making rookie mistakes, just a matter of practicing consistency. If you don't like the weld buildup that bad, ya could give it a shot using a smaller diameter rod and weave or do multiple passes to bridge the gap, and torch travel angle is going to affect it a lot. It's amazing how much torch angle matters in tig welding, didn't realize it until my company's weld engineer was training me to train others how to pass their certification tests.

  • Asher Mtusoff
    Asher Mtusoff

    Love when trouble by Travis Tritt what’s plain one day and almost killed himself @11:25

  • sorcyclone

    That's what she said.

  • Gavin Draculia
    Gavin Draculia

    Dan, if you've never done a IQ test, you're most likely 130+ I think you're highly intelligent. Just by the way you describe things and the way you figure things out. I can see myself in you a bit and I'm in that 130+ range so ye, pretty cool~

  • Cody Rose
    Cody Rose

    See how fast it is now that you pulled out all that weight

  • LowlyfeWill

    Dan i was a plumbing technician in Mississippi and Louisiana. I stay north of Atlanta and would gladly help get you some hot water all you would have to do is purchase the part and or the water heater could still be under warranty

  • Thomas Dubé
    Thomas Dubé

    Wolfenstein is my favorite game series. Cool stuff man

  • Qwalay



    love it

  • Koose7

    Tig is hard and frustrating until you get it but when you do you won’t want anything to do with mig

  • L B
    L B

    PB blaster made by Blastercorp

  • Brendon Ricketts
    Brendon Ricketts

    Im super pumped for this build Dan. Keep up the good work man!

  • CasperDaPyro

    P'Blaster works wonders! Used it in my High School Automotive Class. Pretty sure this is the same stuff we used in a car that was sitting awhile to get rid of wasps, hornets and bees. Killed them almost instantly.

  • dingus153

    I feel like your height is an advantage with this build, because standing in an ambulance at 185cm tall fucking sucks

  • brcebrce83

    I'm currently sitting in my welding booth having issues with TIG FML..., Just not a good day..I'm so pissed I almost shouldn't take comfort in this vid but I am..

  • Djukedu88

    Just to be “that guy” when Dan explains what he is about to do, I always yell “booooo get to work already” at him.

  • matt layher
    matt layher

    Hey Dan, I fucking love how happy you seem doing this content. It's super awesome to see the growth over the years. From having that Bmw back in the day to the to where you are now. Keep doin' what you love man.

  • Clayton Montgomery
    Clayton Montgomery

    Of all the ads....

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G

    Dan, for your tanks, it might be smart to have them on the driver side where those external doors are. That way, if you need to fill or empty anything, you can do it from the outside, and not have to run anything across the floor, or leave your interior doors open. I know you said you were going to put batteries in that area, but in terms of accessibility, it may help to have it behind an exterior door.

  • lyianx

    "OG Doom 2016" Sorry bud. But "OG" Doom is 1993

  • L. D.
    L. D.

    11:24 Almost turned into a workplace safety video. Yknow, the kind that's entirely too gory.

    • Tyson West
      Tyson West

      Yeah no joke!!🤣

  • Jordan Cox
    Jordan Cox

    Imagine if Dan posted one motorcycle video that shit would blow up

  • Seth Allen
    Seth Allen

    Next build is the hydrogen

  • Zach BH
    Zach BH

    Incoming internet cwis

  • Monotone Cookie
    Monotone Cookie

    Hey dan, Id come down from nc to you and do the welding, currently in getting my bachelors in welding

  • Marco Antonio
    Marco Antonio

    My man

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz

    I think an epoxy floor would look dope

  • Nicholas Pecunia
    Nicholas Pecunia

    When you tossed down the cutting wheel while it was still turning I literally shit myself when it went for you

  • Will Patterson
    Will Patterson

    When are you going to make more motocycle video dan

  • Eric Strohm
    Eric Strohm

    Been watching since the blue cbr “fuck the police, straight from the underground, young nigga mad because I’m brown” *im not brown. Lol. Still enjoying the content as your channel grows and changes! Not going to lie, miss the wheelies and rippin the ak every now and again but still enjoying the channel and veduc!! 👍🏼

  • Newf Ie
    Newf Ie

    oh man, ive been without a water heater for six years(#trailerlife) all you need is a big bucket of trough(maybe a bath tub if in the house) grab the lobster boiling pot you have in the garage and fller up get it tupid hot and start filling you trough all you need is 3" above your hips while sitting, always wash hair seperatly if cold out side with no shelter around you.... stay safe adn take care. #freedomisalifestylenotamindset

  • LJ Rogers
    LJ Rogers

    ok but if your not watching a video on hydrogen bombs at 3 am your doin something right 🤣

  • Newf Ie
    Newf Ie

    sweet baby eh zus , thoe electrical rabbit holes are just the start, wait until you wake up one mornig and there 10 foot tall happy plants out side your trailer and mother natures wrath is in full force. i went down the horticulture rabbit hole 2 years ago adn thousands of hours of learning later i feel i know less that what is available for information. make physics and biology and chemistry roll into one. definalty find your passions people you never know what positive outcome maybe possible. stay safe and take care.. also make sure you have a venting idea for your batteries. even if there "sealed" if something goes wrong you dont want to be huffing those fumes.

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim

    I love how you’re always real and genuine. Don’t see that much often anymore. 🍻

  • Concluded fire
    Concluded fire

    Dan I've been watching you for 5 years now and you just amazed me by how you will to just go for with any project your working on. I really enjoy watching you video their very informational and funny . So man keep up the good work you doing and have a Merry Christmas.

  • Andrew English
    Andrew English

    Thanks dan

  • Casey Todd
    Casey Todd

    At least you don't have to duck down in the ambulance. Dan's dimensions never change.

  • Chairman Rice
    Chairman Rice

    I weld mig ally and tig ally at my work. We don’t use the push pull mig gun just change to a Teflon liner. It might make it easier bc then you don’t have such a bulky gun.

  • Red Busa Ridin
    Red Busa Ridin

    Chase on 2 weiners wants his shirt back😂😂

  • MoxiesonTV

    Dan we all know you smoked out of a can as a kid too 😂

  • Sandman 42 Nato
    Sandman 42 Nato

    Dan: "Next thing you know, you are learning how to make a hydrogen bomb, why was i going on about that?" (A few weeks later) Dan: "today we are going to make Horoshima and Nagasaki look like a joke"

  • matthew steeg
    matthew steeg

    I’m pumped to see the progress on the Danbulance!!!

  • Matthew De Turo
    Matthew De Turo

    Hey if anything you should be playing with toys more that you are older because you can buy whatever you want

  • Christopher Eledge
    Christopher Eledge

    To the people that put a “👎”, pull that thumb in and f ck your self with it, it’s obvious jealousy, keep up the work @DIWD, good job on the the lights on the “Hambulance” always entertaining, Happy Holidays.

  • Maxmilian Falatek
    Maxmilian Falatek

    3:33 u need to take a lil detox to get your short term memory back :DDDDD

  • Will Dawson
    Will Dawson

    I love how pot references are making a strong subtle entrance

  • Sean Hass
    Sean Hass

    dan, i love your videos, ive been here since the beamer. but ill be DAMNED if you think im callin it "p" blaster

  • Kyler Kleindienst
    Kyler Kleindienst

    What does Dan want for Christmas?

  • seanvityaz

    fuck dude, you the same age as me? wtf am i doin' with my life.

  • iTasty

    12:56 “Zippitiy Zappity, fucken stop it”

  • Houtan Mc
    Houtan Mc

    weight reduction stage 6 🤣

  • focke wulf
    focke wulf

    considering you have taken it down so far i would just build a custom wiring harness from the cab back and just plug it into the GM harness, it would make it easy to find and fix any issue in the future as long as you leave the harness accessible for future maintenance

  • Jim Darhower
    Jim Darhower

    Aluminum is sooo nice to grind/sand. Like butter.

  • 937

    Anyone know the song at 9:35?

  • Walter Jones STUDENT
    Walter Jones STUDENT

    dan: why am i watching how to make a hydrogen bomb at 3am me: why am i watching do it with dan at 3am

  • Moonman

    pb is really the goat


    When the grinder came at him I ass hole because a cigar cutter

  • Hoss's Adventures
    Hoss's Adventures

    I would leave the wheel wall open. Use the space for electrical outlets.

  • cowboy 405
    cowboy 405

    You should do the shadowbox/folded flag thing next to the poster next time that seems like an interesting story for the thing you talk about in your office

  • David Rollend
    David Rollend

    Acetone goes a long way when tig welding aluminum. I would wipe the surfaces and the wires down

  • Brian Bennett
    Brian Bennett

    Aww. Dan blew us a kiss.

  • Tbone 177
    Tbone 177

    Love the vids

  • Jacob Stinnett
    Jacob Stinnett

    Do it with dan snow boarding trips in the ambulance camper? Maybe get back into paragliding. Can’t wait for road trips with dan.

  • HellHornet

    I feel like you are my long lost brother

  • Ian Mittelstaedt
    Ian Mittelstaedt

    TIG isn't the easiest thing in the world, and it's not easy even if you've done it before. I've been welding since I was 15, and I started out learning stick and oxyfuel. TIG is still fairly difficult for me.

    • Ian Mittelstaedt
      Ian Mittelstaedt

      And aluminum TIG is even harder. Don't get yourself down if you aren't having luck with it immediately, it takes awhile to get good with.

  • MP 40 Submachine Gun
    MP 40 Submachine Gun

    Now i want to search "how to make a hydrogen bomb" but im scared the RCMP will show up at my door if i do that

  • Korben Myers
    Korben Myers

    Hell yes doom all the way

  • R A B
    R A B

    Yo Dan, don't feel bad. Im in my mid 40's and i still play with toys. I just got a new Xbox and have bought almost a dozen new games for it in the last week :) Its nice when we get older and buy what the fuck we want.

    • R A B
      R A B

      @Do It With Dan cyberpunk and GTA is where i seem to loose a good bit of my time in. I never got to play GTA 5 when it came out as i hate playing on my pc and i didn't have a XBOX then. but i just got a new xbox so im going buy crazy. I have bought over a dozen games in the last week that i haven't played yet as i just don't have the time right now., BUT, ill get there.

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      It's's good to see you again man. What games you playing now? What's good?

  • Caiyan B
    Caiyan B

    Fucking love the Tech N9ne reference at 8:45

  • Dan cavazos
    Dan cavazos

    Hey Dan I don’t want to insult your knowledge, but I noticed you were welding solid beads all the way across. I come from an Automotive collision industry and most times we weld like 2 inch beads and space them out 2-4inches to prevent stress cracking from the minor flexing of the vehicle. Maybe you already knew this or had a reason not to but lots of people don’t so just wanted to let ya know. Ps love the Camaro, I’m building and 1980Z28 my self and You’ve inspired me. 👍

  • Sarah Stephens
    Sarah Stephens

    i cracked loose a motor that seized from sitting for a few years with pblaster and had it running that day

  • texasrider 4D5
    texasrider 4D5

    Thanks Dan as always for the vidjas. Especially after a shitty night of working.. saw the notif and i was like.. awesome. Lol thanks Dan. 🦅🇺🇲👍

  • Hunter Wonson
    Hunter Wonson

    So, there is literally a rat in my room while I'm watching this, anyone got any suggestions on how to get rid of it? Btw, my parents cant find out because I ate in my room...🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • shit-zuki 800
    shit-zuki 800

    Thanks for the vlog drop on my birthday!!

    • Do It With Dan
      Do It With Dan

      Happy birthday ❤️

  • BigMan7o0

    My day fucking sucked, but at least Dan always makes it better

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Im learning tig its really hard since i have twitchy hands

    • Bob Ross
      Bob Ross

      @jon m i know i just twitch trying to be steady

    • jon m
      jon m

      No death grip, gotta stay loosey goosey with that torch.

  • Nathanael Reusch
    Nathanael Reusch

    "...aluminum is strong... until its not" - Dan 2020

  • Sarah Stephens
    Sarah Stephens

    love the ambulance build im looking to do a delivery truck house so its cool to see a build i can relate to